Skin Care Routine for Men to Keep Looking Young All the Time

skin care routine for men

Men too need to follow a skin care routine that is age-defying and face-saving. There isn’t the slightest doubt about it. But for most, the word grooming does not exist in their vocabularies. The body wash is something that they know due to popular ad campaigns. All they do is go pick some good shampoo for from nearby supermarkets. An overwhelming section of mankind needs to combat issues like pimples, whiteheads & blackheads. In case cleansing & moisturizing are whole new concepts to some, we are here to convince them at large. A good skin care routine for men will harvest surprising benefits.

In this article, we will take about a regimen that is both simple and effective.

Basic skincare routine for men

Check out some of the basic things men must do in order to maintain their skin:


Exfoliation aims at removing the unwanted dead cells. A useful exfoliator wipes out dirt & pimple-causing sebum. Remember to choose your product a tad carefully. It is a useful exfoliant that delves deep down to unblock clogged sections. They act on the underlying impurities too well. Stopping the blockages is crucial. A blockage is very potent to contribute to certain problems. You can very well get cystic spots that are both painful and stubborn. Hence, it’s vital to maintain men’s skin health to prevent uneven breakouts.

Now there are two kinds of scrub to ensure a proper skin care routine for men. Let us cast some light on them.

  • Chemical exfoliator: This is for ones having a sensitive skin type. If you’re vulnerable to acne problems go for a chemical exfoliator. A thorough massage is needed before you shower. Leave on the chemical for a while before washing it off. Massage gently and remember not to be too vigorous. Focus on problematic zones before you wash off. Exfoliants can be used thrice every week. This is the ideal regime to follow.
  • Abrasive exfoliants (scrubs): This suits people with normal skin types. Dead cells can be kept at bay with the use of normal scrubs. A milk scrub is just enough for tackling problems like blackheads and while heads. But, it is important to know about your skin type. If you are languishing to do so, get some help from a certified dermatologist. He would be the ideal person to guide you through this. A naked eye might not detect all underlying issues. But, a medical practitioner would gauge problems with ease.


Cleansing is utterly important for the daily maintenance of your skin. For most men, the bare skin is continually exposed to bacteria, dirt and environmental impurities. And, removal of excess sebum is also crucial. Cleansing helps to inhibit the excess sebum production. Excess sebum leads to a chain of other problems. These include acne breakout, clogged pores and many more. In a way, cleansing takes care of all these problems.

You can apply cleanser after the exfoliation regime. Some people apply cleanser before exfoliation. The choice varies from individual to individual.

Maintaining the oil balance

This step is especially for one with acne-prone skin. You can hardly choose to miss this step. Men with oily skin types will find this extremely fruitful. The results will boggle your mind.

Balancing the pH level of the skin has its importance. This is why most men use toners. Toners significantly reduce the oiliness. One must use toners after the scrubbing and cleansing regimen is over. Make sure that the skin is amply clean. It is always advisable to go for toners that are devoid of alcohol. Menthol also damages the sensitive skin type. Just be mindful of the buying decision. Check for kinds of stuff that aren’t too harsh on the skin.

Why hydration is important

A soft & supple skin that is devoid of impurities needs to be hydrated at large. This is why one should pamper the skin with the best moisturizers. If the cells are amply moisturized, the skin looks healthy & energized. The skin starts to look more firm. A good moisturizer has important functions to perform. It protects the skin against impurities. It unclogs the pores and may have vital anti-aging properties.

After exfoliation and cleansing, pat the skin surface dry. Now it is the time to impart some moisture to the skin. Target those zones that feel dry too soon. This is an important step in the skin care routine for men.

The application of serum

Serums feel light & unobtrusive. One would never need to use serums in large quantities. Just a small drop will do the trick for you. Men still have a long way to go in terms of skincare regimen. And, all serums have been devised to harvest intense benefits. Apply serum between the cleansing and moisturizing schedule. What you notice will be completely surprising. Your skin will start to regenerate. You will witness a healthy glow in no time. Blemishes and dark spots will diminish miraculously.

Importance of sunscreen under skin care routine for men

Like most women, men too tend to avoid applying sunscreen. But a good sunscreen lotion acts as a shield against harmful ultraviolet rays. If you want to avoid skin hazards, start with the application of sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays damage the skin to the core. You may start getting sunburns that look nasty. Sunrays do spoil the texture of the skin. It brings in a lot of unevenness. To eliminate tanning, be sure to apply a good sunscreen. Do it at least an hour before you step out. Allow it sufficient time to get absorbed into the skin. Better absorption would also mean maximum benefits.

Avoiding wrinkles

The zone surrounding the eyes is thin and vulnerable. This is because they lack oil & sweat glands. This makes the area prone to dehydration. Needless to say, a non-dehydrated zone will wrinkle sooner. But men need to prevent this. An ideal skin care routine for men has anti-wrinkle properties. You just need to stick to your daily routine. Preventing wrinkles isn’t as tough as it may sound. You would need a hydrating under-eye cream. Just dab some on to the zone surrounding the eyes. Make a habit of applying an eye cream each morning. Also, do it before hitting the bed. A huge range of products can be availed from the market. Go for good brands and look for products that aren’t unnecessarily harsh on the skin.

Think of an under-eye cream as a healing therapy session. Your peeper will feel good if you start doing this.

Blemish control

Most men get scared by the eruption of sudden blemishes. You can hardly do anything to stop the appearance of blemishes. There isn’t any guarantee that blemishes will stop to show up. But, you can take concrete measures to fix blemishes. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for them. A blemish arresting cream is an easy solution for a scarred skin. Visible dark spots can easily be taken care of. You can purchase several good products online. Check for descriptions and reviews if you do not want to go wrong with the purchase. The price remains affordable so this should not bother you much.

Beard care

Beard care is a very crucial step in the skin care routine for men. There cannot be any denial. It is important to keep the facial hair trimmed. Also important is to keep your stubbles hydrated. Lack of proper hydration may make your skin look rough and uneven. So, how to fix this? Did you just know that there are beard shampoos available in the market? Additionally, you can avail of beard gels and balms. What more can you do? Make the application of beard conditioners and beard oils a sheer habit. This will make you look more groomed. Your skin will thank you for this!

Pay attention to the lips

Lip care is something that you need to pay attention to. Lips tend to tan and start to feel chapped out. This kind of lip texture is undesirable. A lip balm of a good brand may help you to overcome this. If you have a closer look, you might just notice fine lines on the lips. Lips wrinkle and age too. Now, the disadvantage is men can’t use make-ups to conceal fine lines. So, it is highly advisable to use good lip balms for proper nourishment. It will also make the lips look supple. The use of a hydrating balm is the answer to all problems of the lip-care regimen for men.

Take care of your crown

Meticulously follow a good hair care routine. Trim them every six weeks. Use a mild shampoo to keep your manes shiny. Dense hair is something everyone longs for. To achieve that love your hair. Caring for your manes is the least you can do. Shaving off the hair may bring in unnecessary irritation. Never forget to use a gel immediately after you shave your hair.

Consider product ingredients

The products you choose for your skincare routine should be dependent on your skin type. So, evaluate your skin type well. Most men have sensitive skin. So, it would be wise to go for products that are devoid of fragrance. But, make sure that the skin does not feel too dried up. Also, fragrances cause skin irritation to rise by leaps and bounds. Go for those products that have an unscented label attached to it. Refrain from using soaps that are high on chemicals. These do you no good. Always remember to use lukewarm water to ensure good skin care for men.

Be watch of your shaving pattern

A good skin care routine for men is all that we want. To achieve this make sure you are watchful of your shaving habits. Some use multi-blade razors. And there are others to use single-bladed ones. Try not to pull your skin while shaving. Also, before you get started, wet your skin amply. This is done to soften the stubbles. Post shaving, use a good moisturizing shaving lotion. Look closely to shave the stubbles or you may get boils and bruises. The growth pattern must be observed to achieve the best results.

Now, there is another important thing. Sanitize the razor blades after you’re done with your shaving. Change the blade often. This should be done to minimize the irritability of the skin. Also, personal hygiene is something we cannot compromise on.

Keep a close check on your skin

Following the best skin care routine for men isn’t something unachievable. But you need to focus on every small detail. That is the key to a very proper maintenance. Never forget that in the mad rat-race that is set outside. Moles may start to itch & bleed. It is you who can prevent it at the right time. Take expert advice, if need be.

Use a good face mask

There are useful face masks to promise good skincare for men. Try masks to supplement basic skincare norms. This is an additional step that will make you feel good. The concentrated ingredients of the masks help to spot treat a specific concern. One can very well go for clay masks to boost hydration. There won’t be any possibility of dirt settling on the skin surface. Oil build-up & debris will not show up too soon. Level up your skincare regimen with face masks. You will hardly have reasons to worry about.

Practice to wear a night cream

Men might find it too unreasonable to wear a night cream. But the skin wears out and needs ample time to heal. Hydrating ingredients like peptides help in regeneration. Wear a night cream to feel like a pro. This move will help you to stay ahead of others. A specific cream will smoothen the regeneration process. With the onset of the regeneration process, your skin will start to feel young like before.

Final thoughts

Skincare may sound like a lavish concept to some men. But it is rather imperative. Do not go by others’ opinions. Take steps that are tailor-made for you. It’s you who has to feel comfortable in your skin. So, kindly do the needful to ensure a healthful, young and happy skin. A good skincare regimen isn’t an unknown concept like ancient times.

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