Top Disadvantages of Cheaper Clear Aligners

With so many brands of clear aligners and so many pros and cons of each, it can be quite confusing to the patients. Since a lot of technical product details are difficult for patients to check or comprehend, most patients take a decision based on the overall cost of treatment. But, there are clear disadvantages of picking cheaper alternatives for Invisible Braces. Some of these are:

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  • The most affordable options to Invisible Braces are the at-home or DIY home straightening kits that do not have an orthodontist monitoring the treatment
  • Without proper supervision, these options might be potentially risky and harmful to patients
  • Not everything affordable is of good quality; sometimes the trays are fabricated with substandard materials that might be uncomfortable to patients

Clear Aligners in India is a clear aligner alternative to Braces trays and introduces the concept of ‘remote’ aligning of teeth. In this case, the patient can take a 3D scan of their teeth and other structures in the mouth. These scans need to be sent to an orthodontist who is remotely present to create a treatment plan. Based on the scan, the orthodontist designs the trays customized for the patients, like in most aligner cases. These set of aligner trays are sent to the patient and also contain the retainers to be worn after treatment completion. This Invisible Braces alternative begins at about half the cost as that of Invisible Braces. But, there are some disadvantages to this system of aligners:

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➢ This system is dependent upon the patient sending the impression or measurements to the remotely placed orthodontist. But, this step can be tricky for patients, and if this step goes wrong, the entire process of the aligners treatment goes wrong as well. The kit used for impressions has a separate cost apart from the value of the trays.

➢ Since the system is home-based, the patient cannot have a one-on-one with his/her orthodontist to ask queries, check their progress, or encourage.

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➢ Since there is no professional support, the patient cannot get any help in case a problem arises during the course of the treatment.

Due to its affordable cost, Smile aligners might sound attractive to many people who want to get their teeth perfectly aligned at a lower price. But, without an orthodontist monitoring the treatment, it might be a bit of a risk opting for these aligners.


A few decades back, who would’ve thought that dentistry would offer people so many varied options to choose from to straighten their teeth and give them a confident smile they are looking out for? Not only do patients have the choice to pick between braces of different types but also choose from different kinds of aligners available in the market today! It is highly recommended that you, as a patient, do extensive research and to find the best option to straighten your teeth. It is also advised that you make a decision based on the recommendation or under the guidance of your orthodontist as he/she will be the best person to guide you based on the complexity of your case. Yes, there are many cheaper alternatives to clear aligners, but bot all that is cheap is the best for you. However, this does not mean that only expensive aligners are the best. There are some affordable yet best quality aligners like Clear aligners that provide the best treatment at a price that is easily affordable by Indians today! In case you have queries or would like to get your teeth aligned, contact us today!

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