The Terrible Truth about Grinding your teeth

The Terrible Truth about Grinding your teeth

Grinding: Scientific term Temporomandibular disorder also known as Bruxism or common word TMJ.


This is one of the most diagnosed conditions in dentistry today and leads to

4 complications that costs thousands of dollars and ultimately loss of teeth in the long term

1: Premature treatment of root canals

2: Dental Crowns unnecessary

3: Extreme pain from ear to jaw

4: Headaches and throbbing pain every day


Many patients complain to their dentists of tooth ache in an upper or lower jaw or often both. This leads to extensive X-rays and findings of no significance. Patient returns to dentist and

Again complaints of tooth ache and pain.

The greatest error begins as the arduous process of Root canal treatment start , from tooth to tooth as patient wakes up morning after morning in pain.

In truth we have seen patients walk in our door who have had entire upper and lower jaw with root canals chasing the removal of the elusive pain


First of all the unnecessary root canal treatments lead to a weakened tooth and ultimately a  dental crown which lead to weakened enamel.

What is the tell tale sign of a Bruxism patient? The most immediate sign is a flattening of the molars worn smooth from continuous grinding in the middle of the night. Patients with brux also tend to grind whilst driving and this In turn leads to added exposure to side effects of TMJ disorder.


What is the treatment for TMJ?

The ultimate treatment for Bruxism or TM disorder is either a custom made bite plate which your dentist makes from dental mouth impressions taken in the dental chair. A customised appliance which prevents the patient from grinding at nights whilst they sleep. The cost in Australia is $380 to $900 and at Dental Implant Placements Perth the complete cost is $380 from start to finish

The cost may vary from dentist to dentist and you could call around in order to price the customised

TMJ sleeping Bite plate or opt for a pharmacy bought version which would cost $9.99 over the counter . Not as comfortable but better than not wearing an appliance at all.


What happens if I break the plate?

It can be repaired for a minimal cost from the dentist who manufactured it


As a Naturopath and dissertation in TMJ disorder alongside marriage to a Dental Implant surgeon

Tess Nunes has continued interest in Bruxism and the prevention of tooth wear and tear.

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