A Guide for Ladies Night Out to Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant

If you are coming to Bangkok for business or pleasure, your trip will not be full without sampling the Bangkok nightlife. Among the options available for a memorable ladies night out with your fellow girls is the Cielo Sky Bar& Restaurant. 

This is one of highest sky bars in the city on the 46th floor of Leluk condominium, B tower. From this location, you enjoy a panoramic view of Bangkok city, the suburbs beyond and the famous Chao Phraya River.

In addition to being a sky bar, Cielo is also one of the few establishments in the city that offer high-quality service at affordable prices. This makes it a great location for a night party if you are on a tight budget.

Ambience and Layout

Cielo bar opens its doors at 6 pm and runs until 1:30 am. The restaurant has a relaxing ambience, which is a combination of charm and simplicity. 

The largest part of the restaurant is on the balcony. There is a transparent glass railing with a cool breeze flowing to the dining area. 

On one end are sofa sets if you would like a more comfortable seating position. The rest of the chairs have pillows for enhanced comfort.

You can book for a private dinner as a group to have a table reserved for you. The private dinner service can handle up to 100 people set for dinner or 120 people taking a buffet dinner. You can also have a cocktail pass around for up to 300 people. 

However, if you are accompanied by just a few friends, you can take adjacent tables on the terrace. These tables are spaced perfectly such that you can have a private conversation with your girls without necessarily looking at your back.

The relaxed mood is heightened by a soft relaxing sound of blues or soft jazz into the night. In addition, your friends have a chance to experience a good thrill on the skywalk after having their dinner. It is perfectly safe to walk on the glass platform, though not recommended for people who fear heights.

The Restaurant

At the restaurant, you can have a wide selection of the local recipes that include western and Japanese cuisine and many appetising desserts. It also has a wide choice of soups, seafood and pasta dishes. Check the chef selection on the menu for some scrumptious recipes. There are also several bites if you are looking for a light meal.

The Bar

The bar and the lounge are located to the right of the entrance in a dimly lit location. It has an extensive collection of white, red and fortified wines for the girls. There are also several champagne types including, vintage, non-vintage, rose and sparkling. 

You can also sample a variety of cocktails, some of which are local and specials at the bar. For the non-alcoholic, there are fresh juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Drinks cost between 100 and 500 Baht.

Private Dining Options

The restaurant is a perfect location for private dining in Bangkok with three private dining options that include:

  • Capricho Zone: This location is the most decorated zone in the restaurant with lots of décors. It is also known for quality cocktails and dedicated cocktail staff.
  • Ocaso Zone: Ocaso zone is located at the balcony where people get to view the awesome nights in Bangkok as well as enjoying the gentle breeze. The location can host up to 300 people.
  • Secreto Zone: This is the exclusive private zone of the restaurant and ideal for a lovers’ night out. It is perfect for a setting sun dinner and viewing mountains in the Far East.

If you are looking for a night out with the girls in Bangkok, Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant is the place to be. You will enjoy the experience of a rooftop bar in Bangkok, an awesome choice of cuisine and drinks, as well as private dining options.

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