What You Need to Know Before Buying a Backpack or Briefcase


Beyond the brands, the choice of the right backpack or briefcase rests on several points. On what occasions do you intend to wear it or to use it? In practice, you will not need a hiking bag or luggage to go to school or work and vice versa. So we are talking about volume: it all depends on the number of objects to be transported on average when you use it. The models range from 25 to 50 liters, the first of course being suitable for short or daily use. The latter, being made to carry heavy objects like bivouac equipment.

Depending on how you use it, choose the additional features of your accessory. Some models of TUMI backpack have multiple pockets, are closed with zipping or with a flap pocket, others have side storage, front, others are also created to withstand water, rain precisely. Specific models such as motorcycle backpacks rightly have specific functions, such as a helmet holder.

Choose a woman’s backpack

To stay sober, natural even class, even with his light and small Bag on the back, we choose his equipment. This must certainly match your look while adapting to your needs depending on the situation. Then, it must also match your size: a bag that will shrivel you when you are already small will not offer the discreet or nice effect sought. It must also adapt to your pace to allow you to roam as if nothing had happened. A reagent and mobile bag in short, which respects your independence. You will have to be able to store all the necessary things for your daily life without having to look for an object for hours at the desired time and without it appearing inflated.

Choose your child’s bag

Whether your child chooses his own material or you do it for him, consider the following criteria. His bag or TUMI luggage must be adapted to his activities: school, travel, leisure. It must be so convenient in all circumstances. In addition, this accessory must also be suitable for taste: the patterns and colors on the market are innumerable. Even for the older ones, it should not be too big to avoid the shriveled effect, and stay light knowing that with more business, this type of equipment is still quite heavy for a child. But, it must allow storing the favorite toys of your cherub. He must also be able to adjust the shoulder straps of his bag to the wish and enjoy a chest strap for greater comfort and greater ease of use. A model with padded back will be even more comfortable. With several pockets, its storage accessory will be more convenient. Waterproof, he will preserve his business at the pool or at the beach.

Choosing a computer backpack

Wearing your computer on your back can help you avoid a lot of problems. And for a suitable port, choose a model bag to put on the back specifically designed to accommodate and carry a laptop. With such equipment, travel and move anywhere without leaving your work tool behind and protecting it. Why also opt for this type of accessory? Thus, you can carry your computer easily in hand luggage by plane or briefcase like TUMI Briefcase. A bag with a compartment or that will especially accommodate your laptop, the choice is yours depending on your needs because you will travel or you may move with other business. Choose the right format; many models perfectly accommodate the pc 14 – 15 inches or 16 – 18 inches. A waterproof bag is definitely a must to protect this type of material. If not,

Choose a travel backpack

Knowing that it will contain a lot of business and that you plan to use it often or long on the move, the choice of a travel bag to wear on the back remains delicate. A classic model will suit those who travel light. Otherwise, opt for a suitcase backpack. Plus, this model is more secure being padlocked. An accessory with shoulder strap, belt, rain protection, handle and easy access pockets will make your trip less stressful.

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