Side Effects of Rice Water on Hair Instead of Hair Growth

Side Effects of Rice Water on Hair Instead of Hair Growth

As they say, there is a good and bad effect of everything. Similarly, just as good rice water is for your hair, it can leave a lot of side effects too. The side effects of rice water on hair can turn severe if you do not address it early.

So, today we will tell you how to apply rice water, what happens if you apply it for a week and some possible adverse effects if it does not suit you! Read ahead if you wish to know everything about rice water!

What is rice water?

Rice water is the water that is leftover from boiled rice. It is also called starch. To boil rice, water is added to it and set on a gas stove or oven at a certain temperature. After you see the rice boiled, you need to drain the water out and get boiled and soft rice. This drained water is rice water.

Rice water has various good effects. Doctors generally recommend rice water to patients having diarrhea, cholera or any other problems related to the abdomen or stomach. It also has a good effect on hair. Rice water helps in hair growth and makes it softer and shinier.

Despite its good effects on hair, rice water also has an adverse effect on hair. However, people applying rice water on hair usually get positive and good results. But several among them have negative results well. So, people should keep in mind the side effects of rice water on hair before applying it.

How to Apply Rice Water on Hair?

There are various processes involved in this scenario. Different people have different types and qualities of hair. The process of applying rice water on hair depends upon the factors mentioned above. Medical experts have their opinion regarding the amount of rice water you should apply also.

As rice water is good for hair, each and every one of us can apply it to our hair. It is a time-consuming process as it various steps to follow. Despite the side effects of rice water on hair, there is a general process of applying.

Rice water contains various minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin B & E, amino acids, antioxidants are the main notable components of rice water. All these nutrients keep the hair strong and precede hair growth.

How to make rice water?

Initially, we will tell you the general process of making rice water. Then we are moving to the process of its application.

The process of making rice water as follows:

  • You should take the desired amount of uncooked rice (according to your requirement). Let us consider taking half a cup of rice
  • Then, you need to rinse the whole amount of rice taken properly so that impurities or dirt washes away thoroughly.
  • After rinsing, you need to place the cleaned rice in a bowl. Now you need to add at least 3 cups of water for a half cup of rice.
  • And we need to leave the bowl for at least 30 to 45 minutes. In this time, the nutrients will get into the water.
  • You should strain the rice water in a bowl after soaking.
  • Now the rice water can be kept in a container. Also, you can add pomelo to it.
  • You need to keep it for 12 to 24 hours for its fermentation.
  • For that, you can store it in a cool place or refrigerate it also.

Now, the rice water is ready for use. Before applying, you should keep it at normal temperature (if refrigerated) to avoid the side effects of rice water on hair.

The process to apply rice water on hair

Now we should move on to the process of applying rice water to hair.

The process of applying rice water on hair is as follows:

  • You need to wash your hair with shampoo before applying rice water.
  • After washing, you must rinse your hair with water.
  • Now, you must gently pour the rice water on your hair.
  • Then, gradually massage the rice water in your scalp and hair.
  • After massaging, you must keep it for a minimum of 20 minutes to 1 hour.
  • After the desired time, you should rinse the hair with warm water.

This is the general procedure for applying rice water to hair. After rinsing the hair, you should find your hair more nourished, soft and silky to some extent than before. The same process should be continued every day for at least 2months to get a better result.

For low porosity hair, the amount of rice water required is more than the normal hair. Massaging rice water is also time-consuming for low porosity hair as you need to massage your scalp well.

It is also seen that after applying rice water daily for a month, hair growth is at its peak along with the other properties viz, silky, nourished, soft etc. However, this depends upon the condition of hair in which rice water is applied.

Rice Water for Hair Growth Results in 1 week

Rice water is very good for your hair. Applying it to hair increases hair growth as well as makes the hair stronger, softer and shiny. It also helps in hair growth. There are certain processes of applying rice water to hair.

Applying rice water on hair for one week may give you a good result. If you already have healthy hair growth, the result will definitely reflect within one week. Each time you apply rice water to your hair, you need to massage it well into your scalp.

Low porosity hair needs more amount of rice water than normal water. After massaging, you need to wait for at least 20 minutes to 1 hour to allow the rice water to penetrate into your scalp. After you wait, rinse the hair with regular water.  Finally, after rinsing, you will find silky and soft hair.

This process mentioned above needs to be repeated every day for up to 1 week to get better results. After one week, hair will become silkier and softer. But hair growth completely depends upon the quality and type of hair in which rice water was being applied.

From the reports, it is found that most of the people applying rice water on hair for one week have a slight change in hair growth. Medical experts believe that if you do not face the side effects of rice water on your hair, you should apply it for at least two months to get an appropriate result.

It would be best if you went for a long course with rice water on your hair. Although there are side effects of rice water on hair, applying properly in a certain process will help your hair grow.

Side Effects of Rice Water on Hair Instead of Hair Growth

Side Effects of Rice Water on Skin

Although the side effects of rice water on hair are there, you can get some adverse effects if you apply it to the skin as well. Rice water already has its popularity in the treatment of skin diseases. Nowadays, people apply rice water to tone and soothe the skin.

When there were no moisturizers or sunscreen lotion to keep the skin good, people used rice water on the skin then. Rice water has its medicinal value since ancient times.

But some people do face side effects, which are:

  • Patches may appear on the skin if rice water is applied for a longer time.
  • Skin becomes drier after its application.
  • Skin becomes itchy, and blood comes out sometimes.
  • Rashes may occur after the rice water application.

These are basic side effects that have been found in the skin after applying rice water. People having allergies to rice should not apply rice water to the skin. If all the above-mentioned side effects appear after its application on the skin, you should consult a medical expert to get its remedies.

Side Effects of Rice Water on Hair

The side effects of rice water on hair are as follows:

Dry Scalp

You can apply rice water to the scalp to keep it in good condition. People have very good results after applying rice water to the scalp. But applying an excessive amount of rice water on the scalp may have some adverse effects.

After applying rice water on the scalp, keeping it for a longer time also has negative results. Dry scalp results in flaky buildup on the scalp. This will hamper hair growth and also loosens hair strength.

People should have an accurate idea about their hair. Moreover, people also need to take valuable advice from relevant advisors before applying rice water to their hair. Doctors can also help with this concern. As a whole, people having dry hair or dry scalp should avoid applying rice water on hair.

Bad Odor

Rice water is high in starch, and it gets fermented. So, people applying rice water on hair for a long time may have an odor problem due to fermentation. Although fermented rice water is good for hair, its pungent odor is quite irresistible.

You can also apply essential oils to hair along with rice water. It will help to change the odor of rice water. Although adding too much essential oil absorbs all the nutrients that are present in rice water. So, use a minimum amount in this case.

Protein Overload for Low Porosity Hair

The protein content in rice water is high. This is because of its high starch content. Generally, people applying rice water on hair don’t face a problem, but some people have some problems.

People with low porosity hair face this protein overload as low porosity hair doesn’t allow protein absorption.

Low porosity hair possesses moisture repelling abilities as it doesn’t absorb moisture easily. When rice water is applied to low porosity hair, it only gets attached to the hair. No or very less exchange of nutrients, moisture and proteins occur.

Low porosity hair never saturates with water. Thus, washing off this type of hair is quite difficult. Its harder for water to nourish the low porosity hair. As a result, it takes more time to clean. However, nowadays, people consider low porosity hair as a style statement.

Arsenic Poisoning

Rice is a major crop for farming. In rice fields, farmers spray disinfectants and insecticides to keep the rice crops safe from various insects, bacteria, etc. These disinfectants and insecticides contain arsenic, which the rice crops absorb.

If arsenic contents increase in our body, various symptoms will occur. Vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea etc., are the most common symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Rice water of the rice crop containing arsenic is very much harmful to the human body.

Time Consumption

Applying rice water on hair is a treatment that makes your hair stronger, softer, and healthy. But this treatment is time-consuming. People applying rice water on hair for five days or a week should not expect good results.

When you apply rice water on hair for at least a month, hair is gradually becoming healthy, soft and shiny. To get more results and make your hair stronger, you should apply it to your hair for a pretty long period of at least six months.

In the case of low porosity hair, it takes much more time than normal hair.

The above mentioned are the major side effects of rice water on hair.  But a large number of people use rice water on their hair and get good results. However, medical expert advice is always necessary before applying rice water on hair.

According to various reports, it is found that cold rice water is much more effective than normal rice water. You should not add hot rice water to your hair immediately after boiling it. This may damage your hair. You must always store rice water in a cold place. And it is best if you use it as soon as you take it out cold.

How Often Should I Use Rice Water on My Hair?

The use of rice water on hair depends upon the condition of hair along with its quality. Reports say people using rice water regularly for two months have good and healthy hair. Sometimes it may take more time to get healthy hair, but two months is the average time span.

If you have started applying rice water on hair by maintaining all the protocols to avoid the side effects of rice water on hair, you should continue for at least a month. Review your condition after one month. Then get some advice from a medical expert for its proper dosage.

Even though people consider it as a style statement, low porosity hair requires much more attention than normal hair.  Medical experts can guide you about the dosage of rice water for low porosity hair. It generally requires much more amount of rice water to nourish the hair properly. Generally, two months is the basic period for this concern.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: What is rice water, and how is it beneficial for hair?

Ans: Rice water is the starchy water that is left over after rice is cooked or soaked. It is believed to contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can promote hair growth, strengthen the hair, and add shine.

Q2: Can rice water cause any side effects on hair?

Ans: While rice water is generally considered safe for most people, it may cause side effects in some cases.

Q3: What are the possible side effects of using rice water on hair?

Ans: The potential side effects of using rice water on hair include dryness, brittleness, scalp irritation, and protein overload.

Q4: Can rice water cause hair breakage?

Ans: Yes, if used excessively or not properly diluted, rice water can cause hair breakage due to its high protein content.

Q5: How can I minimize the risk of side effects when using rice water on my hair?

Ans: To minimize the risk of side effects, it is recommended to dilute rice water with plain water before using it on your hair, and to perform a patch test to check for any allergic reactions or scalp sensitivity.

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