Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand With Picture Inspo

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

The mehndi designs keep evolving. So, it can confuse people, and they are unable to decide what type of Mehndi they want. So, to make your work easier, we have come up with simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand.

It is said that mehndi was introduced in India by the Mughal Emperors in the 12th century AD. At that time, only the kings and queens used to apply mehndi. But now, everyone indulges in getting their hands decorated.

Mehndi is primarily extremely popular in South Asia and the Middle East. In many Indian weddings, the mehndi ceremony is an important part. The bride wears mehndi on both the hands and feet; sometimes, even the groom applies mehndi on his hands too. So, if you are planning to decorate your hand anytime soon, start scrolling down!

Arab mehndi design – why is it popular?

Best recognized for their chic appearance and free-flowing patterns, they are of unmatched eye-pleasing appeal.

The main design of Arabic mehndi is floral shapes, diagonal patterns, leafy themes, and patterns inspired by architecture and paisleys.

Moreover, the Arabic mehndi has bold strokes compared to others. Thus they look vibrant and prominent.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Easy to do simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand

Check out the following designs of mehndi you can try out:

An Exquisite Design

One of the simple Arabic mehndi designs for the back of the left-hand to make a band on the wrist that is a wide line and draw leaves on the line. It will look like a bracelet.

Then check like patterns are drawn only on the index finger.

This design looks very solemn and elegant, and you can wear any kind of jewelry with this mehndi design.

The Darkened spiral patterns

These simple Arabic mehndi designs for the left hand are very simple, and anyone can do this.

The main design is made of shading, leaves, spiral carving, and other patterns that make the mehndi look complicated and intricate.

There will be a unique design on the ring finger. We would suggest you wear a statement ring on the finger as it will complete the look.

The design is glamourous so that people can wear it to casual events or weddings.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

The Motifs Decoration

This design has many motifs decoration such as dots, flowers, paisleys, petals, and motifs. This makes the design more pleasing and prepossessing.

As you see, the designs are not such as the dots and petals do not have any shading or are filled in from the inside. They look neat and sophisticated.

You can lure the crowd with these simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand just because of the simplicity of the artwork.

The top of the ring finger has some patterns and leaves; always wear your jewelry according to the mehndi.

The Mid-spaced Artwork

Here the middle section of your hand has no designs, and patterns on both sides are close together and are made of small sizes. However, there will also be a separation among the hand.

This separate design pattern makes this mehndi design different from others. They are made of dots, strokes, motifs, mid spacing, paisleys, and spirals.

The index finger and pinkie finger also have mehndi patterns, whereas the middle finger and ring finger are free from any artwork.

You can pair this mehndi with outfits that fall under the Indo-western category.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Authentic Elegance

Another design with no filling in the inside of the patterns or shading. Thus, the whole artwork looks simple, yet the mehndi’s authentic design makes it looks elegant and attractive.

This pattern looks outstanding and divine because of the swirls, traditional paisley designs, swirly vines, motifs with dark strokes, checks design on the finger, and spirals.

Most girls like this design as it is beguiling and charming. You can pair this look with some oxidized jewelry or silver bracelets, and it will make the design even more classy.

Traditional outfits such as sarees or lehenga will be the best thing to wear with this type of artwork.

What A Glow!

These extremely lovely simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand will make everybody go ‘wow.’

It would be best if you had a little bit of practice to perfect this design, as a lot is going on here.

There are chain dots, leaves pattern on the index finger, and check designs. The mehndi starts from the wrist and then finishes with the index finger. Other fingers will also have designs, but they are not connected to the mehndi done on the wrist.

All the four fingers and the thumb as different designs going on; some will have check patterns, whereas some will have floral decorations.

A Rose Pattern artwork

The rose design is the main attraction of this mehndi style. It is a very simple design where the artwork starts from the wrist and ends at the index finger. They are filled with dark lines and strokes and have rose patterns.

The whole hand is covered, but no other design is done on other fingers.

The artwork is empyreal and attractive and makes the hands sober. Do not wear heavy jewelry with this mehndi style.

Spiral Artwork in the Middle

In this design, you will find an astonishing mandala in the center, which will have many spirals and flowers that are closely filled.

The whole pattern of these simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand has check artworks, paisleys, dots, and motifs.

You can add some beguiling jewelry and do some acrylic nails to enhance this design. This design will suit both casual events and weddings.

A Multiple Circular Design

This design is mainly consisting of circular designs, and the trail is gripping. It starts from the wrists and ends at the ring finger.

The ring finger has a half-circle design, the index finger, and the middle finger has full circular patterns with dark strokes and dots.

The thumb and pinkie finger will have a half circle design with dots and strokes close to the nails.

Arabic Mehndi Design for the front side

This is a left-hand mehndi design front side of the hand. It has dark outlines on every design, and the artwork consists of petals, spirals, leaves, and swirly vines.

The design is appropriate for weddings and big events because it is an extravagant and fancy design.

You can do the same design on the backside of your hand, too, if you want.

Criss-Cross Mehndi Design

Another among the simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand front side is the criss-cross and check designs. The petals are also square-shaped due to the criss-cross and check patterns.

A lot of shading and filling is going on with these types of designs, and all the fingers have different artworks.

This is a perfect design for a wedding or big party.

Contemporary and Modern style

This is a design which is more modern and will suit a lot of outfits.

In the middle, there is a mandala which is beautiful and an attractive design on the middle finger. It has a lot of detailed work.

The design on the middle finger is mainly dark strokes and leaves, which are filled in.

A full circle mehndi design on both hands

This design is unique and different. It is a half-circle design on the one hand, so when you press both the hands together, it looks like a full circle.

There will be 2 to 3 circles, and each of them will have different patterns, such as leaves, petals, checks, and dots.

The Royal Arabic Mehndi

The name might make you think it is a complicated design, but it is very simple, and you need very little effort to make it. It is mainly paisleys which are filled with motifs, petals, spirals, flowers, and carving.

The artwork stretches from the wrist to the index finger, and the other fingers also have different design patterns.

Traditional clothes will mostly suit this mehndi, and it is mainly for weddings and big occasions.

The Spectacular flower artwork

These simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand where you can make a half or full flower design on the center. The paisleys in the artwork make the look more symmetrical.

This is a very simple design with no dark strokes, and the insides are also not filled in, so it is perfect for people who do not like heavy designs.

Also, it is good for someone who is wearing mehndi for the first time.

The wrist will have the flower stem; on the center of the hand will have the flower and stretches to the middle finger or index finger.

flower pattern

Peacocks and Paisleys Design

Peacock designs are traditional artwork that is mainly done on brides. The combination of paisleys and peacocks is unique and exceptional.

Your mehndi will get notice if you have a peacock design. Peacock artwork is a symbol of beauty in Indian culture and tradition.

The trail of the mehndi has dark strokes, filled on the inside, and has patterns like petals, lines, dots, and flowers.

On the center of the hand, the peacock is drawn and stretches to the index. The face of the peacock is faced towards the thumb.

Zig-Zags and Motifs mehndi artwork

These simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand have a trail and motifs crowns that look very photogenic.

There is a very little design on the wrist and on the palm has a lot of motifs, cross, petals, spirals, dots, and flowers.

Traditional outfits will look best with these types of designs and put a sleek bracelet.

How to make mehndi at home

You can buy mehndi from stores, and it is easily available. But if you want to make your mehndi, then you need few things that are stated below:

Step 1

You need a medium size plastic bowl and add ½ cup of henna powder which is sifted.

Sift henna is better as it will get rid of lumps and chucks so that the application process is smooth.

The color of the henna should be a mixture of green and brown. If it is browner, then it is old henna and will not have a good tint. More green means they added extra dye to make it look new and fresh.

If there is an extra henna powder left, then keep it in the refrigerator.

The amount is for a heavy design on one side of a hand; add more henna powder if you want to do it on both hands.

Step 2

Add ¼ cup of lemon to the bowl and mix it well. You can add more until the consistency is somewhat like a pudding.

Lemon juice should be added slowly as too much will make the paste runny, which will be difficult to apply.

Step 3

Add ½ teaspoon of essential oil and sugar. You can add any type of essential oil.

Adding these two ingredients will make the texture smooth and silky.

Step 4

Now, cover the bowl with plastic. Keep it like that for 24 hours at room temperature.

The henna will look a little bit thicker after a day.

Step 5

Once it is set, put the henna in the mehndi applicator. You can use a zip bag and a cap/tip (which is pointed end) from old glitter tubes.

Cut the corner of the bad and place the tip there.

Use cello tape to secure the tip around the zip bag.

You should use the henna instantly, or you can keep it in the refrigerator until it freezes.

Step 6

Wash your hand with soap and if it is still oily, then use rubbing alcohol.

If the hand is not, the dry application will be messy.

Now, keep the tip over the skin and be careful. Once the mehndi drops on your clothes, it will be difficult to recover the stain.

Step 7

After you are done with the design you want, let it dry. If the mehndi is cracking, that’s mean it is working.

Step 8

Once the mehndi is semi-dry, wrap your hand with a plastic bag. Keep this covered for 10 to 12 hours.

Step 9

After 12 hours, removed the plastic bag and used a mixture of oil and lemon in your hand. Please keep it for ten to 15 minutes.

You can use any oil you like.

Step 10

Now with just water, remove the flakes and blot the design.

At first, the color will appear a light shade of orange or brown. However, within 10 hours, it will look darker brown or reddish-brown.

Final thoughts

We hope you get your favorite mehndi design suggestion from this post. You will find everything from criss-cross designs to Arabic royal mehndi style.

If you want, you can even mix two or three different styles and make your custom design.

If you like any of the designs or plan to do it, let us know n the comment section below.

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