Proven Skincare Shark Tank Offers Next-Gen Beauty Solution

proven skincare shark tank

Proven  Skincare Shark Tank approached the panel in search of a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 5% equity stake. To know more about the Proven Skincare Shark Tank episode, their current status, and more, read till the end of this post.

Proven  Skincare Shark Tank created quite a stir after episode 1119 of the show was aired in 2020. While the budding entrepreneurs could not secure a deal from any of the sharks on the show, their company is now one of the leading names in the beauty industry.

Proven Skincare Shark Tank Overview

Before moving ahead, it is essential to get an overview of Shark Tank Proven Skincare. Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan, a Stanford University physicist, established the company in 2017.

The company idea was born when both the founders, especially Ming Zhao, realized she was experiencing skin issues and breakouts. After some research, she realized that the reason was her hectic schedule. On the other hand, Dr. Yuan was diagnosed with acute dermatitis. This was when both realized the need for a beauty brand that could cater to people with precise requirements.

Proven Skincare Shark Tank advertises itself as an innovative skincare business that provides customized skin care options that adapt to your changing needs over time. Customers don’t use the same formula; instead, it varies according to their skin demands and environmental conditions.

More than 20,000 skincare chemicals, 100,000 cosmetic items, 20 million customer reviews, and 4,000 scientific journals are included in the database. The last bit of data comes directly from the users.

Proven is one of the most comprehensive skincare brands, even though many others make the same claim. Its artificial intelligence-powered Skin, Genome Project skin care database analyzes data entered by the user to suggest a customized skin care plan. So, before placing the final order, the database will suggest products based on your answers.

After answering the brief questionnaire, the intelligent database evaluates the customer’s needs while taking into account information on the water hardness, humidity level, and UV index of your skin.

The Skin Genome Quiz records your age, alcohol usage, food, sex, skin type, sleep habits, and stress levels, among other topics. The quiz covers a total of 47 topics to help you understand the state and requirements of your skin.

proven skincare shark tank

Recap of Proven Skincare Shark Tank episode

The episode begins with Ming Zhao entering the doors to present Proven Skincare with an offer of $500,000 against 5% equity. Now, she starts her presentation by explaining to the sharks the journey of the company’s establishment. Next, Zhao hands out a customized product to each shark while explaining the process of producing each.

According to the founder, the average monthly sales figure of Proven in 2020 was $65,000. Moreover, the team planned to close at a total sales turnover of $3 million next year. The company also acquired a baby skincare license and certification, costing approximately $3.5 million. Ming Zhao also revealed during the negotiation that there was an expense of $90,000 associated with social media marketing.

While the initial part of the pitch may have impressed the sharks, the second half confused them. According to all the sharks, the beauty industry indeed had a lot of scope to welcome Artificial Intelligence. However, per the Proven Skincare Shark Tank pitch, the entire business setup looks highly diluted. As a result, all the sharks unanimously stated that the AI-based beauty product recommendation was partly baseless.

While companies claim the accuracy and efficiency of the database, the judges say it is all an excel spreadsheet. As a result, Zhao and Yuang could not bring any of the investors on board. However, the Proven Skincare Shark Tank appearance on the show gave the company a lot of exposure. Here is spilling some of the details in the next section!

What happened to Proven Skincare later?

Zhao was somewhat pessimistic about the company’s experience on the show and how it impacted their prospects. However, even though their pitch could not acquire any investment, Proven experienced enormous internet traffic and the highest sales day ever after their Shark Tank journey, despite the shark’s reluctance to bite on the notion.

In discussing their work during an interview, Zhao stated that through one episode, millions of Americans became aware of the company, what personalization entails, and its potential benefits of it. In addition, both the company’s email list and social media have received supportive comments.

The pitch made it quite apparent that Proven was doing things right. She also mentioned during the interview that the Proven Skincare Shark Tank episode was a learning experience that only brought growth for the company and a lot of motivation for both founders and the entire team.

proven skincare shark tank

How to choose the right product?

Take the Skin Genome Quiz on the Proven Skincare website to get started. It takes three minutes to finish. At the end of the survey, you will find details on your personalized three-step routine, which includes a cleanser, day cream, and night cream to address your skin needs.

Wait for your customized skin care system to arrive after entering your billing and shipping details. Since Proven Skincare operates on a subscription model, you will get a fresh shipment every eight weeks. You can save money by setting up a subscription because it is less expensive than purchasing the things outright, but you will be automatically paid. However, you can always withdraw.

You can start your new regimen once your Proven Skincare package arrives. Each unique product’s shipping comes with instructions, a list of all the ingredients, and information on how to use it.

Proven Skincare Shark Tank Products

The Cleanser, Daytime Hydrating Moisturizer, and Night Cream are the three essential items from Proven Skincare that make up the Custom 3-Step Skincare Routine. Although every regimen uses the same kind of items, the components in those products differ according to the individual.


Size of Cleanser: 50 ml

Price: $34.99

Any effective skin care regimen should begin with a clean face. Washing your face with the Personalized Cleanser is the first step in the personalized routine.

Its all-natural composition cleans the skin of impurities and cosmetics before hydrating. Your particular cleanser might include salicylic acid, mandelic acid, or green tea extract. However, the contents can vary. According to Proven Skincare, face wash is a three-in-one product that exfoliates, tones, and moisturizes.

Daytime Hydrating Moisturiser

Size of moisturizer: 30ml in size

Price: $54.99

Depending on the time of day, the routine’s second step varies. Apply the customized day moisturizer to clean skin throughout the day. It is a mission to target skin conditions, including dryness, hyperpigmentation, oiliness, and wrinkles, while maintaining suppleness and smoothness.

Your location, the quality of the air, your skin type, and your skin tone are all taken into account by the customized recipe. Depending on your needs, the day cream may include components like squalane, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. In addition, every sunscreen contains SPF from zinc oxide to block UV rays, as everyone should do every day.

Night Cream

Size of night cream: 30 ml

Price: $99.99

The Personalized Night Cream by Proven Skincare combats aging symptoms while you sleep. It works overnight to improve the skin’s firmness, elasticity, and plumpness. After cleansing your face with the Personalized Cleanser, use this cream. COQ10, pomegranate extract, retinol, and Vitamin C, may be part of the formulation. Your demands and concerns, such as wrinkles, dark spots, blue light, and pollution, are considered when selecting the substances. There is nothing generic about this night cream because each person’s formula is unique.

Proven Skincare reviews Shark Tank

An SPF day cream, a customized night cream, and a customized cleanser make up Proven Skin Care’s three distinct product lines. To learn more about each person’s skin type and needs, Proven Skincare develops a quiz. Then, your bespoke skincare product will be created by the company using questions you answer and information about your particular skin type.

Squalenes, ceramides, and marula oil are among the substances in products to enhance moisture. Standard components, such as those helping to diminish pigmentation and boost skin radiance, are also frequently a part of skincare products designed to serve other purposes.

You can apply the Proven Skin Care routine through the straightforward cleanse and moisturizing formula. The brand advises cleansing your facial skin twice a day if you have oily or acne-prone skin. However, others with typical skin types can cleanse once at night. Before rinsing it off, the product needs to be allowed to sit for at least 60 seconds.

The system thinks it’s preferable to update the solution of your product every two months so that you can get fresher ingredients and concentrations. The method is straightforward, but other data-related operations running in the background consider each person’s traits and skin tone.

The Proven Skincare system’s products are effective for two months after purchase. After two months, the AI system will design a new formula by considering new aspects, such as changing seasons, moving to a new place, improving skin type, and pregnancy, among many others.


  • Instantaneous outcomes Cruelty-free 100%
  • Made with a customized analysis of your skin type and problems
  • Made with entirely safe substances
  • Ideal for ongoing application


  • Because the items are especially for your skin, you don’t get any refunds
  • Sold only after completing a quiz on the brand’s website

Proven Skincare is for everyone because it is tailored to meet each person’s needs. Anyone dissatisfied with conventional skin care products that don’t work for them will find them highly beneficial.

Anyone with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin can use it; these are the two skin issues that are hardest to treat with traditional solutions. The Skin Genome Quiz considers factors that typically make it challenging to buy for skin care, such as the severity of breakouts, level of oiliness, and degree of sensitivity.

PROVEN Skincare uses clean components in its clean skin care formulations. For those who live a vegan lifestyle, the formulas are also cruelty-free.

proven skincare shark tank

Is Proven Skincare Shark Tank influential?

The effectiveness of skincare products varies from person to person. Everybody has various wants, worries, and outside influences. The likelihood of Proven Skincare working for you may be higher because it only employs generic formulae for some.

Stanford doctors and skin scientists develop solutions utilizing safe, scientifically supported ingredients. The brand strongly emphasizes using components that will truly benefit your skin rather than inactive substances. To prove its efficiency, Proven Skincare invested in independent clinical studies. Ninety-four percent of participants in the testing stated that their skin was softer and smoother.

Proven Skincare is the industry leader in AI for skincare, a relatively young field. For customers, there are choices, though. One such alternative is Formulyst, which uses personalized skincare solutions created with AI to help people with natural skin defects achieve a better appearance.

The lotions sold by Formulyst, based on earlier data-driven research, assist in giving your face a youthful appearance. However, Proven Skincare is superior to Formulyst since it creates personalized formulae based on customer responses to a questionnaire.

Proven Skincare will provide you the much-needed respite from time-consuming routines if you’re sick of thorough skin care regimens. It uses a straightforward three-step regimen of cleanser, day cream, and night cream. However, as you apply the day and night creams in the morning and evening, you can only use two items at once.

Final thoughts

It is challenging to locate the correct skincare product for sensitive or unusual skin types. Proven Skincare Shark Tank targets a sizable portion of customers who desire perfectly personalized products by reducing the chance of purchasing the incorrect product. Proven may not have received the investment they wanted on Shark Tank, but they have found other sources of finance and are a significant player in the skincare industry.

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