Spring Decorating Trends for Your At-Home Wedding

Spring Decorating Trends for Your At-Home Wedding

Spring is a lovely time of year for weddings. Everything blooms and the weather warms up to the perfect temperature, so you can spend time inside or outside during your ceremony. Brides also know that you can capture the beauty of spring anywhere, so they’re choosing to host their weddings at home.

You may be wondering how to invite guests to your home and have a wonderful wedding. Thankfully, you don’t need to increase your budget. When you get creative and work with the space you have, you can transform any room or yard into a wedding-worthy venue.

Check out these spring decorating trends for your at-home wedding that will make your planning process easier. Use these simple tips to find the right decor elements that will make your home feel like the most elegant venue in town.

1. Pick a Color Palette

Picking your color palette is the first step to decorating any space for a wedding. The colors you choose will guide every decision, from linens to flowers. Play around with different shades to see what looks nice together, like pastel pinks and dark greens.

Once you know which colors you’ll use in your wedding, think about weaving them into traditional home decor. Your guests will wander around your porch, living room and hallways, so take advantage of the decorations in those spaces. Find couch pillows, throw blankets and even picture frames in your wedding colors so the entire house matches your ceremony. 

2. Decorate With Faux Plants

When the weather starts to warm up, you might feel tempted to put on your gardening gloves and grow indoor plants. Whether or not you have a green thumb, you can bring spring into your home with faux varieties. Find high-quality flowers and garlands to decorate for your wedding without worrying about any of it wilting. Take advantage of this popular spring decor feature by getting your faux plants early and playing around with their placement.

3. Remember Your Kitchen

You might need to use your kitchen as the reception room or cocktail hour buffet, so don’t leave it out of the wedding decor. Show off dish towels and plates that match your wedding vision. Place vases full of flowers around the room or hang streamers to make it feel festive. 

4. Focus on Your Reception Tables

Before everyone eats together, you’ll need to decorate your reception tables. Set them up for you and your spouse, your guests and even your gifts. Little things like candles or battery-operated tea lights will make your table decor stand out and feel extra special for your big day.

5. Use Mood Lighting

The proper lighting makes any venue feel ready for a wedding, so look into your lighting options by getting creative with things like lanterns and candles. Hang string lights in your backyard for a dreamy evening reception if you want your guests to spend time outside. 

Go With What You Love

No matter where you host your wedding, go with the decorating ideas you love. The right lighting, reception decorations and color palettes will pull your big day together so you can enjoy every moment.

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