What Are the Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health and Beauty

What are the benefits of aloe vera

Aloe vera is a super emerging plant that can provide you with several benefits. So, if you wish to avail the benefits of aloe vera juice, start including this super drink into your diet. But it can be baffling to select the best aloe vera juice. However, with all the tips given below, you are sure to have chosen the best easily. Hang in there to know everything about the super aloe vera juice!

What is aloe vera juice?

Before we get into how the benefits of aloe vera juice affect your health, let us check out everything about it.

Aloe vera is a succulent species of plant that belongs to the Aloe genus. You will find them growing in abundance in tropical climates. Over the years, this succulent plant has been in use for several medicinal purposes.

You will find the aloe vera juice to have a thick and gooey consistency that you can obtain from the aloe vera plant leaf flesh. It can be a great go-to to cure sunburns and several other skin problems.

However, if you are thinking about how the juice affects your health, well, the list is never-ending.

Are you wondering how to make aloe vera juice? Well, it is easy to make at home. But if you are short of time, you can get the best aloe vera juice readily available in the market.

The juice of aloe vera is basically made by grinding or crushing the whole leaf of the plant. The thick consistency has to go through several processes like filtering and purifying. It possesses a tolerable and mild taste that suits well into several shakes and smoothies. But if you are not an ardent fan of the aloe vera juice taste, you can always obtain its benefits from supplements.

Now that we have given you a brief on aloe vera juice.  Let us check out the wonders it does to your health overall!

What are the benefits of aloe vera

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

Selecting the best aloe vera juice can be a difficult task. But once you are sure about its potentiality, you can always avail of its vast benefits.

The health benefits of aloe vera juice are as follows:

Helps in hydration

You will find the aloe vera plant to be water-dense. So, it is natural that it will keep your body hydrated. When you treat hydration, your body tends to start detoxification. So, you can easily flush or purge out all the impurities from your body.

More so, the juice is full of many more nutrients that can help in your body’s organ optimization.

Your body requires this hydration regularly because the liver and kidneys can detoxify the blood and flush it out through urine. So, it becomes essential for you to keep your organs in good health.

If you have heavy workout sessions, your body requires an extra boost of fluids. It is essential because you can then remove the lactic acid that builds up during exercising. When you compare the benefits of aloe vera juice vs. coconut water, the latter proves to be less potent.

Improves liver functionality

The benefits of aloe vera juice for the liver are immense. As you already know, aloe vera juice helps in hydration, so it can help in flushing out all the impurities from your body. So, you can start including aloe vera juice and be sure it nourishes and keep it hydrated. Moreover, aloe vera juice contains loads of phytonutrients that help in your liver’s functioning ideally.

Helps in constipation

When you drink the best aloe vera juice, you are increasing the water content in the intestines. Several types of research show that when you increase the intestine water content, it starts peristalsis stimulation. In this way, you can pass stool easily.

So, if you are someone who suffers from constipation and has difficulty in stool passing, start including aloe vera juice into your diet.

It will not only help you pass the stool but has other benefits too. It normalizes the bacteria inside your gut that keeps your intestinal flora in sync.

Keeps skin healthy

The benefits of aloe vera for skin are vast. You can get glowing, flawless, and supple skin by drinking aloe juice. It helps in reducing the appearance and frequency of acne. More so, you can also treat dermatitis and psoriasis by having aloe vera juice.

You will find aloe vera to contain loads of vitamins and antioxidants. All these nutrients help in keeping your skin supple and hydrated. More so, aloe vera also helps neutralize the effects of UV radiation and repairs the skin if you have existing ultraviolet radiation damage. Also, you can keep away from wrinkles and fines by consuming aloe vera juice regularly.

What are the benefits of aloe vera

It gives the body a nutrition boost

You will find aloe vera juice to be loaded with nutrients. So, once you start drinking this super drink, you don’t worry about being deficient in specific nutrients. You can get minerals and vitamins like folic acid, vitamin C, B, and E from aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera juice also contains traces of:

  • Copper
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium

You can also get B complex vitamins all from aloe vera. So, it is indeed great for people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet plan. Once you keep your diet complete, you are sure to keep yourself away from several health complications.

Help to reduce heartburn

You can drink aloe vera juice and relieve yourself from several health complications. It keeps you away from the discomfort you get from heartburn. Are you wondering how? Well, the aloe vera juice contains specific compounds that help in controlling stomach acid secretion. More so, you can even prevent and stop the enlargement of gastric ulcers by having aloe vera juice.

Keeps your digestive system healthy

The benefits of aloe vera juice fall on your digestive health too. Since aloe vera possesses various enzymes that help break down the fats and sugars, your digestive system can run smoothly.

When your body’s digestion does not happen properly, it means the food you are having is not absorbing all its nutrients. So, it is essential to keep your internal organs healthy to get all dietary benefits.

You can also decrease any intestine or stomach irritation by consuming aloe vera. You can cure several inflammatory problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by having aloe vera juice.

A study was done in 2013 on 33 patients who suffered from IBS. They were given aloe vera juice, and it showed positive results in curing their discomfort and pain. But the study was incomplete as they were having a placebo. So, there is more research required in this regard. People who have ulcerative colitis can also cure themselves by having aloe vera.

Benefits of Aloe Vera on Face Overnight

Beauty hacks

The benefits of aloe vera juice are on beauty hacks too. You can keep the aloe vera juice at home for several health and beauty requirements.

Here are the following ways to use aloe vera juice:

  • Use it before foundation as a makeup primer.
  • Apply it on cotton to remove your makeup
  • It can be in use to soothe sunburns.
  • It acts as a lightweight moisturizer.
  • You can treat your irritated or dry scalp using aloe vera juice. Add in peppermint oil drops.

Aloe vera juice side effects

As we come to the end of the benefits of aloe vera juice, let see its side effects. A study was done in 2013 on mice. They were given the concentrations of decolorized and purified aloe vera juice. The study went on for three months and showed no side effects on the mice.

Here are the following aloe vera juice side effects:

Decolorized vs. Colored aloe juice

When you consume unpurified and colored aloe vera juice, you are sure to have cramping and diarrhea. More so, it can lead to electrolyte imbalances, severe pain, and dehydration.

Some researchers conclude that it can affect a laxative- anthraquinone when you consume unpurified aloe vera juice.

Anthraquinone is a leaf that is present in the aloe vera plant. It is an organic compound, but it is toxic and must not be included in the diet.

A study done in 2013 shows that consuming the aloe vera whole leaf extract can increase the chances of carcinomas and adenomas in rats. But another study showed positive results by consuming decolorized and purified aloe vera juice. It is a safer option than colored or unpurified aloe vera.

Interacts with drugs

Aloe vera juice does interact with several medicines. If you are on medicines that contain CYP2D6 or Cytochrome P450 3A4, avoid aloe vera juice. It will increase the chances of side effects of the drugs.

Aloe vera may even affect sevoflurane that may increase bleeding when you are going through surgery. So, if you are consuming sevoflurane, take the advice before having aloe vera juice.

Tips to Choose the Best Aloe Vera Juice

Now that you know the benefits of aloe vera juice and its side effects, you must wisely choose the juice. And to do that, we are here with the potential tips that will help you select the best aloe vera juice.

Here are the following tips for choosing the best aloe vera juice:

Check out the contents of the product

Where is the aloe vera juice produced? Check out if the product you are buying is organic or not. Then check if it is unfiltered, cold-pressed, and unpasteurized.

  • Check out what the aloe vera juice possesses. See if it contains on the inner gel or the outer part. That is because it will affect the fiber content and palatability of the juice.
  • Look for the ingredient used to dilute the aloe vera juice if it contains water or any other liquid. Also, check out the percentage levels to know how much aloe vera is present in the product. Try to choose the one that contains 99.9% of aloe vera or more.
  • Don’t forget to see what the other ingredients of the product contain. Some of the things you need to look for are thickeners, flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • Check on the shelf life of the product is. You will find products that tell you it is good for two to four weeks are considered potential aloe vera juice. But if the product has a longer shelf life, it is sure to possess several preservatives.

Keep your senses active while selecting the aloe vera juice

  • Check what the texture feels like of the aloe vera juice. See if it has a smooth or lumpy gel in the liquid. The ideal texture you would want to select is clumpy and juicy.
  • Select the color of the aloe vera juice. Check out if it contains a pale and light color. The ones that have a distinct color are sure they contain added colors.
  • Many bottles tend to mention the taste in the label of the bottle. Some of them have a tart and bitter taste. If the product contains the outer rind, then you can be sure it will be bitter!

Check out the packaging of the aloe vera juice:

  • Check out the packaging of the aloe vera juice:
  • Always go for the packaging that has a glass bottle. It is always best to keep away from any plastic packaging.
  • Don’t forget to check the color of the glass bottle. If it has a dark color, then it is to protect oxidation, light, and heat.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of all the benefits of aloe vera juice, it is time you start visiting the grocery store. If you are not comfortable visiting the grocery store with the ongoing pandemic, you can always buy the product online.

But remember to check out the tips we have mentioned above to buy the best aloe vera juice. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you can make aloe vera juice too. However, if you are on medications, speak with your doctor before consuming the juice.

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