Keto Diet: Health Benefits Exceeding Weight Loss

Health benefits of a Ketodiet

Are you aspiring to shed some extra kilo, you must have definitely heard about the Keto diet. Followed by many celebrities and recommended by dieticians, Keto diet controls your carbohydrate intake. It is an excellent diet to lose weight and lower blood sugar. Thanks to the many success stories, it has become a popular diet over the last few years.

Know The Keto Diet Basics

Keto focuses on consuming a high amount of fat, a moderate amount of protein and a low amount of carbohydrate. When the body does not get any carbs, it goes into s state of Ketosis where it burns fats to produce energy. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks after starting a Keto diet for the body to go into the state of Ketosis.
Though experts suggest that reduced sugar intake can cause fatigue, blood vessel ruptures, and cholesterol-related diseases, there are people who have shown amazing results by following a Keto-pure diet. Not only have they lost weight, but they have also seen an improvement in their body’s metabolism and functioning.

To get your keto diet basics right, it is important to consume healthy fats and clean sources of protein. A fried piece of chicken garnished with cheese is Keto but far from ideal to lose weight healthily.

If followed correctly, the keto diet is healthy like any other low carb diet. Apart from assisting in Weight Loss, the diet promotes fat burning, energy production and reduces inflammation and bloating.Below, we have listed the few advantages of following a Keto diet to cut down weight and lead a healthy life.

Reduces Visceral Fat Around The Abdominal Cavity

Our body has two types of fats – subcutaneous fat (found under the skin) and visceral fat (forms a layer around vital organs in the abdominal cavity). The visceral fat is responsible for inflammation and imbalanced insulin in the body.
As mentioned above, the Keto diet helps our body to burn fats and produce energy. Visceral fats are considerably burned in this process. The burning results in reduced inflammation in the body. It also helps in balancing the blood sugar and insulin level in the body. Burning of visceral fats reduces the risk of diseases including kidney failure, heart ailments, and Diabetes.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Compared to energy production per glucose molecule, the energy produced is higher per ketone molecule. Once the body gets used to producing higher energy units in the state of ketosis, it will continue to do so after completing a keto diet basic plan. By following a keto diet, you are improving your body’s energy production and utilization.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Excess carbohydrates are a reason for many diseases especially elevated blood pressure, or hypertension. People suffering from a high BP are at significant risk for many diseases like heart failures, brain seizures and so on.
By this low carb keto diet, blood pressure could be controlled efficiently. It lowers the risk of getting affected by any diseases related to Hypertension.

Improves Brain Concentration

There is something called ‘Neurological Inflammation’ during which your brain does function well. Conditions including depression and anxiety are often related to it. It is observed that people who are overweight or consume more sugar are often prone to this condition.
A keto diet is a powerful tool to combat unnecessary inflammation in the body. A low carb diet helps beat neurological inflammation making your brain sharper. This diet boosts your mental concentration and brain performance.

Reduces Appetite

The best health benefit of a Keto diet is a reduction in food intake by the body. The body develops a habit to eat only what is necessary and in the right quantity. Due to unstable blood sugar, people g through hunger pangs and mood swings.
Ketosis balances blood sugar and supplies stable energy to the brain. It helps in cutting down unwanted hunger pangs and food cravings which are nothing but instability in the blood sugar.

In Conclusion

A Keto diet is more than a weight loss program. It helps in balancing your body and improving its functionality. It improves your life drastically and lowers your risk of acquiring any fatal disease.

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