What Foods Make Hair Grow Quicker, Longer, and Healthier

What Foods make Hair Grow Quicker

Who does not like long, beautiful, and persistent hair? People are possessive about their hair and try very hard to keep it healthy. Bad or slow hair growth can be for several factors. It can be age, genetics, nutrient deficiencies, hormones, pre-existing ailments, and more. Another vital factor that affects your hair growth is foods. What you consume reflects on your hair directly! So, it is essential you avoid the foods that cause hair loss, instead consume the ones that enhance growth. And to help you in the best way, we will tell you what foods make hair grow quicker! Keep scrolling, and you’ll be in complete amazement looking at the foods list for hair growth!

What Foods make Hair Grow Quicker

When you consume the right foods, it affects your hair growth drastically. It is proven scientifically and suggests to keep away from foods that cause hair loss.

Once you curate a proper diet chart for hair growth, you will notice the difference in your hair in no time. It will affect not only your hair growth but also thickness, smoothness, and fizziness. You can also prevent the chances of early greying.

So, now let us quickly check out what foods make hair grow quicker:

Almond butter

One of the most nutritious foods is almond butter. It is rich in vitamins, protein, and healthy fats. All of which keep your hair healthy overall.

The presence of vitamin E present in almond butter is responsible for making your hair grow faster and also makes your hair lustrous and thick.

Studies released in the Tropical Life Sciences Research showed that consuming 100 mg of almond butter can boost 34% of hair growth.

You can consume around one tbsp of almond butter regularly, and be sure to supply yourself with vitamin E – 3.87 mg. The daily recommended requirement for vitamin E is 15 mg. Thus, having one tablespoon of almond butter can increase your daily intake by a lot.

However, if you are not keen on having almond butter, you can always consume almonds. It is one food for healthy hair and skin!


If you are looking for what foods make hair grow quicker, you cannot miss out on tangerines. The goodness it provides your hair is massive.

Tangerines contain high amounts of vitamin C in them which makes your body absorb iron easily. Two more foods that help your body in absorbing iron are spinach and red meat.

When you are deficient in iron, it is evident that you are going to have potential hair fall and slow hair growth. The Journal of Korean Medical Science mentioned a study saying that iron deficiency is closely linked to hair fall.

So, apart from consuming iron-rich foods, you need to consume vitamin C foods. It enhances the capability of your body to absorb iron better.


Omega-3 fatty acids have several benefits, and you get these nutrients in abundance in salmon. It can help you reduce inflammation that are the main reasons you get hair fall.

Apart from salmons, foods like flaxseeds, walnuts, and chia seeds are rich omega-3 fatty acids sources.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce hair falls and also boosts hair growth. The nutrient potentially keeps you away from several diseases and helps to maintain a fit body. Both of these are essential when you are thinking about fast hair growth.

Female and male balding are results of being insulin resistant. So, when you consume salmon, your body can help in processing the insulin much better.

More so, fatty fishes like salmon contain loads of vitamin D in them. Studies show that when you consume adequate amounts of vitamin D, your hair follicles grow better. You can reduce bald patches and hair thinning – both by consuming salmon.


Leafy greens are always the best source of minerals, vitamins, and many more beneficial nutrients. It not only boosts hair growth but also keep you healthy overall.

Spinach has lots of iron, vitamin D, protein, and magnesium present in it. So, it helps in boosting your sebum production. Moreover, the lack of any nutrients can lead to falling. But when you consume spinach, it provides you with almost all the nutrients essential for hair growth.


When you are searching for what foods make hair grow quicker, eggs are a must inclusion. Eggs contain biotin – 10 micrograms that is a B vitamin that helps nail and hair growth. Foods like salmon, almonds, and avocadoes also contain the B vitamin-biotin.

Moreover, eggs provide you with a lot of vitamin D too, which is essential to make hair grow faster. One egg contains around 11% of your daily vitamin D intake. The Stem Cells Translational Medicine journal states that vitamin D helps in the new growth of hair follicles. That implies that you can have new development through the recently grown follicles. All of which means you can make your hair thicker and stop hair-thinning while aging.

Greek yogurt

Perhaps the Greek statue has wavy and thick hair because of Greek yogurt consumption? It may be true as other cultures, and Greek people have been consuming yogurt for centuries.

Greek yogurt possesses loads of vitamin B5 that is also called pantothenic acid. It also contains many more B vitamins. So, it becomes apparent that you can get thick shinier and healthier hair consuming Greek yogurt. Don’t miss out on Greek yogurt when you are making the diet chart for hair growth!


You can vouch on oats as a complete food. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, fiber, and iron. All these nutrients can help in making your hair grow faster. More so, all the nutrients present mentioned above can make your hair smooth and bring back luster too.


What foods make hair grow quicker? Is that what you’ve been searching for? Well, if you have mentioned tangerines in your diet chart for hair growth, you cannot miss guavas.

Guavas is a rich source of vitamin C. This nutrient can boost hair growth and help in iron absorption.

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology published a study showing that vitamin C supplements helped women stop hair thinning. It also showed substantial growth of hair!

Many people think that oranges contain the most amount of vitamin C. But this notion is wrong! Guavas contain more than five times vitamin C than oranges.


You can have lentils for hair and your health overall. It is a high source of folic acid that helps your body produce red blood cells. The production of red blood cells is crucial as it carries oxygen to all your bodily organs, including your scalp and skin.


In case you notice that you are having tremendous hair fall and thinning, it may be because of the lack of zinc. When you are deficient in zinc, your hair begins to fall.

Research shows that zinc deficiency and hair fall are closely linked together. The Dermatology Research and Practice journal conducted a study that when you consume 5 mg of zinc in each kg of your body weight, alopecia patients saw a significant hair growth.

So, to boost up the zinc intake, you can start consuming oysters. With only six pieces of oysters, you can get 30 mg of zinc. That is equivalent to double to amount of your daily zinc intake. Foods like beans and meat also contain high amounts of zinc in them.


When you have iron deficiency, it can cause hair fall problems. Spinach, other leafy greens, pasta, fortified grains, lentils, and soybeans are rich iron sources.

Even though the liver may not be among the most appealing foods, they are great for your hair. Livers are a slice of organ meat that contains iron abundantly. So, try to develop the palate and be sure your hair to have volume growth.


When you have oxidative stress, it can lead to having an unhealthy scalp and cause excessive hair fall. So, you must provide your body with antioxidants. It keeps the scalp and body happy. And to do that, blueberries are at your rescue. They are not only a great source of antioxidants but also a potential fruit that keeps you healthy. Proanthocyanins and vitamin B are the antioxidants present in blueberries. When you are making the diet chart for hair growth, don’t miss out on blueberries!


Barley is high in vitamin E. The effects of barley on your hair are similar to almond butter. It boosts hair growth and also reduces the chances of hair fall. So, if you are curating the list of what foods make hair grow quicker, never leave out on barley!


The Dermatology Practical & Conceptual journal showed that when are have a deficiency in alpha-linolenic acid (a type of omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (a type of omega-6 fatty acid), you can get hair fall. It can not only be your scalp hair but also your eyebrows. So, you can prevent such a condition by consuming walnuts. That is because both alpha-linolenic and linolenic are present in walnuts.


Carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene. It is converted into vitamin A in your body that stimulate your scalp’s glands and produce sebum. Are you wondering what sebum is? Well, it is an oily liquid that keeps your moist and reduces dull and dry hair.

Apart from carrots, you can consume foods like pumpkins, mangoes, cantaloupe, and sweet potatoes. All these orange-colored foods are rich in beta-carotene that potentially brings back the lost sheen to your hair!

Shiitake Mushroom

Another key ingredient to keep your keratin fiber healthy is copper says the Dermatologic Clinics report. When you have a proper copper supply, it keeps the natural hair color intact and prevents greying.

When you consume one cup of shiitake mushrooms cooked, you are getting 1299 micrograms of copper. So, it meets up to more than 145% of your daily recommended intake for copper. Apart from shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds and seaweed are rich copper sources.


Red blood cell production is exceptionally crucial for your body. It supplies oxygen to all your body organs and keeps you in perfect health.

Chickpeas are a rich source of folate. So, it is natural that chickpeas can boost red blood cell production that can promote hair growth!


Spirulina contains loads of copper, magnesium, and protein. So, when consuming this bluish-greenish algae, you can provide yourself with all the nutrients essential for your hair growth. You will find spirulina grow in salty lakes and oceans where there is a subtropical climate.


You will find marmite to be a type of spread. You will require yeast extract to produce this. It is a rich source of folic acid. It is an Australian product that contains around folic acid – 100 micrograms from each tablespoon.

CDC suggests women consume folic acid – 400 micrograms regularly to keep them healthy.

Peanut butter

Vitamin E is not only good for your skin but hair too. It boosts hair growth, prevents hair fall, and helps in bring back luster to the hair. So, adding peanut butter can have similar effects to almond butter. Remember to consume nut butter in moderate amounts to avoid weight gaining effect as all nut butter is high in calories.

Final Thoughts

Now we come to the end of the list of what foods make hair grow quicker! You can curate the diet chart for hair loss well with all the foods we have mentioned above.

Consuming foods like processed, junk, and oily foods can lead to hair fall. Even the consumption of alcohol can be a reason for hair loss. So, it is best to consume these foods in minimal amounts if you want to keep your hair healthy.

Apart from maintaining a proper diet chart, remember to take care of your hair. Regular oiling, shampooing, and conditioning are crucial to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

You do not have to invest much in professional treatments. Try out a few homemade hair masks to give your hair the perfect nourishment. So, start looking after your diet and try out the homemade hair masks, and you will see magical results in no time!

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