Yoga Ball Pregnancy for Expecting Mothers

Yoga Ball Pregnancy for Expecting Mothers

Have you heard about yoga ball pregnancy until now? You might have seen it in movies many times. But you must gain knowledge if you are a soon-to-be mom or know someone you can educate.

Are you going to become a mother in a few months? Or planning to become one soon?

Then this particular subject is just about right for you to read. Go through the full article once, and you won’t need to search the internet anymore to know everything about yoga ball pregnancy.

A few years back, yoga balls didn’t get as much popularity as now. These days no matter which fitness center you go to, you will see a yoga ball already there.

So first, you need to know what a yoga ball is before knowing anything else.

What we call a yoga ball also goes by birth ball, gym ball, Swiss ball, or therapy ball.

We recommend including a yoga ball in your daily workout routine, not just because it is fun. It will help to stay fit too in a healthy way.

Here’s what is the best thing about a yoga ball.

You can be innovative and constantly push yourself towards the very end when it comes to a yoga ball. Mainly because this yoga ball has achieved this much recognition from fitness freaks all across the globe!

Selecting the perfect yoga ball

Yoga ball pregnancy is getting quite attention these days. You might have already heard about it from your friends. But do you know how to select one for yourself?

So the question is, what exactly is the point of buying a yoga ball?

Of course, we do it to get the real comfort that we all want to get during pregnancy.

But your comfort zone might tend to backfire if you select a yoga ball that is not the one for you.

So, for starters, you need to know what the criteria are while buying a yoga ball.

It would help if you bought a yoga ball according to your body weight and height. Don’t ever use someone’s yoga ball as it is meant for them, not you. It would help if you found what feels right to you.

There is a common rule about selecting the right yoga ball, which we are sharing with you.

They say if your height is not more than 5 feet and 4 inches, you should go for a 55-centimeter yoga ball.

If your height is between 5 feet and 4 inches to 5 feet and 10 inches, you should go for a 65-centimeter yoga ball.

If you are over 5 foot and 10 inches tall, a 75-centimeter yoga ball is the one.

A few sellers might tell you otherwise about buying the right yoga ball. But if you stick to your original decision, no one will be able to lead you astray.

Yoga Ball Pregnancy for Expecting Mothers

Yoga ball for pregnancy

We already wrote that yoga balls are also known as birth balls. But why is that?

That’s because a big-sized yoga ball or exercise ball can also be used for childbirth.

When you are pregnant, you cannot just shift your body weight with as much ease as you used to. For natural reasons, your movements become somewhat sloth and uncomfortable.

So this time you need something which will help you cope with the situation. A yoga ball has this ability to provide you comfort when you are desperately looking for it.

You will know why we are paying yoga ball pregnancy this much attention in the following few lines.

As a pregnant lady, nobody would allow you to go to a gym or lose sweat to stay fit.

But no matter what the public opinion looks like, you still need to be healthy enough. This way, you will be able to give birth to a healthy child. But before that, you must prepare your body the right way.

You can do this from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go anywhere, and yoga ball pregnancy exercises are so light that they won’t harm you.

Yoga ball during pregnancy

So you have decided to use a yoga ball during pregnancy which is fine. But don’t you want to know whether this yoga is good for your health?

You can always consult with your gynecologist to know what is right for you and your baby. But the gynecologist will also assure you that this yoga ball pregnancy won’t be causing any trouble to you two.

A yoga ball is just appropriate for you this time. You can now perform your daily workout just by sitting on a yoga ball. What more could be safer than this?

Moreover, you can use a yoga ball as a sitting arrangement. Replace your regular chair or sofa with a large yoga ball. This is the easiest way to use one.

If you do this, you will be benefited in more than one way. Performing your daily activities will be like riding a bike while sitting on a yoga ball. You will feel comfier than before, and your lower portion’s blood circulation will improve too.

Sitting on a yoga ball does help cure lower back pain if you are already suffering from one. And we are not talking about labor pain. This may also occur during the early stages of pregnancy.

You can seek help from a yoga ball during any stage of pregnancy. You can use it in the early stages or when you are 32 weeks pregnant.

Also, a yoga ball can be a great assistance to induce labor which we will discuss in detail later.

But don’t think that its work is done and dusted when you have welcomed your child into this world!

The pain of pelvic contraction could be a real headache, and then you can use a yoga ball to get some relief.

Yoga Ball Pregnancy for Expecting Mothers

Yoga ball pregnancy exercises

In the previous section, we talked about how you can make your pregnancy quite easier with the help of a yoga ball.

But that is not all, to say the least. There’s more to the story to read if you are still with us!

Before reading this section, were you familiar with some yoga ball pregnancy exercises?

We bet you don’t have an accurate idea about how you can stay fit at home during the pregnancy stages. This is why you must pay attention while reading this section.

Here we have shortlisted some of the most popular yoga ball pregnancy exercises. You need to figure out which one is perfect for you, and you will be comfortable enough to perform.

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises or Kegel exercises are perhaps the most significant ones for pregnancy exercises.

But that doesn’t mean that these particular exercises require doing something extraordinary. That is not the case here.

All you need to do is to sit on a yoga ball. Then act like your urine is flowing, and you want it to stop midway.

Hold your pelvic muscles for a few seconds, only to release them shortly. Do this a few times to complete the set.

Wall squat

While doing a pelvic floor exercise, you had to sit in the yoga ball. But to perform a wall squat successfully, you need to set the ball between a smooth wall and your back.

Now stand straight so that your legs are slightly apart from each other. Then slowly stoop down, just like doing a squat by bending your knees.

Make sure that the yoga ball moves too with you. Go back to the start when you reach the finish line. Do the same four or five times, and of course, don’t forget to take deep breaths.

Pregnant push-up

Your pregnancy won’t let you do what you know as a normal push-up. If you still want to do it, you might hurt yourself in the process. So you better not even try to do that.

You stretch your hands in front of a wall and set the ball on the wall. Position yourself properly and use the elbows to bring your chest close to the ball as much as possible.

Repeat this a few times and breathe normally.

Exercise ball to induce labor

Pregnancy is a blessing when you are a woman. But as much as we appreciate this gift, we know that it has its fair share of trouble.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get through whatever problem arises along with this blessing.

In case you are going to be a mom for the very first time, you would be nervous, which is okay.

But imagine that scenario when you get past your delivery date without labor pain whatsoever!

This alone is more than enough to make your heart race. Then it doesn’t even matter if you are giving birth for the very first time or not!

So what is it you are going to do then? Do you need to run straight to a hospital to induce labor?

In that case, you can try an exercise ball to induce labor at home.

You are not going to labor if your body is not yet prepared to deliver the little one.

But we tend to ignore our body signals. We constantly try to get help from artificial techniques to get the job done.

Sometimes, you seek help from an exercise ball to induce labor with zero luck.

That means your body still needs more time to prepare you for labor.

That being said, it is our job to provide you with information about exercise balls if you need it.

It’s been over 39 weeks since you have conceived. But still, there is no sign that you are about to give birth to a little one.

That’s when it’s time that you try some exercises to induce labor.

But as we wrote earlier, sometimes your body is not yet quite prepared to deliver a baby. So when this happens, those experiences won’t be enough for you. That’s the kind of situation you have to accept.

But whenever that cervix of yours is healthy enough to deliver, yoga ball exercises might be able to give you the start you need the most.

There are quite a few exercises you can try at home to induce labor. But here, the main discussion is about yoga balls or exercise balls. So let’s not go off the topic and talk about something else!

Bouncing exercise ball

The best way to induce labor with an exercise ball is to bounce on it. It helps to ease down the delivery path of the little one. And also, your pelvic muscles get extra comfort, and therefore the delivery process goes without any hitch.

You need to sit on an exercise ball comfortably by spreading your legs wide apart. Then slowly up down your body by balancing your hips.

It’s very easy and safe to do during this particular stage of pregnancy.

Finally, it’s time to end this article about yoga ball pregnancy here. But before saying goodbye, here’s a small summary for you.

A yoga ball can get you through some grave problems like morning sickness. You won’t know its benefits unless you use one for yourself.

That being said, choosing the right yoga ball is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Most people mess up things just by selecting the wrong yoga ball, which could complicate things in such a way you can’t imagine!

So, don’t be like them and buy the right one as we said. We bet you won’t be upset!

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