How to Stop Hair Fall at Home by Making Some Lifestyle Changes

how to stop hair fall

Are you having immense hair fall? Does your falling hair give you sleepless nights? If you are facing any of these problems then this article will really help you! So, if you want to know how to stop hair fall using some useful tips, this blog will give you all you need!

How to Stop Hair Fall?

Why you lose your hair? Well, that has numerous reasons! If you think it’s only because of the hair roots, then you’d be wrong! You need to ensure a complete change in your life to keep your hair healthy and strong. So, we have gone ahead and done a complete guide for you to follow at home. These tips not only have some remedies for preventing hair loss, but some lifestyle changes you need to make in your life.

Scroll down and know how to stop hair fall using 20 useful tips:

Food Inclusions

If you want to stop your hair from falling, you must make an overall change in your lifestyle. So, we are starting with some food inclusions you need to make in your diet:

Follow the Mediterranean diet

When a study was conducted in 2018, it was seen that people consuming herbs and vegetables that were fresh and raw, just like it is done in a Mediterranean diet, reduced the chances of having androgenic alopecia. It is a condition that males or females come in for baldness. It is showed in the progress of people having this disease to lower the increase of baldness when on this veggie-herb diet.

The people were seen to consume huge amounts of green salads, basil, parsley, and more for 3 or more days in one week.

Consume Protein Rich Foods

Do you know what is keratin? It is basically a protein that makes up the hair follicles. A study in 2017 was done on 100 people who were having hair loss problems made changes in their diet. All these people were tested on their nutritional content and numerous deficiencies were seen in each participant. Some of which was lack of amino acids in the body that are responsible for building up of protein.

Although all of this requires more research, it is believed that people who consume a diet that is high in protein may reduce the chances of having hair loss. Some food choices you can make are chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, nuts peas and beans, and low-fat dairy products.

Consume lots of Vitamin A Foods

If you consume a good and balanced amount of vitamin A, you may increase the chances of hair growth. Moreover, this vitamin can help you in increasing the sebum production that can keep your hair healthy and strong. So, if you want to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth start having vitamin A.

You will find some of the foods that have a huge content of vitamin A are sweet peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, and more.

Supplement Inclusion

Here are a few vitamins you need to include in your diet to ensure a healthy and good hair growth:

Consume Multivitamin

You will find numerous scientists to advise having vitamin C, D, B, A, selenium, zinc and iron to stop hair fall. It has proven studies to help in hair retention and hair growth. You can opt for many multivitamin tablets readily available at the grocery store or drugstore. Or if you have a consulting doctor you can ask him/her to advise the best multivitamin to maintain good hair health.

Consume Vitamin D

A study conducted in the year 2018, showed immense results in nonscarring alopecia after having vitamin D supplements. It was used to treat any kind of deficiency and all regrowing of hair too. If you are doubtful having the supplement all by yourself, ask your doctor to prescribe you the correct dosage. Mostly, you are supposed to have around eight hundred to one thousand UI in one day.

Consume Biotin

You can consume biotin for numerous of your skin and hair problems. Biotin is actually vitamin B7 or H that involves synthesizing of fatty acids in your body. It is an important process to stop hair fall and allows regrowth. These vitamins for hair loss are very good as the deficiency of them may lead to hair fall. You need to have a daily intake of 3 to 5 milligrams per day but it is best to consult your doctor before consuming them all by yourself.

Consume Saw palmetto

Are you thinking what is saw palmetto? Well, these are fruits that have been found in dwarf pine trees of America. It is a herb that is given to males to increase their testosterone levels. However, an article in a journal in 2004, showed that almost 60% of the people consuming saw palmetto increased the chances of hair growth. You need to consume about two hundred milligrams of saw palmetto daily to see an improved hair health.

Consume Ginseng

Are you thinking what is ginseng? It is actually phytochemicals that can help you grow hair on your scalp. You need more studies to reveal the exact dosage of ginseng but doctors have started prescribing its supplements. Even some solutions that can be topically applied containing ginseng have been prescribed by doctors.

Hair care to Stop Hair Fall

You need to follow these hair care treatments to ensure you stop all possible chances of having hair fall. Here are the following:

Regular Hair washing

If you want to stop hair loss and let hair grow naturally, you need to keep your hair clean. A regular hair wash will keep your hair follicles from clogging up and hence giving you a healthy scalp. But you need to choose shampoos that are mild and that doesn’t have too many chemicals. The harsh high chemical-based shampoos make your hair dry and brittle. You can even have unusual hair break, so if you want to stop hair fall start using milder and organic shampoos.

Apply Coconut oil

Studies conducted in 2018, shows coconut oil has the ability to work like magic over hair. It can prevent you from damaging your hair and also protects it from exposure to UV rays of the sun.

Coconut oil has lauric acid present in it. This acid is responsible to bind the hair protein and protect it from any damage. It protects your hair right from the root to each of your hair strands. If you want to see remarkable hair regrowth results then start massaging 100% pure coconut oil. It will give you a good blood circulation and keep your hair healthy too.

Use Olive oil

You need to use olive oil if you want to do a deep conditioning for your hair. It is very good to reduce hair loss and make it strong. Also, olive oil is used in the Mediterranean diet, that is also very good to keep your hair healthy and slower the loss of hair due to genetic disorder. You can simply take a few tablespoons of virgin olive oil and apply it on your hair. After about thirty minutes of keeping the applied olive oil, wash it off.

Gently style Your Hair

Avoid heavy styling of hair which can loosen the roots of your hair. If you make tight ponytails and braids, you’ll end up loosening the roots of your hair that can lead to hair fall. So, if you do not want to put your scalp through too much of stress, avoid heavy styling. Even straighteners, curling irons, heat stylers and hair driers can lead to hair damage. It loosens your hair roots and makes it extremely rough and frizzy. So, it is best to avoid styling!

Hair Treatments

We all look at our favorite stars online and wish if we could have hair like them! But our wishes also involve lots of hair coloring, perming and permanent straightening. All of these hair treatments involve a lot of chemical treatments. And applying these heavy chemicals to your hair can cause a lot of damage. So, ask your hair stylist to use as few chemicals as possible to avoid any hair damage. You can also use organic hair colors that are free from peroxide, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), and ammonia.

Medical Treatment

Here are some medical treatments you can try out at home to reduce hair loss:

Try out Laser therapy

To have an improved hair density you can easily try out some low-level hair lasers. It is a process people who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy or genetic hair loss. You can also call this treatment as red-light therapy which works well by stimulating the epidermal cells.

Rich- Platelet Plasma Treatment

Some people do treatments like platelet-rich plasma therapy to increase the growth of hair in areas where there is baldness. This process is done by injecting the platelets into the scalp that is passed through a centrifuge that separates it from the blood.

In a study done in 2017, there were eleven participants who saw an increased hair growth through this process. There was a hair growth of 30% seen in the participants.

Home Remedies

Here we have got for you some home remedies for hair fall and regrowth:

Use of Essential oils

You can start using essential oils to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally. It was seen in a study done in 1998, that 86 people were put into 2 groups. One was given lavender, rosemary, and cedarwood oil on the hair and scalp. After about 7 sevens around forty-three percent on the group that were given essential oils showed immense results in hair growth.

You can use lemongrass, lavender and peppermint oil to treat hair fall and improving the health of your hair. All you need to do is use some drops of your favorite essential oil and mix it with any carrier oil. Some of the carrier oils you can consider using are grapeseed, jojoba, or coconut oil. Apply it about 10 to 15 minutes your hair wash. And see yourself have shiny black tresses.

Apply Onion Juice

If you apply onion juice to your hair scalp, you can notice remarkable changes in your hair. But you need to apply it twice in a day to see the difference. It is also helpful for people having alopecia areata to improve their hair growth.

A small research done in 2014, showed outstanding results in 87% of the participants who used onion juice to treat hair loss. However, the study in this regard is limited. But scientists do have a strong feeling that the sulfur present in onions helps you in having a healthy hair growth.

Massaging Your Scalp

Massaging is a great way to release your stress. But do you know that massaging can help your hair can grow well too? Yes, we are talking about improving your blood circulation to further enhance hair health. Apart from giving you an immense head relief you can give your tresses some relief too.

In fact, a study done in 2016 saw immense and encouraging results in people taking a 4minute massage regularly for a period of long 24 weeks. So, if you want to improve your hair and reduce your stress levels, you know exactly what to do!

Try out Yoga

Another major cause of hair loss is high-stress levels. All of your stress cannot be gone by just massaging. So, to improve your mental health, you need to try out some yoga at home. Try out the yoga poses like Kneeling Pose, Camel Pose, Shoulder Stand, Forward Bend, Downward Facing Dog Pose and more. You can even go through some tutorials online to learn the yoga poses to reduce your stress and further your hair health too!

Adequate Sleep

Having an inadequate sleep can also be a major reason for hair fall. Staying too late in the night causes a lot of stress on your hormonal levels and body. It not only puts an adverse effect on your health internally and externally. So, if you want to stop hair fall, you need to make the right changes in your life. Only then you can keep your hair healthy!

Final Thoughts

If you see a sudden and major hair loss problem, consult your doctor at the earliest. It can be some underlying health issue that can lead to hair loss. And if you’re are sure it isn’t any health issues use all the 20 tips to stop hair fall and see magical results. But be sure to make the necessary lifestyle changes to see the maximum results. As we come to the end of our blog today, do use all the effective tips above and let us know in the comment section how they helped you!

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