Prickly Heat And Break-Outs? Here’s How You Can Make Your Skin Baby-Soft Again!

Our constant exposure to heat leaves us more susceptible to developing prickly heat, or heat rash, which occurs when sweat gets trapped against the skin. For most working professionals in India, prickly heat is an expected side-effect of the summer months, thanks to all the commuting in buses and metros. However, did you know that this condition can be treated and you can prevent the endless itching, scarring and irritation that comes with it? Keep reading to know how you can treat your prickly heat at home!

Wear loose fitting clothing

The first thing that you must change about your lifestyle if you suffer from prickly heat is to switch out tight fitting clothing for loose ones. This is because this heat rash develops when sweat is trapped within the skin and against it, which is more likely to happen when you’re wearing tight clothes. Looser clothes can help your skin breathe and air out the sweat too.

Calamine lotion

Almost every home has a bottle of calamine – it’s such a staple product for many people. While you may have used calamine to treat your light acne, or mattify your skin, its time to use it to soothe your prickly rash. Apply it topically on your chest, shoulders, and back after bathing and before you sleep (if your prickly heat is very intense).

Topical Steroids Lotions

Sometimes, your prickly heat may be too severe for calamine and loose shirts to make a difference. In such cases, a lotion with steroids can work. You must apply the lotion topically on the rash, as instructed, to get rid of the prickly heat. Of course, needless to say that lotions with steroids in them are generally prescribed by doctors – they are not OTC drugs that you can buy at will!

Preventing Prickly Heat

The best way to prevent prickly heat is by using powders that not only absorb sweat, but also cool the skin. Infants and children are the most prone to developing prickly heat and the best way to prevent them from developing the same is by keeping them in cool areas where they don’t sweat. Let your child go out to play in the evenings when the temperature is cooler, or early in the mornings. Apply powder and calamine lotion to their skin to ensure that any instance of prickly heat is nipped in the bud!

Additional Tip!

Prickly causes excessive itching and when you scratch your skin too hard, you may open it up and cause bleeding and wounds. If this is a case, apply an antiseptic cream or liquid on the area to kill any bacteria that may enter the wound. Doing so can prevent major skin infections from occurring.

When it comes to your skin, you must be proactive about its health. An experienced skin care specialist can help make sure that your skin looks amazing at all times, irrespective of the weather outside. So, consult one today!

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