12 Sex Positions to Try Out Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The first phase of every relationship is all about passion and excitement. But a few years down the lane, your relationship becomes too boring. As a result, a breakup happens due to a lack of sexual compatibility.

So, if you have already experienced dejection in your love life, now is the right time to seek assistance from an escort for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you are serious about indulging in a GFE with a call girl, a sexual relationship is a major part.

Before your GFE with the escort becomes too vanilla, it’s time you discover what suits you the best according to the zodiac sign.

Trying Sex Based on Your Zodiac Sign: Is That Even Required?

Even if your escort has accompanied you to business meetings, restaurants, and other corporate events, there are times when you crave a cozy night in your bed with her.

Since the weekend is arriving, it’s time to discover easy and simple sex positions that suit your preferences depending on your zodiac sign. Before you watch the postures on freeones videos, please read the above positions carefully.

Face Sitting for the Arians

Mars rules this sign, which is all about assertion, fire, and energy. Sexually, Aries people are fearless and like to take charge. So, you can indulge in a dominant sexual session in the face-sitting position. It offers you a chance to take charge and turn on your partner. You can also practice the reverse position for more benefits. 

Missionary for the Taureans

Taureans do not like anything inconsistent in their lives. So, as a Taurean, you would never underestimate the consistency that the missionary position brings. Although it is too boring to perform, you can improve your experience by practicing in different areas of your room, such as a couch, sofa, dining table, floor, and more.

Gemini: Doggy Style

Gemini denotes duality. So, you can use this as an advantage to your bedroom. As a Gemini man, you can indulge your escort to try out doggy style. Getting inside the girl from the back is a moment of satisfaction that lets you gain frenetic energy. A lot of dirty talk and passionate foreplay make your sexual experience double.

Cancereans Would Love Sex in the Shower 

Cancer, the water sign, is ruled by the moon. So, Cancereans are sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. When the discussion is about comes to sex, these people are giving lovers. They love intimacy in the form of cuddling. So, sex in the shower might be great for them. So, if you want to hire an escort soon, you can ask her about this service before booking.

Leo- Cowgirl Position

Leos are passionate and confident lovers. So, you can take advantage of the cowgirl position, where your receiver lies on the back with legs spread in the air. The giver needs to kneel between them and enjoy in-depth penetration. You can indulge in a romantic foreplay round with spooning.

Spooning for the Virgo People

According to the zodiac sign, Virgo people are innocent and pure. They love experimenting with new things until it satisfies their soul. On that note, spooning is a great position to establish physical connection and intimacy.

Libra- Oral Sex

Libras can balance between feminine and masculine energies, and they want people around who make them feel seen and heard. If you are a Libra, you can try out sideways 69 or 69 with your escort.

Scorpions Love Intense Sex: The Giraffe

Scorpions are the sexiest sirens among all zodiac signs. They love passionate sex and oral sexual encounters. So, the best sexual position for them is the Giraffe.

Sagittarius: Cowgirl 

Their enthusiastic side impacts their bedroom scenarios. Sagittarians should try the cowgirl position, where your escort lies on top of you, and you enjoy the submissive sex with immense pleasure. 

Capricorn- Sex in the Chair

Having sex in the chair is an intriguing feeling that blends perfectly with a Capricorn’s nature. 

Aquarius: Standing Rear Entry

Are you an out-of-the-box Aquarian who loves to try out revamped sex positions? It’s time to indulge in the standing rear entry posture.

Pisces- Sideways Straddle

Pisces people should try the sideways straddle that offers deep penetration. At the same time, it helps you maintain a stable pace while enjoying the sexual encounter.

Your zodiac sign tells a lot about yourself and your physical needs. So, if your sex life with the call girl is becoming boring, you can try these positions. So, hire an experienced escort from Ladys.one and watch these above positions via freeones videos before trying out.


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