What do you need for Good Essential Body Care Products Routine?

Body care products are a wide category. These include essential products that we need for basic hygiene and upkeep of the body. So, we have products that clean the skin and hair, remove the dead cells, moisturize it, and make them healthier. The objective of these products is to make sure that our bodies stay clean and healthy. The three main types of private label body care products are:

The Cleansers

These are products that are used to clean the body. Cleansers attract and trap dirt & grime. These usually work by producing some sort of lather or foam, which is then washed away by water. We use cleansers every day on our body, face and sometimes for our hair. The common types are:

  • Cleansing Milk: We use cleansing milk to clean the face. It’s formulated as a lotion or oil which can rub onto the skin. It is then wiped off with cotton. The cleaners trap the dirt and grime, pulling it away from the skin. Cleansing milk is usually used to remove make-up or the accumulation of dirt at the end of the day. Natural cleansing milk includes coconut and olive oil.
  • Face Wash: We use a face wash in place of soap when washing the face because it is a gentler formulation. It is designed to hydrate the skin while cleaning it. A face wash, therefore, is less likely to strip the moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and patchy. Natural ingredients that work perfectly as face wash include neem tree oil, activated charcoal, and rose verbena.
  • Toner: A toner is used after cleaning the face, but before using the moisturizer. It acts as an extra cleanser, removing any leftover dirt, grime or traces of make-up. It also helps in correcting the pH balance of the skin and keeping acne in check. Rose water is often used as a natural toner.
  • Soaps: The age-old method of cleaning the skin, soaps are very effective in cleaning the skin. Soaps have harsh chemicals that actually strip the skin of its natural barriers, leaving it more exposed to dirt in the long run. Natural soaps trap and clean the dirt without stripping the skin of its moisture. Natural ingredients for making soaps include beeswax, Himalayan salt, Moroccan red clay, beer peach, and cow ghee. These ingredients are powerful cleansers that moisturize the skin they clean it.
  • Shampoo: Used to cleanse the hair, shampoo is typically used on wet hair (although there are also dry shampoos from private label body care products specialists). Take a small amount of shampoo and massage it into your scalp. It will produce a lather which is then washed away with water. Shampoo cleans the dirt, oil, and grime from the hair, leaving it squeaky clean. It also gives the hair a bounce. Natural alternatives include kokum, activated charcoal, neem, and shikakai.

The Exfoliators

Exfoliators have a slightly rough texture, which comes from the particles in their formulation. Their job is to remove the dead skin. An exfoliator is rubbed on a wet face in a circular motion, sloughing away the dead skin. This leaves clean and fresh skin that also looks healthy. Moreover, the younger cells hold moisture better, leaving the skin soft and fresh. There are different exfoliators for the skin and face.

The Moisturizers

Moisturizers are meant to trap the moisture in the skin, leaving it soft. Moisturizers help in hydrating the skin which is left dry and patchy because of harsh cleansers or effects of pollution. A hydrated skin stays soft and is better able to fight the signs of aging.

  • Body Oil: Applied on the body, these oils are powerful hydrating agents. This includes body lotions and body butter. The later is thicker and more effective on very dry skin or dry conditions. Powerful body oils include coconut, argon, olive and almond oils.
  • Moisturizer: These are used for the face. Moisturizers are usually lighter than body oils and butter. Coconut, almond and olive oil are a powerful moisturizer. These can be combined with ingredients like pomegranate and saffron for improving effectiveness.
  • Lip Balm: The skin of the lip is thinner than the face. Lip balms hydrate the skin of the lip, reducing cuts and dryness. Rose and grapefruit form powerful lip balms.

These are some of the Essential Private Label Body Care Products that you should have at your home.


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