Mastering the Effortless Elegance of How to Do a Top Knot Bun

how to do a top knot bun

The top knot bun reigns supreme when it comes to chic and versatile hairstyles. Whether you’re going out with friends or if it’s a formal event, this hairstyle suits all. Currently, Gigi Hadid appeared in a top knot bun in an event in India. Deepika Padukone has also been seen in this hairstyle mostly. Actors, models, singers have adapted this practical hairstyle and let their stylists be creative with it.

The top knot bun has been adapted from ancient civilization. While it is difficult to point out who and where or when it first originated, it has been adapted all over the world at this point. Some also argue, this originated from Egypt as “nemes” was a popular hairstyle known in old culture. “Nemes” was usually worn by pharaohs. 

How to Do a Top Knot Bun in Easy Steps

 This timeless sophisticated hairstyle has got multiple ways of it. Some of it is easy and some of it is hard. This article will guide you on multiple styles of how to do a top knot bun step by step, ensuring you can effortlessly exude elegance and style. 

Step 1: Prepare your hair

The first step of how to do a top knot bun is to brush your hair thoroughly. It is important to detangle every part of your hair when you’re learning how to do a top knot bun. If you want a slicker look where your hair will stick to your head tightly and won’t give you the careless look then it is suggested to apply some serum or gel to set it in that manner. Usually the slicker look goes well with straight hair. But if you’re looking for a messy bun then the tip of your head needs to be back brushed.

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Image Credit: Chez Rama

Step 2: Gather your hair 

This is actually the most vital part of how to do a top knot bun. Tilt your head back slightly to give it more of a natural lift at the crown of your head. Collect all of your hair in a high ponytail. Use a brush and your fingers to make sure there are not unwanted bumps or lumps.

Step 3: Secure the ponytail

With one hand hold the ponytail in the right place and use the other hand to wrap elastic or a rubberband around the base of the ponytail. Make sure it is comfortably tight enough to hold the hair and not let it loose in thin air or wind. In your way of how to do a top knot bun, making a ponytail comes off as a 3 step essential. 

Step 4: Create the bun

Take the ponytail from the base and roll it up by pulling from the tail. Then tie it up right on the crown and tuck the end part in. Make sure to clip it from the sides to hold it in place and avoid sudden accidental fall apart.

Step 5: Securing the bun

You can put up a black net on it or put on hairspray to set it well. You can also put in some bobby pins to secure it. 

Step 6: Finishing touches

This is the part where you start the main decorative part of how to make a top knot. If you want a slick look then you might want to secure the front part of the hair with a simple brush as it already has serum in it, no need to put in any extra. But if you want more of a messy look you can just simply take a pen and pass it through the front section of hair to create a puff. Then use a brush to make it clean and use some hair clips to set that. If you want to style it up more some elegant hair accessories can be suggested, i.e. ribbons, flowers or pins. You can also gently pull down one or two locks from the front of your hairline. Straight locks or curls both look pretty. Straight locks are more suitable for circular faces but for long faces curly hair looks better. 

Step 7: Adapt and experiment

The beauty of learning how to make a top knot bun is how you can experiment and adapt different ways and styles of doing it. You can give bun a messy look too, just by taking out a few bobby pins. Also, you can twist the hair and give it a swirl look. You can braid the pony to make the bun look more aesthetic. 

how to do a top knot bun
Image Credit: Hair Romance


A lot of things can be done and followed when it comes to a good hairstyle that is easy to create and takes just a few minutes. This one type bun can be used to make hairstyle for different events. In a hot climate, this hairstyle in any form is ideal. You can style it with a lehenga or any indian or western attire. This hairstyle has been used by models since forever.

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