Makeup Hashtags Trends for 2021 to Rank on Instagram

Makeup Hashtags

Every woman loves makeup, but last year, applying makeup took a back seat due to the pandemic. Lipsticks were hidden by face masks and most were not in the mood to apply any other form of makeup when going out. However, as the year rolls, we see various trends from several fashion shows to magazines worldwide. So, today we thought about highlighting our blog on the latest trends, hashtags for makeup artist, and some of the old looks that are back in town. These will not only help you search for good posts but also create good ones and make your posts trend!

Makeup hashtags and trends 2021

We will discuss some of the most popular makeup trends of this year till now down below:

Stained Lips or Lip Tint

Masks are mandatory since COVID has not left us yet. Even though we have vaccines available now, all health experts advise us to wear face masks still

Wearing masks implies that your lips will be covered all the time. Lipsticks that do not smudge-proof will bleed and spread on your chin and upper lip area.

Lip tint or stained lips are watery formulae that are transfer-proof and stays for a long time.

If you want natural makeup hashtags, then lip tints with mascara should be a go-to look.

Lip tints can be a little drying and make your lips look crusty; that’s why it is crucial to apply a lip balm 10 to 15 minutes before applying these tints.

The staying power of lip tints is between 10 to 12 hours.

Graphic Lines

Graphic liners are famous for quite some time, but recently you can these all over Instagram.

Beauty Gurus are getting creative with their looks, especially eye looks, since masks cover our whole face except for the eyes.

Recently a new trend has started on Instagram, where the influencer well as their followers draw graphic liner (with the help of a paint tool) on their faces.

Then they make short videos doing those looks on Instagram.

If you are new to this graphic eyeliner game, we suggest you go for a gel eyeliner whose formula is creamy and mousse type as they are easy to work with.

You can consider this one of the most creative makeup hashtags of 2021 as you can play with different kinds of styles and designs.

Makeup Hashtags

Dolphin like Skin

Imagine a dolphin. Now, how its skin looks like – dolphin’s skin is wet, is highly reflective, and glowing. This is one of the new makeup hashtags trends this year.

Now do not get confused with glass skin which was a trend a few years back.

This trend is more about natural makeup hashtags rather than having perfect skin.

To get this look, you can use a very light coverage foundation and use a thin layer after you are done with your skincare routine.

Another way to have dolphin skins to use tinted moisturizer or sunscreen. You can then set it will a loose powder or compact.

You can pair this look with tinted lipstick, blush, and kohl. To make it a little bit bold, you can use a color kohl pencil.

Purple Eye Look

The purple eye makeup look is trendy these days. Since purple has various shades, you can achieve a subtle look and glamorous look.

You can create a purple smoky eye look. To create this look, you need a warm brown shade in your crease. Blend it well

Now use a lighter brown shade just a little bit lower in the crease. Once you blend both the colors well, you need a deep purple color.

Use this color in the outer corner of your eye and the inner corner. Make sure you do not put any color in the middle.

Now put a liquid glitter purple shade on the middle and blend all the colors.

Put on some mascara and false lashes, and your glamourous purple eye look is complete.

You can use a light peach shade with a purple undertone on your crease for a subtle look. Now on the lid, you can use a light lavender shade and blend both the colors together.

Makeup Hashtags

’90s Eye Liner

The ’90s eyeliner trend is about all focus on the eyes and on the lips. We wear glossy nude shades.

One of the 90s makeup hashtags is using a waterproof liquid eyeliner close to the waterline and tight line. When you are applying the eyeliner, make sure it does not smudge.

The eyeliner should be smooth and sharp. Go for any nude shade, especially for shades that are like “my lips but better.”

Colorful Mascara

Colorful eyeliners were trending a few years back, and now we have colorful mascaras as new makeup hashtags in 2021.

You can find colors like blue, green, violet, white in the market. You can use colored mascara with a simple eye look

To pair a color mascara, we will give you few options.

Use a peach or light pink shade all over your eyelid. Make sure you blend this color and make it seamless

Apply an eyeliner. Make sure your eyeliner is a thin line. If you want to winged liner, you can go for it but do not make the wing too dramatic.

Now see the color mascara; you can use a shade that matches your outfit.

Pro tip: Use your mascara as your eyeliner. Then both the colors will be the same. It is among the more creative makeup hashtags if you are into it.

Emerald Smokey Eye Look

There are various shades of green, but this year emerald shades are in trend.

Dark green eye looks are bold and glamourous. To make a smoky emerald look, you need three shades only. This will be a fundamental easy look.

Use a warm orangish-brown shade on the crease. Apply a black eye shadow on the outer corner.

Blend these two shades and now use a concealer on the lid to cut the crease.

Use an emerald shade and pat the color. Blend it with the other two shades.

If you want to make the eye look more pop, use a matte emerald green shade first. Then use a glitter emerald shade.

You can pair this look with, of course, any green outfit, other than you can rock this look with a brown or beige outfit.

Emerald Smokey Eye Look
Image Credit: YouTube

Monochromatic Look

Brown’s monochromatic look was always being in trend. But this year, beauty gurus are playing with colors.

Since we have a variety of colored eyeliner and mascara in the market, doing a full face with one single color is not impossible.

You can go for a neon pink monochromatic look. If you are feeling a bit scared using a pink mascara, then skip it.

Use some pink eye shadow, lipstick, blush. Try to keep the colors as close to each other so that it can look monochromatic.

Pro tip: To make this makeup hashtags trend easier, use your pink (or any shade you like) lipstick as your blush and eye shadow.

Sparkles and sticker eye look

Iridescent eye shadows and stickers are in this season.

To achieve this look, use an iridescent eye shadow like purple or green. These eye shadows reflect when light hits your eye and give different shades of color.

You can use a single eye shadow and then eye stickers or stones to apply on the outer corner.

To apply the stones, you can use false eyelash glue as they are the safest option.

Some people even apply a single stone to the middle of their lower lash line.

If you want more creative makeup hashtags look, then you can use these stones or stickers as different styles.

Like draw a cloud with a white eye pencil’s help and then put the stones on it. A lot of people on Instagram have done it. Go there, and you will find your inspiration.

Nude Lips

Nude lips were never out of trend. Almost everyone loves nude lips and most probably owns a bunch of nude shades.

What is new this year?

This year we are going a little further with this. Use a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone.

Use it as a lip liner, and then fill your lips with a clear lip gloss. This implies when you are applying the lip gloss, blend the lip liner.

Better if you can find a lip gloss that matches your lip color.

Nude Lips

Black Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes with a red lip is another look that is back in trend.

This classic look was always a favorite, from big celebrities to influencers.

To achieve this look, you need to first apply a transition shade on the crease. Blend it well.

Now on the lid, use your black kohl pencil and apply it all over it. This does not have to perfect. Blend it again with a brush.

Use a black eye shadow to set the color and blend it with the crease shade.

To make your eye pop use a nude or white eye pencil on your waterline.

You can pair these either with any bold lip shade or a very pale nude.

No Makeup Look

One of the most popular makeup hashtags of 2021 is the no-makeup look.

Let us tell you first, achieving this look is not easy, and you need to use a lot of products.

We will guide you on how you can get this look.

After you are done with your skincare, use a primer on your face. Now apply your blush, highlighter, and bronzer before your foundation. Make sure you use liquid or cream products.

Blend them and use a light to medium coverage foundation. What this will do is that it will make you look as if you have natural blush, highlight, and a sharp cheekbone.

Please do not use a full coverage base product as it will cover all the other products.

E-Girl Makeup

E girl look is most probably one of the trendiest makeup styles this year. Internet, especially Instagram, and TikTok, is filled with different types of e girl looks.

To create this look, you need to do a thick winged eyeliner, subtle highlighters, dewy skin, lip gloss, and colorful eye shadows.

This is the basic e girl look, but you can do a more creative one if you like.

Some people add stickers, draw flowers or hearts on the face to make it more dramatic.

One of the most dramatic e girl looks is the teardrop look. Here you have to use a thin brush and paint tear drop from your eyes to cheeks.

You can paint the tears with a single color or use glitters.

Also, e girl looks have a specific hairstyle and outfit. Once you spot someone with that look, you will remember it well.

70’s Inspired Makeup

70’s makeup hashtags trend is back in 2021. The most iconic 70’s look is the cut crease.

The cut crease we do today is different from the 70’s look. Now it is more blended, and most of the time, it is extended on the outer corner. 70’s look cut crease is more rounded.

Another 70’s trend that is back is the metallic eye looks, and the crease and lid shade is very different.

This metallic eye shadow will have bright orange as the crease shade, and on the lid, you apply a silver metallic shade. This is the contrast look you will see on a lot of famous people from the ’70s.

Gold and Bronze Makeup Look

This is a summer-appropriate look where you can play with warm tones. To achieve this look, you need to use eye shadows with warm undertones and many bronzers.

After you are done with your base, skip the contour and use a bronzer that has a golden undertone. This is amp up the look.

Use light simmer eye shadows and finish this look off with nude lipstick. However, lipstick is a personal choice; you can go for any shade.

Gold and Bronze Makeup Look

Final thoughts

These are new makeup trends that are going viral this year. We will see more makeup trends coming up once we reach the summer months. However, now that you know so many makeup hashtags let us know which trend you liked the most in the comment section below.

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