What To Look In An Ankle Brace?

Ankle Brace

Whether you are looking to protect your ankle from an injury or to support an ankle that is healing from injury altogether, aircast airheel is just the right fit for your needs. You get the advantage of preventing an injury when you strap on an ankle brace on your feet. That means you can play with confidence as it gives you peace of mind that your ankle is protected.

Numerous types of ankle braces are available in the market for mild to severe injuries. So, to be sure to find out that meets all your needs. Ankle sprains are the most common orthopedic injury, and fortunately, ankle braces are there to prevent these injuries by stabilizing the ankle. It might be a daunting task for you to choose the best ankle brace, so here are some tips for you to choose:

  • Types

Depending on the severity of your injury, there are four types of ankle braces. Over the course of rehabilitation, you may find that they provide maximum to mild support to the ankle. 

1. Lace-up braces: Braces are semi-rigid as they are constructed from nylon-vinyl material. One of the best things is that you can tighten this brace according to your comfort level. Moreover, they are more flexible than any other rigid braces. 

2. Elastic Sleeves:

One of the simplest types of the ankle, braces is elastic sleeves. They provide the least support, such as light walking and jogging. Though, they are ineffective for very intense activities.

3. Rigid braces:

Braces come in two basic styles, including stirrup and lace-up braces. A stirrup brace is the one that provides the most protection and lets you make the smooth movement of the foot upward and downward while protecting your ankle from getting twisted. On the other hand, lace-up braces are the same explained above and generally referred to as post-injury braces as it contains plastic panels that protect your ankle from eversion and inversion. 

4. Post-injury braces:

One of the extremely rigid braces, or they are either gel or air-filled. In order to contour to the shape of your legs as they contain two plastic inserts. They are mostly used to relieve inflammation and also prevent inversion and eversion. Make sure not to use them for functional purposes. 

  • Best fit

Ankle braces sizes are generally based on your shoe size or ankle circumference. Make sure to take reference of the size from the sizing chart to get your best fit and support. Also, see if it fits well as you don’t have to want a brace with laces that are too short or long. You will not be able to tie the braces with too short laces, and on the other hand, with too long laces, the chances of you tripping are higher. 

  • Purpose 

You may wear your ankle brace for a short period of time or all day, depending on your needs. The purpose of using an ankle brace can be in any of the following:

  • For rehabilitation purpose:

Some braces are prescribed by the doctors to provide support to the ankle joint for recovering properly in post-surgery or severe injury conditions. There are numerous types of ankle braces based upon your requirements, including rigid ankle braces and hinged braces, which provide extensive support. 

  • For support in sports activities:

One of the best braces that serve well for athletes is lace-up braces like aircast airheel. Its design is feasible as it provides excellent support to the person and comfortable with tying according to one’s comfort level. Almost every type of lace-up braces fits in the shoe. They work as a preventive measure and do provide additional support during sports activities. Besides, it helps to avoid any further injury if the person has a history of an ankle injury. 

  • For mild support in daily activities:

Many soft braces are there, which are used extensively to give warmth and support to the ankle joint. Some other braces made from stretchable material are ankle binders and compression braces. If the injury is not that severe, and there is only mild swelling and pain, this type of ankle braces is generally recommended. 

In Final Words

It is important to choose a brace that provides the best support and stability needed for your activity. If you are not sure what type of brace will be the best fit for you, consider the above tips and make a wise choice.

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