Seven Divine Bridal Mehndi Designs Which You Should Not Miss

Mehndi ceremony is the most looked forward wedding function by the bride and her family. Unlike earlier days, the function is now celebrated with extravagant pomp and show. All the friends, family members and close relatives of the bride – get together to celebrate the happy occasion and paint their hands and feet with beautiful mehndi designs. However, the most excited individual in the ceremony is the bride herself. And why not, her hands and feet will be adorned with the most intricate, detailed, and grand mehndi designs. It is her wish for the people to go speechless on seeing the beautiful art and fulfill this desire; we have compiled a list of seven charming mehndi designs for dulhan.

Bridal Mehndi Design – 1


Mehndi for the bride is always assumed to be grand and highly detailed. However, not all the soon-to-be brides prefer such heavy designs. This unique concept of proposal mehndi is winning the hearts of many girls. Show it to your professional artist and personalize the message as per your choice.


Bridal Mehndi Design – 2


A bride’s mehndi is not limited to hands only – her feet are also extensively painted. And this delicate design made of flower, vines, and leaves looks gorgeous as heck! You will be required to slip-off your footwear for different wedding rituals, and this mehndi will catch everyone’s attention and appraise for sure.

mehandi designs


Bridal Mehndi Design – 3


If you are a bride who wants to decorate full hands and feet with mehndi, then this design is the apt choice for you. The use of tabla and flowers make it a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern design. Also, the best part is the identical art on both the hands which look stunning on together.


Bridal Mehndi Design – 4


The concept of painting resembling portraits of the bride and groom via mehndi is gaining a lot of popularity. This extensive and time-consuming design is nothing short of a painting from an artist’s hand. The most alluring part of this design is the baarat and the doli scene; it also depicts a bride’s feeling in a beautiful manner.

mehndi designs 2019


Bridal Mehndi Design – 5


Mandala mehndi is the most traditional form of art. Owing to its circular shape which signifies completeness, this art blesses the wearer with a happy and fulfilled married life. Also, this design has a rustic and ethnic charm which demands attention and praise from the admirers. If you want simple and not so heavy henna design, then mandala mehndi is the ideal choice.

mehandi designs 2019

Bridal Mehndi Design – 6

If you’re a bride who is spiritual by nature and like to have the blessing of God in every manner, then this temple mehndi is one-hundred percent for you. The design and execution of this mehndi are very magnetic – at the top of the hand, you can see idols of Lord Krishna and Radha who are blessing the couple during the Varmala ceremony. This kind of meaning henna tattoo is seen rarely, and hence you ask the artist to draw this design for your wedding.

mrhndi simple designs

Bridal Mehndi Design – 7


Hey all the brides who are dog parents, it is time to bring a million dollar smile on your face. We know how much you love your pet and this bridal mehndi design with a pet’s portrait is just for you. However before you fall in love with this art, we recommend asking the artist whether he or she can create a replica of your pet or not?

simple mehndi designs


Benefits Of Applying Mehndi Paste

The ceremony of painting the hands and feet of the bride and groom is not just an age-old tradition. There are scientific reasons behind this function which relate to many health benefits listed as follows:
⦁ Henna is a natural cooling, and anti-depressing agent and when the paste is applied to body parts, it helps in relieving of the stress. It is a beneficial aspect for the groom and bride as they might be suffering from wedding jitters, and it will calm their nerves.
⦁ Henna also helps in curing headaches and anxiety suffered by the couples owing to the lack of sleep, and too much of work.
⦁ Henna paste is applied on hair because it aids in killing bacteria causing dandruff, and promotes hair growth. It is highly recommended for soon-to-be couples; instead of throwing money in salons invest in natural remedies.
⦁ Henna is used to cure heat stroke which is necessary if you’re getting married during summers. The henna paste absorbs heat from the body, leaving behind the cooling sensation.
Hence it can be said that applying mehndi is not only fun but also beneficial for your health. We hope our shared designs gave you bridal mehndi goals for the wedding. Now the next task in your wedding planning list must be hiring a professional who’ll paint your hands and feet with these exquisite designs.

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