How to make your bridal mehendi last longer

The mehendi function is one of the important events before a big fat Indian wedding. And it is natural to want a dark and bold mehndi that stands out. Here are some of the easiest ways to make your mehendi stay longer. 

  1. Let it set

Don’t touch the design right after it is applied. Henna remains moist when applied and that’s why you need to keep your mehendi design safe from any obstacles- clothes, hair, and other environmental factors so that your design doesn’t get smeared. The design usually dries within 5-10 minutes but, it is always advised to be on the safe side. Only after minimum 30 minutes that you can give up the fear of your design getting smeared. 

  1. Let the mehendi design stay for as long as possible

The longer the mehendi design is kept, the darker it becomes. Let the henna paste dry on skin for at least 6 hours or the best would be leaving it overnight. Forget washing it or rubbing the henna paste. 

  1. Lime juice & Sugar 

As soon as your mehendi starts to dry, apply a coat of lime juice and sugar. This will help the mehendi stay moist and eventually resulting in a darker stain. Fill a small bowl with lemon juice and mix sugar until it forms a sticky solution. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution. 

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The lemon sugar solution will moisturize the henna sealing and protecting the design. The acid present in lemon will also highlight the color of your mehendi. Be careful to not oversaturate the henna, or it will smear and drip the entire mehendi. 

If you have the sugar-and-lemon solution applied, make sure to wrap it up otherwise it would get rubbed and smeared. 

  1. Keep your skin moist and warm

The warmer the body temperature, the quicker the henna would stain. If your body temperature is low, try drinking something hot before starting so that you keep warm and the paste-coasted areas impart warmth and moisture. 

  1. Wrap it up

Once your mehendi dries, it will start crumbing and spilling everywhere. To avoid this, wrap your mehendi design with an elastic bandage, toilet paper or paper medical tape. The most secure one would be wrapping the mehendi design with a pair of socks. 

Lay a piece of toilet paper over the mehendi design before wrapping the area with an elastic bandage. 

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Henna easily stains clothes, bedsheets and towels. Thus, wrapping it up is very much needed. 

  1. Wash off dry henna flakes

With the help of room-temperature, water and mild soap dab the stain gently with a cloth. Mak sure you don’t rub the design as it would fade quickly if you do so. 

  1. Keep your mehendi design away from water or soap

Try not to get the area wet for at least 6-12 hours after paste removal, although the effect will be even stronger if you wait a full 24 hours. Water can interrupt the oxidization and darkening processes of your henna stain.

  1. Go natural

Use natural henna since it lasts longer than the ones with chemicals added. Natural mehendi comes out darker and leaves a beautiful color too. 

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  1. Eucalyptus oil

The quickest way to make your mehendi darker is by applying eucalyptus oil. This is the most commonly used tip to darken mehendi. Before applying mehendi, rub some eucalyptus oil on your hands and feet this would make your mehendi darker with a goreous color. 

  1. Clove steam

After you are done with the lemon juice and sugar mix,  take a clove steam for a gorgeous color. Heat a few cloves in a container and run your hands over it. 

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  1. No blow-drying

It would be tempting to use things that would dry your mehendi sooner, but don’t . let it dry on its own. Blow drying your mehendi design can lead to the bleeding of your mehendi design and ruin it completely and that is something you don’t want. 

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