Key Tips To Choose The Right Tracksuit For Your Workout

Finding a practical and casual outfit for a fitness or sports session is not as hard as you may think. You just need to narrow down on some tracksuit options that offer flexibility, endurance, and snug comfort during all kinds of workouts. Since style is a crucial factor, you need to find one that scores high on scales of both style and comfort. Then there is also the question of material and cut that one should choose from. Here is a guide that will help you narrow down the best tracksuits online

How To Choose The Best Tracksuit? 


Material is one of the first aspects that comes on top with respect to fitness clothing. However, the choice and options depend on the level of workout you plan to carry out. If you are into regular and intense workouts, you may want to look for synthetic and tech-enabled material that wicks off sweat quickly and is anti-microbial in nature. If you are into mild workouts and sensitive to synthetic materials, then you can look for cotton tracksuits online. Whatever you choose, make sure it is skin-friendly and suits your personal preference. 

The Cut

Cut bears a close relationship to your personal ease. The fit of a tracksuit depends on how you wish to project yourself in public areas while working out. As for trends, slim-fitting cuts are currently on top. A slim-fit tracksuit is designed to flatter various body parts like calves, thighs, shoulders, and so forth. They are an ideal choice for those involved in high-intensity workouts and weight training. Then there are regular fit tracksuits, they are straight all along the length of the body but are tighter around the ankles. If you wish to keep everything loose, you may want to go with baggy cut tracksuits which are very helpful in rhythmic movements like a dance. 


Size carries high significance irrespective of the location and purpose of the workout. Fortunately, the present-day makers create products across a wide size scale that goes from s to 4XL. And this applies to men, and women as well as unisex tracksuits. Women can also avail XS depending on their personal preference. 


Though the colour palette for tracksuits mostly revolves around neutral and sombre colours, if you wish to experiment you can always mix and match the track pants or jackets with other outfits. The jackets go well with sweatpants, pants, cargos, shorts, capris, and any other kind of sports outfit. Just make sure you choose the right shade of sneakers to complete the look. 

Comfort Options

This one mainly relates to weather and local climatic conditions. Make sure you choose one according to the prevalent weather conditions in your region. For winters, you can avail knitted tracksuits while for summers the variety goes from cotton tracksuits to 100% polyester, nylon and mixed fabric. Apart from that, also look for the closures if they are zippers, drawcords or elastics depending on your comfort level. Ideally, a track jacket should have high collars to protect the neck from chilly winds while the waistbands and wristbands need to be elasticated for better fit and comfort. Lastly, the pockets should be deep enough to accommodate your smartphone and a small packet of snacks. It is one feature that differentiates a good brand from regular normal brands. 

Tracksuits According To Workout or Sports Activity


Pilates involve low-intensity, slow movement, therefore, it is recommended to go with comfortable and soft material tracksuits than their synthetic technical counterparts. The cotton keeps the body warm and cosy during winters, after, and before the sessions. 


Cardio and fitness training are intense activities that generates a generous amount of sweat. Therefore, it is advised to go with tracksuits made from breathable technical material. In terms of fitting, you may want to go with slim-fit tracksuits as they stay close to the body during rapid movements and flex easily whenever your stretch your body from one posture to another. 


The material for running or jogging tracksuits should be breathable and lightweight so that it wicks away most of the sweat without interfering with body momentum. Cotton suits are just not recommended for this purpose as they keep the body warm and stay moist by sweat absorption which may result in the bacterial build-up. Make sure you choose a regular fit or slim fit suit for this purpose as a loose fit would interfere with your movement as you gain speed. 


Dance mostly relates to lots of stretching and speedy movement, hence, comfort comes first before everything else. Baggy or loose-fitting tracksuits are highly recommended for people involved in hip-hop, locking, popping and street-style dancing. You can always go for mixed material where synthetic fibres include a specific percentage of cotton in it. You may choose the length and fit of the suit as per your dance style and your personal preference. 

Cardio-Training And Fitness

Fitness routines and cardio training are intense exercises that involve a lot of movement and sweating. Therefore,  breathable and technical material-based tracksuits are highly recommended for such purposes. Technical materials are crafted from innovative technologies that wick away sweat quickly and abate any kind of microbial growth.  Also, such routines require speedy movement therefore, it is better to go for slim-fitting tracksuits than baggy, regular or oversized apparel.  Fabric endurance is another important factor that needs to be looked into closely as fitness apparel undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Look for clothes that can withstand intensive strain even in an overweight state. Lastly, look for clothes that have some stretchability so that the render required freedom of movement whenever needed. 

Final Word

Fitness outfits play a key role in your routine, therefore, they need special attention during purchase. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, indoor or outdoors lover, pilates or a hip-hop practitioner, you will need the apparel that blends with your passion for your better self. 

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