Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms You Should Know

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling of your life. It can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. If you are planning or you’re pregnant already, there must be a lot of questions and doubts. So, the pregnancy tips for first time moms are here to help you prepare.

Since this feeling is new and you are experiencing something very different, you should know what you will go through. Pregnancy tips for first time moms are a blessing in disguise, which can solve many queries and support you in this journey.

As you’re pregnant and your body is getting acquainted with this new feeling, you will undergo many changes. Physical changes are still understood, but mental health is equally important, which you should pay attention to.

Feeling nauseous and tired at the beginning of your pregnancy is normal, but it may affect your mental health. The feeling of anxiety, irritation, and tiredness is typical.

Don’t worry if you feel this way. Trying to understand pregnancy is not easy. Be proud to be the creator of the tiny human growing inside you. Be grateful that only you have been blessed with this beautiful journey of motherhood. It is a blessing.

Nothing comes easy in life; hence this pregnancy isn’t going to be easy either. The first trimester is always the most crucial and challenging part. There will be times when you feel low and sick, but remember this will pass, and things will be better by the time you reach your second trimester.

Your second trimester will make you feel better and energized. As your baby bump grows, you will soon start noticing the little human. This article will help you figure out everything you need to know about being a new mother and provide excellent pregnancy tips for first time moms.

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Early pregnancy tips to avoid miscarriage

There are a lot of surprises to unleash about your pregnancy, so stay calm and enjoy this journey. Being stressed never helps, hence you need to know that stress can harm both of you.

As you are experiencing motherhood, you must have Googled everything to grow your knowledge about pregnancy. Miscarriage goes around your head until the first trimester gets over because the first trimester is the most crucial period for the mother and the baby.

Let’s look into the tips below to avoid miscarriage:


Always wash your hands before you eat. It would be the best step to avoid infections as they may trigger miscarriage and stillbirth. Hence following good hand hygiene is very important. Since your immunity levels are too low, try to stay away from people who are sick.

Quit Smoking

Smoking harms health, and you must be more careful with pregnancy. Smoking is associated with many health risks like cancer, heart disease, lung diseases, stroke, and even multi-organ failure. It is also proven that smoking causes infertility and increases the chances of miscarriage.

Raw meat and vegetable

Listeria is a food-borne disease that increases the risk of a miscarriage. You need to avoid particular foods that can harm you and the baby. For example, undercooked meats, unpasteurized cheeses, unwashed vegetables, and fruits can trigger a miscarriage. Ensure your food is cooked correctly, and avoid canned meat.

Safe sex

If you are pregnant, it is better to be safe than to welcome any infection in your pregnancy. Hence to stay away from STIs and UTIs, always have protection. Be careful while having sex; consider the position as per your comfort.

First time pregnancy tips for dad

pregnancy tips for first time moms

There is a lot of information available on the internet for new mothers. The internet has focused on pregnancy tips for first time moms, but what about first-time dads? It is also their first!

The role of a father is vital in pregnancy. You are blessed to have your partner beside you dealing with the pregnancy, as both of you are new to this. Experiencing parenthood together not only brings you closer but also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

The father of the child is equally worried as you are. They are anxious and scared to bring a mixture of you both into this world. Both of you need to support each other emotionally and physically.

Below are a few tips for first-time dads:

Be understanding

The new mom can be super dramatic and demanding, but you must understand she’s dealing with a lot. The hormonal changes in her body are making her act differently. Be supportive and understand her mood swings and irritability.

Get ready for the sudden hunger pangs

Your pregnant partner is going to get crazy hunger pangs during her pregnancy. Never tell her it’s too much food. Let her enjoy eating but try to be sure she’s eating right. Take care of her eating habits by stocking up on all healthy groceries and snacks.

Help her with daily chores

Pregnancy can make the mother very tired; hence helping her with daily chores should be in your routine now. Whenever you get time, try helping her with everything she does. She’ll not even ask for it; being there for her is all she wants.

Don’t let her do any heavy activity. Heavy lifting is a strict no-no for pregnant women and you must ensure she avoid any such activities throughout her pregnancy.

How to have a healthy baby in the womb

You are a new mom and have many questions about how to have a healthy baby in the womb. Don’t worry, it is natural to think about the baby who isn’t in front of you yet but inside of you.

There are a few pregnancy tips for first time moms on having a healthy baby in the womb; let’s find out in the below points:

Eat right

The most important tip is to eat right. You are the only source from which the baby gets all the nutrition for its growth. Hence it is essential to eat healthily and never starve yourself. Eating right means your baby is also eating right.

Timely check-ups

Never miss your appointments. It’s time you get to see your baby. The scans let you know the baby’s growth and development. Always listen to your doctor as they know the best.

Prenatal supplements

As you enter your pregnancy, your doctor has prescribed many prenatal supplements for the baby’s growth. Therefore, you need to take it on time regularly.

Be active

Being pregnant does not mean you have to sit in one place. If you don’t have any complications in your pregnancy, you should stay active for a healthy baby. Doing correct yoga postures or walking are suitable activities to stay busy and healthy.

pregnancy tips for first time moms


Try meditation to keep yourself calm; it can help lower anxiety and stress. When you meditate, you spend time with the baby in the womb. You must talk to the baby as the growing human can only feel the mother. It helps in building the bond between you two.

Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

With pregnancy, you must be worried about your delivery as well. Like most women, you also want a standard delivery with your pregnancy. However, you need to trust your doctors, as depending on your pregnancy, your delivery is finalized. So, if you don’t have any complications and everything is normal, nothing will typically stop you from delivering your baby.

Having your research and knowledge is better to help you with successful delivery. Below are the pregnancy tips for first time moms on having a normal delivery:


Doing a prenatal workout is essential for standard delivery. Once you know that your pregnancy is healthy, this is your time to prepare your body for the delivery. Start doing light exercises like yoga or just regular walking. Kegel exercises are also great for strengthening the pelvic muscles.


Make sure you sleep well even if you feel the need. Your pregnancy is the time you can enjoy your naps. Once you have the baby around, you will surely miss it. Sleeping helps to nourish your body and mind, which is essential for standard delivery. It is ok to feel tired; hence you need to rest when the body wants.


You must eat healthily, keep whole foods at home, and take prenatal supplements. Avoid junk during pregnancy as it may become difficult to digest as the digestive system isn’t working the same way.


Being positive is essential, as having a positive mind and body is crucial for pregnancy. It isn’t an easy task; hence staying positive and reminding yourself that you’re vital to do this can be a real deal.

First time pregnancy: what to expect

As this is your first pregnancy, many things will happen to you for the first time. Prepare yourself, as you’ll see fantastic transformation in yourself and the people around you.

Starting from breaking the good news to your partner, you will see a change in emotions. Your partner may not be that expressive, but the moment you tell him that you’re pregnant, it will surely crack a smile on his face.

Then comes your family and friends; they will be the happiest and shower you with all the love and care in this world. The feeling of being a mother is priceless.

But most importantly, you and your partner will experience parenthood together. You will see a fantastic transformation of how the dad starts caring for the mother and the unborn child.

How he becomes careful with his savings and is always alert will be astonishing. Everything changes the moment you’re pregnant. With the upcoming responsibility, you will see your partner or husband becoming responsible for everything you have ever dreamt of.

Talking about the physical changes, it’ll come eventually. Embrace it and take care of yourself. In the start, it’ll just be tiredness and morning sickness. But then you’ll see changes in your tummy and breast size.

You must apply olive oil or other oils that prevent pregnancy stretch marks. As the skin starts drying off, it may become itchy. Hence moisturizing and oiling it can help you with this.

So, start enjoying this period as it is not coming back. Get yourself pampered and embrace the new experiences of your pregnancy as you welcome the little human.

First time pregnancy experience

Being pregnant for the first can be very overwhelming. But the process of making a baby inside of you can be tiring. There will be days when you don’t feel excited or drained. Those are times when you need a record book of your pregnancy.

This record book will have everything inside of it. You can start from the date you decide to get pregnant, or the moment you realize you’re pregnant.

Try putting your thoughts, experiences, and feelings and add pictures. Picture moments; it’s essential to remind you of the importance of your pregnancy. Capture your first bump picture, the sonographies, the moment you were the happiest hearing the heartbeat of the little human, and the list goes on.

Start noting your experience as you pass trimesters. It’ll show you how you’ve progressed. Pregnancy is beautiful, don’t get stressed. Stress can be harmful to both of you. Enjoy this time with your partner, cook meals together and embrace parenthood in its full swing.

Hopefully, this article clears the doubts you have about early pregnancy. The pregnancy tips for first time moms will make you a pro. Happy pregnancy to you! Use this time to plan your baby’s arrival, start shopping and stay positive.

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