Best Skin Care Routine for Men

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive, whether it is a woman or a man. But it is quite often seen that like women, men also pay attention to their faces. But most of them, only look to shave and use a face wash for the skin, which is quite inadequate in today’s scenario. Today’s pollution, external dust, and sunlight make it important for the men to wash their face just like the women does. Let us tell you what things should be taken care off for men to take care of their faces. The best skin routine for men compiled from our interview with the best hair doctor in Jaipur is as follows:fake receipt

Clean the Face Properly

In order to clean and eliminate dead skin cells, men should also look to clean the face at least twice a day, as the women do. Also, it is being observed that men’s are not choosy while they are purchasing face wash. They pick in random. But they should pick the facewash according to their skin type. Whitehead, blackhead, and acne are often seen on men’s face due to the utilization of a wrong face wash.

Take care of the beard
Those who do not like to have a clean shave should take special care of their beards. If you don’t take proper care of your beards, then get reading to face problems like itching and infection. So, to avoid this, you should take special care of your beard. For cleaning the beards, it is being recommended to wash the beard with shampoo twice a week. Keep in mind that do not shampoo over shave.

Use of moisturizers
It is extremely important to moisturize the skin. If you do not do this, then the skin starts to become rigid. If the skin does not get enough moisture, then the marks of wrinkles begin to appear gradually after the age of thirty. Applying moisturizer gives both skin nutrition and moisture. So to trigger out the wrinkles, you should use a good moisturizer which contains vitamin C and Bio Oil. Apart from this, you should drink at least 3 liters of water in the day.

Sunscreen use
It is very often that men possess a sunscreen. But they should have one as the men spend more time under the sunlight compared to that of women. No matter, it is summer or winter, the effect of UV rays remains the same. Also, many times it is being observed that the skin is affected even after taking simple steps to avoid sunlight. So, the only way to avoid this is to use sunscreen cream or lotion when going out of the home.

Use of scrubs
Spending the whole day in between the dust, soil, and pollution can worsen the upper layer of our skin in just two to three days. Due to this, the shine of the face looks a bit dull. That is why we need to remove Dead Skin cells from our face and it can only be done by scrubs. Scrubs not only remove dead skin cells of the face but also make face skin soft and shiny. Usually, our face needs to remove dead skin cells twice a week.

Use a Mild Soap
If you are not using any light soap, you are making your skin curly. Stubborn soaps steal moisture from the skin. Therefore a habit of using a mild soap.

Go for Regular Facial
The Sun’s sunlight makes the scalp horrid. So, go for the facial which suits your face in order to maintain the shine of the face.

So, this is the best care routine for men which one should follow. Also, one should keep in mind that everyone has a different skin type, therefore don’t follow the skin care routine and products of others. Choose the products which are favorable to your skin and prepare a skincare routine accordingly. Still, if you have any query, do ask them by commenting in the below section.

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