Fashion on The Field: What to Wear to Caulfield Cup 2019

Caulfield Cup Fashions 2019

It’s only natural that you’ll want to look your best at the Caufield Cup 2019. After all, it is among the biggest events of the year! For all fashion enthusiasts, this is the best day to explore, shine and express yourself through fashion.

What will you be wearing to the Caufield Cup 2019? Are you looking for a conservative outfit or some striking fashion trend? We are not only excited to find out who will win the Caulfield Cup but also to see Caulfield Cup fashion trends. Here are some tips on what to wear to the Caufield Cup!

Men’s Dress code

Knowing when to dress formally, semi-formally or casually is quite important. The Caulfield Cup dress code for men mainly involves a suit, but this doesn’t mean your choice has to be subtle. The event is a colourful one so feel free to explore different colours and patterns.


There will be plenty of sun during spring so choose light fabrics. The jackets should not be padded or lined and the pants should be well-fitting. Go ahead and add a bowtie or a pocket square to your suit then match with a pair of oxford shoes.


The traditional black suits absorb more heat than other light colours. Some of the popular colour choices in the event include khaki, shades of blue, pink or emerald. You can also incorporate floral prints and checks instead of the usual solid jacket.


There are plenty of accessories you can match with your garments. The trick is finding the right one that will not overshadow the rest of your look. You can match your suits with cufflinks, a pair of sunglasses or a hat. With these, you could never go wrong.

Women’s Dress code


Cocktail, long dresses or skirts are some of the best options for the event. Choose an elegant dress that will flatter your body while still maintaining formality. Sequined skirts or full skirts are a great choice for any spring/summer event. Lace is also an excellent choice for spring events.


There are a lot of stylish options when it comes to colour. For instance, you can colour block using two different colours or opt for one solid colour. Either way, the colours will surely make you stand out from the crowd. One of the most popular colours in the Caulfield cup is white. Women are often seen with a white-on-white outfit while men include some bit of colour in their style.


Bold accessories are perfect for any solid outfit. Classic accessories are great if your outfit has a light colour. Keep your makeup simple then compliment your look with a stylish hat and a nice pair of heels or wedges.

On the day of the event

If you’re attending the event with your significant other, it will be nice if your outfits are coordinated. Your outfits don’t need to share the same colours but at least be in harmony. Finally, remember to stay calm, socialize, have fun and share any Caulfield Cup tips that you have.


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