Latest Designer Bangles

Bangles are usually one of the unnoticed ornaments, a woman wears, yet it still has a lot in itself to complement your beauty. A round ornament meant to wear in your wrist and gives an elegant look to the personality, especially to those, following fashion trends.
Latest Designer Bangles

Bangles, in the latest era are intricately designed in many of the creative ways and are one of the precious jewellery for a married woman.

Different Types Of Designer Bangles:

The following are the latest designer gold bangle designs which will help you to choose the best which suits you, among them.

1. Designer Gold Bangles Studded with Diamonds:

Designer Gold Bangles Studded with Diamonds


Let it be a kitty party or an occasion, no lady leaves a stone unturned to dress up in the most beautiful way. An elite gathering of people, whether official or personal is the best occasion to choose this bangle. An expensive one, in looks too, would definitely make centre of appraisal for everyone. Not very broad and sober to wear, the gold bangle is studded with diamond and emerald, giving it an ethnic look, good enough to be worn with a saree or suit.

2. Floral Designed Diamond Bangles:

Floral Designed Diamond Bangles

A broad black bangle studded with diamonds in a floral design is one of the latest designer bangles. An eye-catchy ornament which would not only go with the ethnic wear but would equally complement a western dress.

3. Broad Diamond Bangles:

 Broad Diamond Bangles

A designer diamond bangle unusually broad but in the latest fashion trend. It would not even cost you much when wearing only one would do you a good job! The emeralds studded in between the florally designed diamonds give it a classy look.

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4. Resin Bangle With Gold Flakes:


Resin Bangle With Gold Flakes

A latest designer bangle with an exotic look, enticing jewellery for the teenagers. The coloured resin gives it an extra ordinary look and would definitely make you stand out amongst the crowd.

5. Gold Arm Cuffs:

Gold Arm Cuffs

A latest designer gold bangle, the arm cuff, is an ornament suitable both for the elders as well as the young ladies. The thin border with the intricately designed leafs on both the sides gives it a classy looks and would be worn along with any kind of dress preferred.

6. Thin Gold Bangles:


Thin Gold Bangles

The latest fashion trends with the kurta and anarkalis being worn in excess by the women, these thin bangles in bulk to be worn with such ethnic wear would definitely go with the dress.

7. A Bangle with All Looks:

A Bangle with All Looks

This is a green coloured gold designer bangles with studded diamonds, emerald and pink sapphire stones. An extraordinarily designed bangle in a spiral manner, it would be an odd ornament worn by you, rarely found in someone else’s hand. The diamonds studded in a spiral manner also give it a different look.

8. The Peacock Kada:


 The Peacock Kada


The gold bangle with diamonds, an antique one yet with a latest style is an elite jewellery to be worn in parties and occasions. The bangle designed in the shape of a peacock in between with stones and a layer of diamond in the corners, gives an attractive appearance. This is a broad bangle and would complement an overtly dressed woman in ethnic.

9. The White Gold Bangle:

The White Gold Bangle

The rare white gold bangles studded with ruby stones are a gem to be bought and worn. The diamonds studded on the sides give it a classy look and this can be preferred by women who crave for rare pieces. The broad base of the bangle also complements its design.

10. The Traditional Indian Bangle:

The Traditional Indian Bangle

India is known for its custom and traditions. To gift a newly married woman, this bangle would be the best option. The thin gold bangle with the spade designs and diamonds studded in between is jewellery anyone would be happy to own.

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11. The Big Diamond Bangles:


The Big Diamond Bangles

The classy and sober diamond bangles with the heavily studded stones layered at the corners and the square shaped diamonds designed in the form of stairs in between are a blessing to have. These are heavily designed bangles with the diamonds solely suited for parties and occasions with heavy sarees or suits.

12. The Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle:

The Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle

A posh looking gold bangle with a simple yet a sober design in between is suitable both for the teenagers and elders. Let it be a western or a traditional wear, the bangle would go with any of that. The thick lines in the middle also give it a loom rising from the category of simplicity to which the bangle belongs.

13. The Rose Gold Diamond Wristwatch:


The Rose Gold Diamond Wristwatch

Digressing from the core idea of a bangle, this is a not so easily found ornament to be preferred by any of the lady. A combination of a wristwatch and bangle together is a perfect ornament to be worn. The idea of wearing two ornaments together, maybe. The snaky pattern with the diamonds so heavily studded in the layers and the watch fit in between formed are an extremely attractive look to the eyes of the beholder.

14. The Pearl And White Gold Bracelet:

The Pearl And White Gold Bracelet

The bangle with a western metallic look with hanging pearls can be an option of everyday wear for a lady. The gold bangle with curves in between and studded stones give it a mixture of ethnic and western look, calling it an ethnic western bangle, maybe.

15. The Sterling Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet:


The Sterling Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet

A latest designer diamond bracelet with the gold knot on the top is a thin bangle with a catchy design, desirable by the teenagers as well as the women.

As said above, the most unnoticed ornament would go noticed if you prefer the above listed bangles. Going to attend a function, going for a casual party or a get together, any occasion can be attended easily now with less pressure on choosing what to wear. All of them, distinct from each other give an appealing and you can make a choice from any of them.