What Happened to No-Ad Sunscreen and Was It Discontinued?

What Happened to No-Ad Sunscreen and Was It Discontinued?

Let’s find out what happened to no-ad sunscreen if this is a brand you tried before or wanted to.

No-ad sunscreen is a famous sunscreen brand. It is in the headlines because people are worried that No-ad sunscreen will no longer exist.

The No-ad lotion is a super-effective sunscreen that provides 45 SPF skin protection. The sunscreen blocks harmful UB and UV rays from penetrating and damaging the skin.

It is also rich in Vitamin E and essential antioxidants that help skin recover and replenish. No-ad sunscreen also prevents premature aging of the skin.

No-ad sunscreen is a part of many people’s routines. That is why suddenly hearing about its discontinuation might surprise people. So, what happened to No-ad sunscreen?

That is what people are wondering about. Has it been discontinued? Nothing is concerning. No-ad has not been stopped.

It is still operating, but the products are harder to purchase. Its parent company has been sold to another company, which has created some availability problems.

But this doesn’t mean that there will be no No-ad sunscreen. You can still find them online on various merchant platforms.

What happened to no-ad sunscreen?

What happened to no ad sunscreen? Nothing that concerns the customers. The people who usually buy this product might have noticed a lack or shortage of availability.

That might have led them to wonder about what happened to No-ad sunscreen. No-ad sunscreen is still in production.

You don’t have to worry about not getting another No-ad product. But there are some supply issues due to the change in management.

No-ad Sunscreen was a part of Sun & Skin Care Research LLC. they sold this company to a Canadian company. The base of the operations is moving from Florida to Georgia.

This is why some people are facing a shortage of this product in retail shops. But don’t worry! You can still buy your favorite sunscreen online. It is available on Amazon, and you can get it from there.

It is hard to get over a brand you have been using for a long time. Once that brand suits your needs and becomes trustworthy, it is harder to let go of that.

The process of finding another brand that has similar properties as the brand you love is arduous. So, don’t worry; no-ad sunscreen is here to stay.

What Happened to No-Ad Sunscreen and Was It Discontinued?

No-ad sunscreen brand and products

No-ad sunscreen has been in operation since 1962. This makes the brand old and reliable.

Many generations have grown up using this lotion.

This is why No-ad sunscreen is so popular with people. It is an American brand and primarily operates within the country.

The lotion has a remarkable 45 SPF, which is excellent for obstructing the sun’s harmful rays from reaching the skin.

Not only this, but the lotion is also full of essential antioxidants that keep the skin nourished. So, what happened to no-ad sunscreen?

Its parent company is sold to a new company, and the base of operations is shifting. That is causing some temporary shortages of the product. However, you can still get it online.

In some online reports, it is mentioned that the product was discontinued in 2020. But it is going to be re-launched again. The date is not fixed.

But so far as you are concerned, you can buy the product online. Many people are buying it from Target and Amazon. You might not find them in local stores.

But there is a chance that you’ll find it online.

Why do people like the product?

Noad sunscreen has rich antioxidants and Vitamin E. These are essential for good skin health. No-ad sunscreen has some vital active ingredients that boost the sunscreen.

Some active ingredients are homosalate, avobenzone, octocrylene, octisalate, and oxybenzone.

Many inactive ingredients include carbomer, acrylates copolymer, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, and tocopheryl acetate or Vitamin E with water.

All of these ingredients and more make Noad sunscreen a hit sunscreen! The key components serve a specific purpose in the lotion.

The focus is on antioxidants, soothing properties, sunscreen properties, and skin-identical ingredients. In that latter’s case, it is glycerine.

Avobenzone is an essential ingredient in lotion. It provides the best kind of protection from UV rays.

The element is also the gold standard globally. The peak protection is 360nm.

UVA1 and UVA2 are harmful rays, and avobenzone protects the skin from them effectively. You must reapply sunscreen after an hour or so if you are outside.

Sunscreen loses its UV absorption capacity in an hour or so. So that is why you need to replenish. But no ad sunscreen works wonderfully in these circumstances, and you can reapply it after an hour or so.

What Happened to No-Ad Sunscreen and Was It Discontinued?

No-ad sunscreen discontinued

Yes, the product was discontinued in 2020. But the discontinuation didn’t last long. A Canadian company bought the No-Ad producers, and began fresh production.

According to some reports, you will find the sunscreen online and at Target or Walmart.

Whether the sunscreen brand has been wholly discontinued is not certain. It is true that in some cases, you will face more difficulties buying the product.

Sometimes you might not find these products in physical stores, but you have to accept them online for a steeper price. But if you’re not willing to change your preferences, that’s fine.

Moreover, it is uncertain how long this product will remain online. No-ad sunscreen is an efficient skin-care product. It is non-greasy and lightweight.

That is one of the reasons why people prefer this product so much. But due to several factors, the production of this product is not how it was before.

There are other sunscreens with similar ingredients that you can check. Likely, No-ad sunscreen will not remain in stores for much longer.

You can grab them while you still can or opt for other sunscreens.

Replacement for No-ad

Though it was discontinued for a short period in 2020, on its official website, it promised to return soon. But apart from that, you will see that the number of products is deficient.

But if you can’t get hold of an excellent No-ad product, don’t worry. There are some perfect replacements that you can try out. Blue Lizard Sensitive SPF 50+ is a great alternative.

Then Banana Boat Ultra Sport and Thinksport SPF 50+ are other options you can check out. These sunscreens are skin and pocket friendly.

You won’t have problems using these because they’ve rated the best in 2022. You can check the No-ad website for any updates regarding their products and when they will be back fully.

The product is only available on Target, Walmart, and Amazon online. Coppertone Ultra Guard lotion is also an excellent choice since it has a good SPF rating.

You can also try out something outside of these options.

What is SPF?

SPF is a measurement that determines the amount of UV radiation that causes sunburn or skin damage. The increase in the SPF rate increases the protection.

The SPF in sunscreens denotes the effectiveness of sunscreen in protecting the skin from skin damage. You can buy sunscreens based on their SPF.

The higher the SPF, the higher your body’s protection rate. So, choose your sunscreen based on the SPF. No-ad sunscreen has a high rate of SPF. It is 40.

So, this is one of the best sunscreens you can get. Not only this, but no ad sunscreen also has a more extended reapply requirement.

You can go in the sun for half an hour without applying it. But now, some sunscreens offer an SPF rating of 50 and more.

They offer around 98% protection from UV rays. Some sunscreens will be more expensive than others. So you can see which one works out best for you. Some sunscreens are geared more toward protecting your body than your face. So, choose wisely!

Other sunscreens are sensitive and light enough for your face. Don’t just buy sunscreens; check for the ingredients, functions, and actions that are best for you.

What Happened to No-Ad Sunscreen and Was It Discontinued?

Why is sunscreen important?

Wearing sunscreens is best for your skin. It protects your body from tanning, rashes, sunburns, and skin cancers.

Sunscreens are clinically proven to be the most effective barrier against the sun’s harmful radiation. Using sunscreen regularly has a lasting impact on your skin.

It can prevent immature aging and wrinkles. Some sunscreens also improve skin health and prevent breakouts.

The antioxidants and minerals available in sunscreens are essential markers. You can determine which sunscreen is best when looking at the ingredients list.

Make sunscreen a regular feature of your daily care routine. You can also wear sunscreen at home. Whenever you get out, make sure that you have sunscreen on.

Some sunscreens are used as moisturizers as well. But not all sunscreen functions as a moisturizer.

To be a moisturizer, the sunscreen must have emollients, ceramides, and humectants. If you see that your sunscreen has these ingredients, then it can be an excellent moisturizer.

It will help retain moisture in the skin and prevent its loss. What happened to no-ad sunscreen? According to the website’s message, it will soon return to stores.

If you want to be updated, then you can follow their website. While it is good to use sunscreen as a moisturizer, please don’t do it regularly.

Final thoughts

Finally, you know what happened to No-ad sunscreen. Another company bought it out, but then it had likely discontinued. But now, some of its products are available online.

But there is no indication as to how long they will be. You can search online for the products and then buy them if you find them.

The price is likely to be higher since there is high demand. Otherwise, you can check out different brands with similar ingredients. You can try Banana Boat Ultra Sport.

This sunscreen has an SPF of 30. It is deeply nourishing and moisturizing. The sunscreen also stays on for a longer duration. It is perfect for outdoor activity.

Thinksport SPF 50+ is another great alternative to No-ad sunscreen. This is unscented and excellent for sensitive skin.

It also contains essential minerals and hyaluronic acid.

So, you have two excellent choices as alternatives to No-ad sunscreen. You can try them out and see how it feels.

Finding a new brand that suits your skin and other requirements can be experimental. But you have these alternatives and try them out to check if you are okay with them.

What happened to No-ad sunscreen? They are likely to come back to the stores again.

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