Types of Nose Piercings and Which One Is Most Common

Types of Nose Piercings and Which One Is Most Common

Types of nose piercings ideas will help you have a glance at a variety of options you have before pricking your nose!

If you don’t have the proper idea about different types of nose piercing, this discussion will help you.

Don’t get us wrong; we are all in for experiments and looks that can make you transform. But experiments have the potential to make or break. So, if you do not get it right, it might falter big time!

So, this is why you need to step forward before considering every aspect, positive and negative. It would be better if you decide to enhance your looks by playing it safe.

When it comes to playing, you might consider nose piercing. It will give you a brand new look without messing with your face.

Nose piercings will go on to be your best friend if you are so much into wearing different types of jewelry. Nose piercing allows you to select the right jewelry for your nose. So, your lifelong desire to get a variety of tiny jewelry pieces could finally be fulfilled this way.

Your body is yours, and you can decide what to do with it. Piercing is the right option if you feel that you need a new look sooner or later. Ear piercings are already quite popular all over the globe, and you may feel them if you look around you.

But, we must admit that nose piercings were not popular among folks until now. It was popular in third-world countries, and women loved to decorate their noses with stuff like pins or studs.

That being said, there is absolutely no doubt that these days no trends have geographical boundaries. If the trend is acceptable, it doesn’t need long to scatter all over the globe.

Types of Nose Piercings and Which One Is Most Common

That’s what happened with nose piercings too. Previously, western people did not like the idea of doing something rash to their noses. They thought that only ancient people used to do it.

But now, times have changed dramatically. Piercing is now a cool activity on their bodies, noses, or ears.

We are here to talk about different types of nose piercings. But, before that, we want to introduce you to it in case your knowledge about nose piercings is quite limited.

Read the following section, and you won’t have any doubts about nose piercings.

An introduction to nose piercing types

First of all, nose piercings mean to pierce through the nose area so that one can wear jewelry in it. Most of us, especially women, have an experience with ear piercing. So, nose piercing types will not be unfamiliar to us. However, note that some types of piercings nose can be painful.

There are several types of nose piercings, as you already know. We will discuss all that in the next sections of the article. But you need to select the appropriate type for you, so you don’t feel uncomfortable later on.

When talking about nose piercings, we must talk about how much money you have to spend.

The amount varies from place to place, as well as exactly what kind of piercing you choose. Not to mention the cost of jewelry you have selected to wear. That’s because you can’t pierce your nose and not wear a nose pin or something.

Get ready to spend 50 to 100 dollars to get a nice piercing. The amount could be more or less according to the service you will get.

Why should you consider piercing your nose

We wrote earlier that nose piercings have been in trend for some time now. Not to mention, the process is universal. Regardless of your gender, you can decide to get one.

But, some people from different countries believe that there are quite a few privileges you might get if you pierce your nose. Most Indian women pierce their noses and wear nose pins to symbolize their marital status. In ancient Egypt, their king wore these nose rings to symbolize their social status and holiness.

Regardless of these beliefs, you can wear nose studs to express your enhanced fashion sense and elevate your look.

Nose piercing procedure step by step

For starters, finding a good salon with a good environment should be your top priority. It would help if you were affirmative that they are using safe products in you. Otherwise, you might have an infection easily.

Now, let’s see which procedures you must go through before you can wear nice jewelry on your nose.

Step 1

Your expert will wear a pair of gloves, and he will disinfect the exact surface where you want to do the piercing. This step is quite important as it eliminates the chance of bacterial growth.

Step 2

Before going to the saloon, think again and again before selecting the particular area. That’s because once the procedures are done, there is no going back. You better think all over before coming over to the parlor.

After you or your expert decides on the perfect area to pierce, it’s time to mark the area for the perfect piercing. This step is important too, as if it goes wrong, the whole procedure can too!

Step 3

This step is the most important of all, and that’s because now is the time to do the actual piercing. Some experts use guns to pierce through the skin. But these days, they normally prefer what we know as hollow needles.

This way, the chance of getting infected could be quite reduced, and not to mention the pain is minimal when using a hollow needle.

Now that the piercing process is done, it’s time for you to take care of it. You must be more careful than ever to keep that area safe. Sanitize your hands before you touch the area.

There might be some pimples or acne appearance to fight with. But that’s normal. Use the saline solution to cleanse the pierced area daily to avoid further infection.

Types of Nose Piercings and Which One Is Most Common

Different types of nose piercings

Just because you are piercing your nose, that doesn’t mean that the piercing should be limited to only the nostrils. You can do whatever piercings you like because of the options. So, let’s check them out:

Austin Bar piercing

Austin Bar nose piercings are one of a kind, and not many people do it as they can’t bear the pain it normally causes. You can go for this one if you are fine with ordering something off the menu.

In this type of piercing, bar jewelry is inserted right through the end of your nose. But you don’t need to worry much as your septum and nostril remain safe as houses. You need two to three months before getting over the fact that you have an Austin Bar piercing.

Septril piercing

Septril piercing is not uncommon among people too. But we tell you, this looks dope on everyone. Though the procedure might not be the simplest, you can give it a shot.

Septril piercing is an elaborated process of Septum piercing you will read about later on. That’s why the procedure might give you a hard time.

Bridge Nose piercing

As the name itself suggests, the piercing is exactly that. The bridge of your nose is exactly the area where the piercing process is done. This piercing enhances the look of your nose and adds a new shine to your eyes.

That being said, this kind of piercing is not everyone’s cup of tea. One could get infected easily in case the professional is not being careful. But this particular piercing has similarities to Austin Bar piercing. Just the area is slightly different in this one.

Rhino piercing

Rhino piercing is just for you if you want to do something different and still want to be the talk of the town. It didn’t get much attention in the past, but now it is winning people over.

The piercing is somewhat similar to what the nose of a rhino looks like. The name itself is quite befitting here. Not many people have the guts to get this done! If you are really a daredevil, this one will be something that can make you stand out.

Nasallang piercing

You can’t tell the difference between a Nasallang piercing and an Austin Bar piercing, but they are different. The procedure area is different, as well as the recovery time.

These types of nose piercings, too, are universal. Generally, they use a hollow needle to get this done.

High nostril piercing

This kind of piercing might not be the easiest to deal with. As you already realize, piercing is not done in the traditional area. The location is slightly above the previous ones, which makes it different.

Multiple Nostril piercing

Multiple Nostril piercing is pretty simple compared to the other piercing procedures. The name suggests that more than two dents are involved in the nostrils, which is true.

In which nostril you want to do two dents or more, that’s for you to decide. You can choose a pattern so that it looks good on you. These piercings generally don’t take a toll on you, and that’s a relief!

Nostril piercing

Most people generally want to play safe and do a simple, uncomplicated Nostril piercing. You can’t go wrong with a nostril piercing with little pain.

If you think about the beliefs of the Hindu religion, they say that if you pierce your left nostril, it would be good for you. As a woman, it brings them fertility and a less hectic menstruation circle.

Septum piercing

You might know about Septum piercing as most people prefer this one. More importantly, you have to give time for the pierced area to recover completely. It would be best if you give it at least 6 months for nose piercings. But the exact time could vary on what kind of piercings you have.

Septum types of nose piercings

As we said before, septum types of nose piercings are the best. But before selecting this kind of procedure, find an expert who knows all about it.

Moreover, you will have an option to play with your looks in case these types of piercings are your preference. You can mix and match your nose accessories so that your look doesn’t become quite predictable.

Again, we are not saying for sure that you won’t feel any pain. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to have a piercing anywhere in your body and not feel anything. But the amount of pain, in this case, is quite bearable.

No matter your face shape, you will look good with these types of nose piercings. Maybe that’s why more and more people choose this one.

Best nose piercing type

The most common and convenient option is having one of the septum types of nose piercings. It is easily to do, comparatively painless, and is ideal for regular looks.

Types of Nose Piercings and Which One Is Most Common

Final thoughts

Now that we have covered nearly every topic about various types of nose piercings, it’s time to end the discussion.

But, before that, here are our final thoughts on nose piercings.

First of all, you should always go to an experienced professional to pierce your nose. That’s a priority. An experienced professional knows better about which kind of piercing will do the job for you.

Secondly, regardless of what people say about the pain because of nose piercings, you never know how it will feel on your skin. In case you are not the one who can easily bear the pain, think again before deciding.

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