What Are the Side Effects of Masturabation in Male Daily in Ayurveda?

Side Effects of Masturabation in Male Daily in Ayurveda

Human sexuality is one such topic that ignites both curiosity and controversy. In many cultures, it remains a taboo, especially the act of masturbation. While some consider it a healthy habit, others say it can adversely affect your health. So, are there truly any side effects of masturabation in male daily in Ayurveda?

When it comes to masturbation, there is a lot of misinformation. Although it existed ever since the existence of humans, the topic is shrouded in mystery and stigma. So, it’s important to be able to differentiate between myths and facts and that’s what we will do today.

What is masturbation?

Masturbating means fondling your genitals until you have an orgasm. It is a common behavior in both sexes and offers many benefits if done occasionally. Alleviating pain, preventing anxiety, promoting good sleep, and relieving tension are some advantages of masturbation.

Side effects of masturabation in male daily

According to Ayurveda, masturbating is a natural component of the human life. Its effect on your health depends on multiple variables like age, constitution (Prakriti), general health, and frequency of masturbation.

If regular masturbation is not good for your body, there will be several side effects. So, you may experience the following if you’re over-masturbating.

Dosha imbalance

In every individual’s body, there must be a balance between the three doshas (Pitta, Kapha, and Vata). If a person overindulges in any kind of sexual activity, there can be an imbalance in their doshas.

Whether you perform intercourse or pleasure yourself, sexual activity raises the body heat (or pitta) temporarily. So, if you are masturbating several times a day, you may suffer from pitta-related conditions, inflammation, and irritation.


‘Can masturbation cause weakness?’ is a recurring question on the internet. Pleasuring yourself occasionally is not just normal but also recommended. While most people feel cheerful and energetic after doing it, some end up being fatigued when they have an orgasm. Ayurveda terms this condition as loss of ‘ojas’ or vitality.

Temporary weakness could be because of several reasons like dehydration, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, etc. So, you can fix this problem by keeping yourself hydrated, stopping yourself from overworking, and eating nutrient-rich foods.

If the weakness persists, it can be because of an underlying health issue. So, visiting a healthcare provider makes sense.

Erectile dysfunction

Masturbation, if done repeatedly, can also have repercussions on your sexual health. You will be surprised to learn that excessive masturbation may end up desensitizing your genitals. When that happens, it can be difficult to have an erection or enjoy sex.

With frequent handling, the risk of infecting or injuring the penis also arises. Hence, make sure you always wash your hands properly to prevent allergies and infections.

So, if you are suddenly having problems keeping an erection, ask yourself if you’ve been over-masturbating lately. Soft erection or erectile dysfunction can be due to many other factors and so, you should seek medical attention.

Mental health problems

Ayurveda emphasizes the link between the body and mind. So, how you treat your body will have effects on your mental health as well.

Ayurvedic practitioners opine that sexual activity in excess can be the reason behind mental disorders. Studies have revealed that people who cannot stop masturbating are dealing with restlessness, anxiety, and depression. To get relief from the emotional strain, distract yourself and engage in some creative activities.

Affecting intimacy

For someone who doesn’t have a partner, masturbation can be the primary way of gratifying oneself. But for an individual in a romantic relationship, it can ruin their sex life.

When you start enjoying masturbating too much, your willingness to get intimate with your partner might reduce. You may not be as active in bed as your spouse, and this can affect your equation with them.

If two people are in an amorous relationship; regular sexual activities are essential to strengthen their bond. Hence address this problem because it causes permanent damage to your beautiful relationship.

Disturbance in professional/ personal lives

Did you know that masturbating every time you are free is not a good sign? There are chances that this habit of yours is interfering with your daily duties, social responsibilities, and even hobbies.

That’s because you are always thinking about touching your genitals and imagining the deep satisfaction it will generate. Naturally, the act and the thought of it are consuming a large portion of your time. So, it stands in your way of doing other meaningful things.

Moreover, being addicted to masturbation also means you will look for opportunities to do it during your work hours as well. Hence, less productivity is among the serious side effects of masturabation in male daily in Ayurveda.

How to stop yourself from doing excessive masturbation?

There is no strict rule regarding how many times a week you can masturbate. It depends on your age, libido, dietary choices, physical stamina, and overall health.

If you cannot resist the urge to masturbate, there is an overabundance of energy and vitality in your system. You need a release and working out at the gym will diminish your wish to masturbate now and then. You should also avoid watching porn every day as it instantly spikes your libido.

Final thoughts

We may conclude by saying that masturbation is not just about ejaculating but falling in love with your body. It is not harmful but if you can’t control yourself, it will interfere with your daily life, responsibilities, and relationships.

So, you should not ignore the side effects of masturabation in male daily in Ayurveda. Follow the signs of your body and try to create a balance that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the side effects of over masturabation on mind?

When you masturbate, your body releases dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins and these hormones make you happy. On the other hand, overindulgence in masturbation can affect your mood, sleep patterns, and level of concentration.

2. What are the side effects of masturbation on body?

Weakness, loss of memory, seminal leakage, pain in lower back, hair thinning, are some symptoms of masturbation side effects.

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