Spiritual Signs of Pregnancy That the Universe Is Giving You

spiritual signs of pregnancy

Spiritual signs of pregnancy can be challenging if you are not inclined toward this subject. However, if it comes naturally to you, embracing it is excellent. On the contrary, we are here to help out expecting moms who do not have a spiritual pregnancy and want to welcome one.

Spiritual Pregnancy

When a couple plans to conceive and have a baby, some signs can help them discover spiritual cues everywhere. Most women learn about their pregnancy only after a few weeks of conception. However, there must have been some spiritual signs of pregnancy that they missed.

As per a study, few spiritual pregnancy symptoms can confirm you are pregnant even before the weeks’ wait. The signs differ from person to person.

Something that can make you stop and wonder if the universe is telling you something. You start thinking about whether it was trying to indicate something or if there was anything special. Even though that may not have any significance, it became very significant for you at that very moment.

A study suggests some women start to notice signs of pregnancy while dreaming or in everyday life experiences in all different ways.

The signs can be very spontaneous. For instance, you can derive the signs according to what people tell you, what you see around you, or how you feel about yourself.

It can also be something you read in a book, magazine, newspaper, poster, or even online. The sign could be in any event from your everyday chores.

Spiritual signs of pregnancy in the form of dreams

Dreams are often your brain’s technique of processing data and attempting to solve the problems of your life. It is said that during pregnancy, women may experience more vivid dreams than usual. This is mainly due to hormonal fluctuations and physiological changes during pregnancy.

Some common dreams are as below:

Animal birth

As per a study, many psychotherapists believe that dreams of animal birth or newbies may give subtle clues and ideas about the feelings of pregnancy.

The dreams of cuddly animals or birthing may suggest the excitement of having a newborn. However, unsettling dreams can even reflect the anxiety of being pregnant.

Falling-out of teeth

Dreams about teeth falling out to symbolize a lack of power or control and even the insecurity associated. This may even mean you are not yet mentally prepared to have a child. The anxiety that your life is getting out of your hands as it is a life changing experience.


If you dream about swimming in a lake, an ocean, or even a pool with a baby, it symbolizes your desire and a maternal connection with the unborn child.

Forgetting the baby

Being a new parent isn’t easy. The brain keeps processing the feelings and emotions you have. The anxiety is preparing for the upcoming stages. These dreams prepare you for the new journey of unexpected scenarios.

Baby boy or girl

You may even dream about things that may reveal a baby’s gender. If you desire a baby boy, you’ll likely give birth to a male child and vice versa. However, at times, it is not so straightforward.


Now, drowning in your dream indicates the stress of being pregnant. It may also reflect the feeling of being overwhelmed with the pregnancy news.


If you dream of delivering, it is a clear spiritual sign of pregnancy. It simply means the baby is on its way to you, which is more common with women who have never gone through labor.

spiritual pregnancy symptoms

Signs from the universe about pregnancy

The spiritual signs of pregnancy can only be helpful when you notice them. There are times of standout moments of something very unusual that comes out of nowhere.

There’s a feeling inside that will be divine and different. These spiritual signs of pregnancy are often overlooked because they come from everyday life. However, these are things you need to patiently attend to as they are trying to tell you something special.

The universe shows and can reveal a lot of details about your pregnancy. Let’s find out how the sign of the universe works.

Month of conception

The first month of pregnancy is one of the most challenging signs to understand until you have a deep spiritual connection. However, the most amazing part is it can indicate your pregnancy month without any clinical test.

The universe can reveal your pregnancy phase and stage as well. It is mainly meant to show the delivery date and encourage the mother to embrace the pregnancy healthily.

Baby’s gender

The baby’s gender is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy for new parents. For instance, the name, shopping, or room décor depends on the baby’s gender.

The universe may play a significant role in this. Try looking for clues and following signs; it never fails. You will likely get the results as you connect with the universe.

There have been many studies on the spiritual sign of pregnancy, where the couple who are not expecting a baby but have dreamt about having one are eventually pregnant. Hence, the universe has the potential to sense your womb, even before the confirmation of a physical examiner.

Spiritual signs of pregnancy from God

God is the supreme power of creation and there are specific ways He communicates with the mother:


It might be a sign when everything you hear is about childbirth. This is one of the most evident signs that God also wants you to have a baby. If the childbirth testimonies interest you, it’s a sign of awakening motherhood.


Now, it is pretty common to discuss our daily lives with our friends and family. However, once you notice that all the major talk is about babies or people conceiving, it is a sign from God.

Dreams of baby products

There might be instances where you dream of getting baby products as gifts. This indicates that you have been blessed with fertility. God has given you the advantage of fertility, and it is time for you to utilize it. It is time to buy baby items on your own since you are about to get pregnant soon.


God has even access to your wishes. He can use them as a sign to communicate the arrival of your pregnancy.

Building a spiritual connection with the baby

Now that we know the spiritual signs of pregnancy, it is time to discover how you can connect with your child. Below are a few tips to make your child grow spiritually and form a connection even before birth:

Feeling the baby move

Feeling the baby’s movement inside the body is one of the most beautiful feelings that only women can experience. Once the pregnancy gets confirmed, try connecting with the baby through communication as they listen!

As per science, the mother can only feel the movement after five months. However, apart from providing blood and flesh, your body provides energy and emotion too to the child. Hence, connecting with the baby from the start is very important.

Try moving your hands around your belly. Imagine yourself connecting with the baby through your touch. It is magical how mothers can connect with their unborn children.


Meditation is one of the most potent ways to connect with your child. You are practicing it in a way to connect your unborn child. This will help in calming the mind and make the movement more profound.

Meditation has a lot of advantages that can help make a healthy lifestyle change. It is also considered to assist in maintaining your hormonal balance.


Did you know that music can also help connect you with your unborn child? Significantly, the binaural beats can help you in building a connection.

Along with binaural, you can also listen to any soothing music of your choice. Reading spiritual books is also very helpful for your reference. Also, this is not only for pleasure but also for the child’s betterment and spiritual development.


In India, “GarbhSanskar” is a ritual for expecting mothers. Spiritual signs of pregnancy are enormous, but it needs to be heard. Garbhsanskar helps to make the unborn child connect with spiritual qualities. Expecting mothers should try doing some spiritual activity regularly.


This is one of the most significant and easiest ways to connect with your unborn child. You can directly talk to your baby like they are there with you and listening while lying on your lap. The more you talk, the better the bond.

Managing emotional balance during pregnancy

Managing pregnancy isn’t easy; it comes with a lot of responsibility and sacrifices that a mother has to go through. It is tough to think positively when you are not mentally at peace.

Hence, for the welfare of the baby and yourself, you need to take care of your mental and physical health efficiently. Sleep and rest are essential for the expecting mother as they help keep the disturbing emotion in proportion.

A healthy diet is an essential part of pregnancy. Several mini-meals will keep the mother and baby full. Sugary foods, junk, and caffeine should be avoided at all times. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be stopped immediately, as it may harm the baby’s growth.

As per studies, moderate exercise will help keep your body and mind fit during pregnancy. General fitness is vital for your labor and the baby growing inside you.

Try getting yourself indulged in some activity to stay fit. However, you should avoid strenuous exercise or contact sports, especially if you were not active before you conceived.

Stop anything that gives you stress, and move away from things that cause the same. Find something you like doing, be it painting, planting, singing, or anything that gives you joy.

Deal with problems quickly, and don’t overthink because you need to focus on your health and no one else. Always consult your doctor or the midwife for any clarification.

Experiencing the best emotion

Motherhood is beautiful; enjoy this period. These nine months are one of the most important life-changing events, so prepare for a fantastic roller-coaster ride.

Limit the time you spend thinking over your unimportant concerns, and give yourself ample rest because you need to focus on the unborn baby and enjoy being pregnant.

It would be best to recognize the difference between mental disturbance and pregnancy emotions. Since many changes are happening in your body, it might sometimes be very frustrating. Women can experience mental health problems with pregnancy, which need mere attention.

Always reach out for help from your family or friends. Try talking and opening up. Bottled emotions are always harmful to you and your baby. It is even suggested to speak to a therapist if required.

Be mindful of everything you do. Many expectant mothers should acquire mindful practices and engage in something they enjoy doing. Using mindful techniques will give you a break from worrying, which improves your mood and helps in seeing things with a clearer vision and perspective.

There are many journals that pre-mums are following nowadays to diarise their life events in a fun way. This activity will not only give you memories but also nurture the pregnancy period.

spiritual pregnancy symptoms

Final thoughts

Writing down your thoughts can also be a calming activity. It will make you put your heart out and feel lighter. Penning your emotions and remembering them can help you better manage stress.

Women are consistently more spiritually indulged and sensitive compared to men. With pregnancy, they become all the more connected to spirituality and inner peace.

Therefore, if you are expecting, learn to nurture and trust your instincts as a mother. Look out and understand the spiritual signs that the universe is trying to communicate.

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