Top 20 Benefits and Side Effects of Coconut Water

Top 20 Benefits and Side Effects of Coconut Water

Are you confused with the mixed opinions about coconut water? Do you worry that drinking coconut water might leave side effects on your health? Well, if you are worried about these, then let us tell you that there are pros and cons of coconut water. If you consume this beverage in large amounts, you might have to face negative impacts. So, today we will tell you in this article about the top 20 benefits and side effects of coconut water. Read on, and you are sure to have no doubts in your mind after you finish reading this article!

Coconut water nutritional facts

Before we get into the details and tell you all the potential benefits and side effects of coconut water, let us discuss some nutritional facts.

You will find the fruit produces coconut water naturally inside it. Coconut water contains around 94% of water and negligible amounts of fat. However, you must not confuse yourself with coconut water and its milk. This is because coconut milk is made out of grated coconut flesh. You will see that coconut milk possesses large amounts of fat and 50% of water.

A coconut usually takes around 10 to 12 months to mature completely. But the water inside the coconut comes when they are only six to seven months. However, you will find water in a matured fruit as well. However, the water in the matured coconut is not as beneficial as the ones that are six to seven months old.

You will find that an average green-colored coconut containing around half or one cup of water. So, if a cup of coconut water is approximately 240 ml, let us check what the nutrition quotient present in it is. Here are the following:

9 grams of carbs
2 grams of protein
3 grams of fiber
Magnesium – 15% of the daily recommended intake
Potassium – 17% of the daily recommended intake
Vitamin C – 10% of the daily recommended intake
Manganese - 17% of the daily recommended intake
Calcium – 11% of the daily recommended intake
Sodium – 11% of the daily recommended intake

Also, you must keep in mind that one cup of coconut water contains around 46 calories.

Now that you have a clear idea about coconut water’s nutritional facts let us check out the pros and cons of coconut water. Having a clear idea will help you evaluate that if drinking this beverage will be good for you or not. So let us check out the benefits and side effects of coconut water in the following sections below!

Benefits of coconut water

Here is a list of all the benefits of coconut water that will tell you how the nutritional facts given above helps our health overall. Check out the following:

1. Works as an energy drink

For people who follow a strict exercise regime, coconut water can be the ideal beverage you can try. Its high antioxidative power, mineral and electrolyte content helps in boosting up your energy within seconds. Moreover, it helps the athletes replenish the lost energy and also recover them quite fast. When you drink coconut water, you can get rid of your tiredness and eradicate the chances of dehydration.

Refreshing coconut water

2. Coconut water benefits weight loss

If you wonder what happens if I drink coconut water every day, let us tell you, you might avail of its weight loss benefits. Since coconut water is extremely low in calories, then you can replace it with many sugary drinks. By drinking one cup of coconut water, you are only providing yourself with 48 calories.

3. It might help manage sugar levels

Some research shows that you can drink coconut water can keep your blood sugar levels in check. Since it has a good manganese content, you can keep your blood sugar in control and increase your insulin sensitivity. However, keep in mind that there are side effects of coconut water for diabetes as well. So, speak to your doctor before including coconut water in your diet if you have diabetes.

4. Keeps heart healthy

When you drink the correct amount of coconut water daily, you can prevent the chances of developing several heart problems. Moreover, coconut water can also keep your cholesterol level in control. This wonderous drink contains a high amount of potassium present in it. All of which helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

5. helps in keeping blood pressure in control

When you are looking at the pros of coconut water, let us tell you it is helpful in keeping your blood pressure levels in control. Several pieces of research show that when you consume a high potassium diet, you can keep your heart healthy and manage your pressure. All of which contribute to protecting you against several heart problems like strokes.

6. Improves your digestive health

The high manganese content in coconut water can help in regulating the bowel movement in your body. Moreover, it can also help in preventing constipation, acidity, and gaseous distension in the abdomen.

7. Coconut water detoxifies your body

The antioxidants, electrolytes, and minerals present in coconut water make it highly versatile. And it is believed that these nutrients in coconut water can help supply your body with antioxidants and keep you hydrated.

8. Helps in preventing the chances of kidney stones

When you supply your body with a limited amount of water, you will increase the chances of developing kidney stones. Since coconut water helps in hydration and has a significant amount of water content, you may reduce the chances of kidney stones by drinking it.

9. Coconut water helps in preventing chances of UTI

Urinary tract infection is a common problem that women face more than men. So, they keep searching for ways to prevent the chances of UTI. And one of the ways to prevent it is coconut water. The diuretic properties present in coconut water may help in reducing the chances of UTI by flushing out the toxins from your body.

10. Benefits of coconut water for skin

You already know that coconut water contains hydrating properties. But do you know it contains moisturizing effects as well? Well, yes! By drinking a glass of coconut water every day, you can keep your skin healthy and reduce the chances of premature aging.

Coconut water for skin

Side effects of coconut water

Since we have already covered the above section with all the benefits of drinking coconut water, let us now discuss the side effects. Check out the following:

1. Coconut water is not suitable for sportspeople

Coconut water is excellent if you want to hydrate yourself and replenish the lost energy during a workout. But it might not be that suitable for a sportsperson. This is because of its extremely low carbohydrate content. Whereas, for an athlete, the ideal sports drink would rather contain carbohydrates, protein, caffeine, and more. All of which is not present in coconut water.

2. Excessive coconut water can increase calorie-intake

You already know that one cup of coconut water contains around 46 calories. So, if you drink more than a cup and quench your thirst with coconut water, your calorie intake will increase. So, if you wish to keep a check on your calorie intake and want to lose excess weight, watch out for how much coconut water you drink. Drinking more than a cup of coconut water will cause hindrance in your weight loss process.

3. Coconut is not ideal for allergy-prone people

Most people have a tendency to get allergies. It can be through foods, ingredients, pollens, plastic, lotions, and so much more. So, if you see that you are vulnerable to allergies, it is best you test yourself before including this into your diet. Just like other food items, coconut water might also cause allergies.

Some people who are allergic to nuts can also have the chance of getting allergies through coconut water. Wondering how? Well, coconut is also a nut from the tree that may cause allergic reactions in many people.

4. May create an electrolytic imbalance

You are already aware that coconut water contains loads of potassium. And this is one reason why it is a wonderful beverage. However, it may cause problems in one’s health that can be fatal for the same content.

An incident happened to the man who played tennis the entire day in scorching weather around 90-degree F. After being exhausted, he drank around 88 ounces of coconut water. And that led him to have hyperkalemia which is a grave condition. It is a condition where one has lightheadedness and even weakness. Moreover, one might even lose consciousness through this condition. So, it would be best if you watch your coconut water intake when you are in such weather.

5. Coconut water contains diuretic properties

Coconut water is excellent for your health and reduces the chances of urinary tract infection. This is because of its diuretic properties. But when you consume a lot of coconut water, your urination frequency might increase. It will make you go to the loo several times, making you dehydrated. Coconut water keeps you hydrated only if you drink it in moderation. Excessive consumption might lead to complications.

6. Coconut water contains laxative properties

The laxative properties present in coconut water can be beneficial only when you drink it in moderation. But when you drink excessive amounts of coconut water, it might create problems in your bowel movement. Also, it would be best if you keep in mind that people who suffer from such issues must watch on their coconut water intake cautiously.

7. Side effects of coconut water for diabetes

Coconut water is indeed great for keeping the blood sugar levels in check. However, people having diabetes must not include this drink in their diet regularly. Drinking coconut water twice a week or at every alternative day is best for some who have diabetes already.

8. Coconut water might lower blood pressure excessively

Coconut water contains properties that help in lowering your blood pressure levels. But it might not be the best option for someone who is already on blood pressure medications. So, it is always advisable to speak to your doctor before including coconut water in your diet if you are on high blood pressure medications.

9. Not ideal for frigid body people

You know that coconut water contains cooling properties. So, people who have a frigid body must avoid having coconut water.

Moreover, people living in a cool environment and tend to catch a cold very quickly must not consume coconut water. This is because it can make that person much cooler. And this is indeed among the most significant side effects of coconut water.

10. Always consume immediately after it is cut open

It is always best to consume coconut water as soon as it is cut open. If you leave it open for long, the wonder drink might lose out on its nutrient content. So, if you want to avail yourself of all of the nutrients of coconut water, then try to consume it as soon as you cut the coconut.

What is the ideal time to have coconut water?

Now that you know the benefits and side effects of coconut water, you must be wondering what the ideal time to drink it is, so check it out below:

  • Early morning
  • After a stressful day
  • After your lunch
  • During your mid-meals
Top 20 Benefits and Side Effects of Coconut Water
Fresh coconut water

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you now know that coconut water is a wonderful beverage but only if consumed in limited amounts. Excessive amounts of it might cause problems and lead to several complications. If you happen to be allergic to any food items, always test yourself before having coconut water. Moreover, if you are on any medications, always speak to your doctor before drinking coconut water. And once you are sure, drink it in moderation to avail of all its benefits.

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