List of common questions to ask your provider while selecting medical alert jewelry

medical alert jewelry

While selecting Medical bracelets for women and men, it is relevant to keep it in mind that how many engravings can fit on the chosen item. There is no denying the fact that jewelry for medical alert is most compelling when it signifies comprehensive, easy-to-read, and accurate medical information which belongs to the wearer. Deciding on what details to engrave can be a bit confusing in case you have over a single allergy, medication, or medical condition. Medical jewelry comes in a diverse range of sizes and shapes as well as can hold distinctive amounts of engraving. 

Some of the medical alert jewelry can be engraved on both the back and front while the others can be engraved only on a single side. While picking the medical alert jewelry online, you should make sure that a trustworthy portal is selected. Here is the list of 8 general questions to ask the provider while picking out the medical alert jewelry for – 

Q – Should the medicines be listed on this medical alert necklace?

A – In the case of space permits, it is suggested to list the prescription medicines taken on the maintenance or long-term basis. It will offer medical personnel better assistance for starting the treatment as well as will decrease the opportunity of the drug interaction. Some classes of the medicines which are proper for the medical jewelry are – 

  • Cardiac Medicines – Including the ones for angina/atrial fibrillation
  • Analgesics – It includes a lot of narcotics
  • Anticonvulsants – For the seizure disorders i.e., Epilepsy
  • Anticoagulants – Blood thinners
  • Antihypertensives – Blood pressure medications
  • Decongestants, Antihistamines – Over-the-counter or prescription medications for allergies
  • Steroids
  • Chemotherapy Agents – Medications to treat serious infectious diseases or cancer
  • Beta-Blockers – The drugs which can slow down your heart rate

Q – What is a better option for my loved one, medical alert necklace or medical alert bracelet?

A – Both medical necklaces and Medical bracelets for women and men are the effectual solutions to give a loved one round-the-clock access to care/emergency management services. As they are waterproof, you can wear them in the bathroom/during shower as well as they also offer connectivity during wake and sleep hours. Typically, in case you are concerned about the compliance of your loved one with, as well as receptivity to, an emergency help button, a wrist bracelet is the best option to go for. Irrespective of the selected device for yourself or your family member, be it a necklace or a bracelet, make sure to wear it 24×7 as you never know when you will require help. 

medical alert bracelet

Q – Which type of medical jewelry is the most identifiable to paramedics and EMTs? 

A – The medical alert necklace or bracelet is the most identifiable type of medical alert jewelry for paramedics and EMTs. Your chosen piece of the item must have a medical emblem called Star of Life which contains the staff and snake symbol. It will warn responders that you are wearing the form of medical alert jewelry which must be checked in the emergency. Never forget that medical jewelry is only successful when you wear it as well as if it has correct details regarding your health. 

Q – What other details can be put on medical alert jewelry?

A – With space allowing, you can engrave anything on the medical alert jewelry, which includes – 

  • Living will
  • Advance Directive
  • Contact lenses
  • Blood Type
  • Emergency Contacts (doctor and next of kin etc.,)
  • Difficult Intubation
  • Implant (pacemaker)
  • Faith
  • Stent
  • Transplanted organ

 medical alert jewelry

Q – Can I put the name on this medical alert bracelet/necklace?

A – Engraving the name on Medical alert jewelry is a matter of personal preference. But, at least listing the first name is suggested. During an emergency, doctors and EMRs will say the name of the person to get his/her attention in case the patient is, for instance, in the diabetic coma, unconscious, or the daze. It is recommended that the medical alert jewelry which is engraved for the Alzheimer’s patient include his/her name as well as address or the family member/caregiver’s address. 

Q – What if I experience hypersensitivity or metal allergy after wearing this bracelet/necklace?

A – In case you experience itchiness, rash, or redness after wearing the necklace/bracelet, you might have metal hypersensitivity or metal allergy. In this case, it is recommended to refer to the metal allergy page of the chosen website or you can also contact the customer care department for advice and information on the exchange and return procedure that those customers are offered who experience the metal allergies. 


Q – Can the jeweler resize this medical alert bracelet?

A – It is suggested that the customers take accurate wrist measurement before the order is placed. The band or chain length on the mentioned product page of the selected online portal is the entire jewelry’s length which also includes both the medical ID plate and chain. In case you plan on purchasing the medical jewelry despite the large size when compared to the actual wrist measurement, it would be sensible of you to get suggestions from the local jeweler beforehand in case they can take out the link as well as adjust the bracelet as per your suitability. 

There is no guarantee that every jeweler can remove or resize the link from the medical alert bracelets and that is why make it a point to order an accurate size and avoid any discomfort in the long run. 

Q – How to appropriately care for the medical alert bracelets/necklaces?

A – 1) Stainless Steel Bracelets – You can only adjust the curb chain which permits you to customize the length of the chain to your wrist. This medical alert bracelet must be worn comfortably, yet firmly as the firm fit will help in preserving the engraving. 

2) Titanium – As it is hypoallergenic, for preserving the appearance of your medical alert jewelry, gently clean it with the non-abrasive cleanser or soap and water. Dry it completely with a soft cloth. Then, store the titanium bracelet in the soft bag or cloth. Also, remove the medical jewelry while working the metal polishers or scrubbing the soap. 

3) Sterling Silver – The treated polishing cloth will de-motivate tarnishing. While storing your medical alert jewelry made up of sterling silver, do not mix silver and gold, segregate metals by categories. Guard the medical alert jewelry while utilizing household cleaners, particularly those containing chlorine or ammonia. 

Q – How visible is the Red Medical Alert Sign?

A – Though the medical alert bracelets have gained an immense amount of popularity in recent times, you can also look for a vast variety of beautifully designed medical alert necklaces as well. The last thing you wish is for the medical jewelry to be mistaken and overlooked amongst the other trinkets which you are wearing. The medical alert jewelry would lose the purpose in case the first responder considers it like any other ordinary piece of jewelry. For ensuring the fact that your medical jewelry is completely visible, make sure to look for the design where red alert insignia is discernible. In case you wish the medical alert jewelry to grab the attention of the first responder, this characteristic is indispensable. 

Q – Are there any membership options related to this medical alert necklace/bracelet?

A – Some medical alert necklaces and bracelets provide you with value-added advantages to those individuals who want to garner the membership of the concerned companies. Certain membership alternatives, such as discounted prices for children, GPS locators for those elderly members who are suffering from Dementia, as well as wallet cards give great advantages for only a bit of additional cost. 


Q – What is your customer satisfaction policy?

A – Always choose a reliable online portal that takes immense pride in producing customized medical alert jewelry. From the moment you place an order, till the time it arrives at your house, the website must be able to ensure the fact that you are content with the purchase. In case you are not satisfied with the merchandise, it is up to you to exchange or return it as per the return policy. 

There are countless questions to be asked however the above-mentioned ones will offer you a deep understanding before buying the medical alert jewelry. Purchasing a medical alert bracelet or necklace is a significant decision and this is the major reason why you should be provided with the best details you require for making that decision. The medical alert jewelry is undeniably invaluable during medical emergencies when mere seconds are the rare commodity. It aims to speak out on your behalf when the medical debilities render you incapable of doing so. Given the significance of these contraptions, picking the best medical jewelry is undoubtedly significant. 

Are you concerned about needing help with any health problem or falling when you are alone? Through the right medical alert jewelry, you can save bucks, avoid complications, as well as it also assists medical experts offer you appropriate medications by understanding your allergies. 

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