My partner is different from me…Does it really matter?

We always see in social media pictures and usually think how happy the couples are…and we think we are the only one left having no bonding and no similarity between us…sad, alone and unheard…right? Do you really think you have spotted a good relationship? No really no. It is definite nobody knows what actually goes on between any couple, but the scientific research regarding love, relationships and sex have taught us that behaviors can foresee when a couple is supporting each other or may have a tough situation. Mind it; good relationships do not transpire overnight. They take forgiveness, compromise, commitment and above all your effort. Therefore, keep reading the article it has tips and ways that would help you to have a stronger tie with your mate.

Of course, it might be beneficial to be different from your partner in some zones. Suppose if two people in a couple are both stubborn, it would be very difficult to resolve issues and conflicts. Then on the other hand, there are the differences that do not have any effect on the bond between you like my husband loves to see movies in his free time while I love to see cooking shows. Similarly, I like spicy food while my husband is sensitive to chilies. These are all minor things. Doesn’t matter…we both respect each other’s likes and dislikes. They will not make or disrupt the relationship; likewise, involvement in same sort of movies or music is not the guarantee to make a relationship, also.

Communication is always the key in a healthy relationship. Effective communication help you to understand your better half. Successful conflict resolution helps you to develop a mature and a healthy relationship. Although clash is normal, but it may be the sign those parts of your bond are not working. If your conflict are like that don’t matters and are small like what friends to enjoy with, which movie to see, or who should wash the dishes, then these tips are for you:- 

Find the Genuine Issue. Mostly, quarrels happen when wants and wishes of one partner are not being met. Just try to get into the depth of the matter. If your partner is penurious, the reason maybe just the insecure feeling or they want encouragement from you. Therefore, you should learn to talk about the actual reason to avoid the constant fights. 

Just set boundaries. Everyone ask for respect even during a disagreement. If your spouse teases or ridicules you, just tell them to stop. Just walk away if they do not stop and convey to them that you do not want to talk to them. 

Just agree to disagree. If issue cannot be resolved between you and your partner, it is sometimes the best option to drop it. It is not possible to agree on the whole ball of wax. Just focus on what aspect matters. If the subject is important for you to drop and if you cannot agree to distress, then maybe you are not well matched.

Cooperate when it is possible. Compromise is very important to resolve the issues and it can lead to the positive relationship. Suppose you want to have Chinese and but your partner want Indian food. Order one time Indian food then net time Chinese food. Just find the middle way that make both of you satisfied.  

Think through everything. If this issue is important, if it changes how both of you really feel about each other, and if you think you are compromising your moral values or beliefs. It is then important to stress your position. If this is not the case, it is better to compromise. Along with it, you should consider the arguments of your partner. Also, consider your partner’s arguments and ask them why they are upset? Just know their point of view. If you argue, try these tips but if you argue constantly, consider whether the relationship is Ok for both of you. You both have a right to have a healthy relationship without any constant conflict.

Enjoy small moments and have love and romance

It is very important for couples how to renew the fires of romance from time to time
and nurture the established and trusting love, which is the symbol of a long-lasting
relationship. Plan and enjoy birthday or anniversary celebrations. Give each other
gifts, plan dates and trips as well from the busy routine.”

You live once and to be happy and to enjoy the good relationship with your spouse is necessary. You are now on a destination so is your partner. In addition, when you get married, you are responsible for your better half too. It is not 50 50, it is the 100 100 thing. So be good to yourself and your love and try the things to work out between both of you. 

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