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We need your attention! We are here to appoint those people who works with us as a guest contributor for can health + “write for us” site. So yes, we want those contents by the guest post for the intention of sharing knowledge about the medical tips and health care drugs and some other nutrition products reviews for being a better site on internet.

Write for Us – Some Guidelines for Preparing the Contents: –

  • Article must be more then 800+ words
  • Article must be 100% unique.
  • It must be informative and impressive.
  • Don’t contain any copy or plagiarism contents.
  • Add at least 1-2 images free stock otherwise create own create.
  • Only one link include in the article body. We do not accept gambling, adult, etc. link.
  • Do not include spam and robotic related content.
  • Prevent to add any adult picture or contents.
  • It must be education and fully researched

These are some guidelines you need to keep in mind while making any content for us. As we told you earlier that this is for a medical blog for health “write for us”, so try to assume entire content which is co-related to this subject. Don’t fill any kind of irrelevant subject or content in these articles.

We love our visitors and readers, that’s why we didn’t indented to getting bother to our readers and if you written health care articles contains most of irrelevant contents then it leads to making bore to our reader that’s what we do not want. Try to makes some impressive and unique articles which are very well researched while making this article. So, it becomes a result that our readers will not get bother or bore and they will read it more and more and it can promotes to leads our fan page followings and our sells too.

So, try to follow all these concept and conditions which becomes good for you and for us too. We always like to make some best bonding with our customers and best appearance in the way of best written contents may leads to attract many visitors attention on us. If they get satisfied as per their requirement then it will proven really good for us too because making our visitor satisfied is our first motto. So, be understood and be ready for works with us for better future.

Focus on these essential points before submitting any article for health and fitness + “write for us”: 

  • What I wrote- is it really unique?
  • Title what I gave- is it easy to understand?
  • Is the article is informative or inspiring?
  • What I wrote is actually offering people?

We are cleared in our statement and realize that what we have gave you guidelines regarding how to prepare an article works to will lead a best preparation for making many unique and impressive articles.

I think that what I have said to you is really being very meaningful and easy to understand. So try to get in focus with all the give guidelines and prepare lots of contents on health, wellness and nutrition related topics and submit guest post health blogs.

Final words

When you prepare any article which is related to those guidelines which is given by us and then send it to our health and wellness + write for us e-mail site. Then our next process is to check and enhance with the helps to our editing team. They will check the actually format for article and their conditions, uniqueness and else and if your article will found plagiarism in any respect then it will automatically reject and we will be not responsible for it. So, keeps focus on you motto and do it as best you can.

Guest post submission format: –

Send article to write for us after you properly prepared and check it with all security parameters.

Take enough time to makes it unique and impressive.

One your written article posted on internet then it will not cut from there, so make them best.

When your article will post by health + “submit guest post” then we will give you information regarding this.

Once your article will be ready you can send me article by email – admin@beautyhealthytips.in

For any further details you can contact us on this website: 

Company website: – http://www.beautyhealthytips.in

Thanking you