HPV White Spots on Lips, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

HPV White Spots on Lips, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

If you have any chances of having sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HPV white spots on lips can be the first sign. If Human papillomavirus (HPV) is pathological cause leading to white bumps. It is one of the most common conditions that can happen to you when you become sexually active. HPV affects your throat and genital area.

While there are multiple reasons why you have white bumps on lips, HPV is specifically related to STDs. I will guide you through causes, treatments, home remedies to get rid of the white bumps on your lips.

The guide will help you identify symptoms to understand the root cause because white spots on lips can be there for numerous reasons. Apart from cysts and infections, white bumps on lips or gums may also have some alarming condition that needs to be taken care of.

Causes of white spots on lips

Here are the possible ways to answer why do I have white spots on my lips –

HPV white spots on lips

If you are infected with HPV white spots on lips, it is due to the skin-to-skin contact. Hence if you get throat or mouth HPV, the reason is oral sex, and if you get it in your genitals, it is due to intercourse.

Sometimes these spots may disappear on their own when the infection subsides. HPV white spots on lips are pink or white and look like outgrown tissue. Apart from lips, you may also get them on your eyelids and neck.


The white spots on lips could also be due to milia, which accumulate from dead cells. Like HPV spots, these may also appear on your eyelids apart from lips. The cause of milia is still unknown, but these mainly occur in the area where the skin has gone under trauma.

Oral Candidiasis or thrush

This is a mouth fungal infection due to a Candida albicans fungus. This infection can quickly attack you if you have weak immunity or use removable dentures. It is crucial you maintain good oral hygiene.

Fordyce Spots

These marks do not have any specific reason but are due to a particular gland known as sebaceous glands. These are just physiological structures that are nothing to be worried about.

Oral Cancer

White bumps on lips can be harmless and benign, but some can have an underlying malignant condition. Sometimes the spots could be cancerous or precancerous lesions.

Oral Herpes

This is another type of STI that could cause white spots.

Symptoms of HPV include white spots on the lips

Now coming to symptoms, they may differ depending on how major the infection is. Sometimes, HPV can also lead to other severe issues like oral cancer. Hence in the below explanation, you will see the symptoms for minor and major ones:

Normal or minor cases

  • Spots: The spots or bumps are hard and small, which can go on their own and might not need attention.
  • Shape: These white spots may appear to be flat or slightly raised. These bumps may also be calloused or smooth in texture.
  • Color: The bumps may appear to be pink, white, red, or flesh-colored.
  • Pain: The bumps are generally painless.
  • Growth: In minor cases, the spots generally remain the same or grow very slowly.

HPV may also lead to more severe issues like oral cancer and oropharyngeal. There are rare cases where the infection turns into cancer. HPV 16 is the type that causes oral cancers. As oral cancer progresses, it tends to show the apparent symptoms mentioned below.

  • Pain: The bumps in oral cancer can be painful or sore, which doesn’t subside even after three weeks. You may even feel difficulty swallowing and chewing, along with numbness in your tongue.
  • Discoloration: The soft tissue in your mouth may appear white, red, or black.
  • Tonsils: You may also tend to get swollen tonsils without any pain.
  • Lump: Cancer is very famous for painless lumps. But in oral cancer, you may or may not have painful lumps. However, look for lumps around the neck or in your mouth.
  • Sore Throat: This is another symptom of oral cancer. If you have small spots and suffering from a sore throat and cough, it is better to get checked.

HPV White Spots on Lips can happen from STIs

Treatment of HPV white spots on lips

The treatment of white spots on lips totally depends on the cause. Hence in the below section, you will see the treatment available to cure the white spots in different scenarios:

HPV spots

Under HPV, you may not have to do anything, and it may go on its own. But if it stays for more than a couple of weeks, you may check with a dermatologist. There are very few chances that your HPV will grow and cause discomfort, then you may choose to visit a cosmetic surgeon and get it removed.

Oral thrush

These are caused due to a fungal infection; hence an antifungal medication should do the job to get rid of white spots. You may also add dietary supplements and topical antiseptics to treat them. A good investment in mouthwash will also help.

Fordyce spots lips

These are the same as HPV spots, but you may choose to get them removed with the help of laser treatment. If it’s relatively big, you may also choose to go for an electrosurgery.

Herpes simplex

To treat these, you can have antiviral drugs, which will help prevent it from reoccurring. They will disappear with proper medication and has nothing to be worried about.


As discussed, milia is nothing but dead cells. You may get a good lip scrubber and get rid of it in no time. Else you may even choose to get yourself a much-needed spa treatment for your face.

Oral cancer

Now, cancer is very serious and needs proper care and treatment. The treatment for oral cancer depends on its severity. If it is a minor one, a few chemotherapies will help you get cured. But sometimes, it may have to get operated on to discard the affected areas.

HPV white spots on lips prevention

There are a few preventative measures that can help you from getting an infection and spreading it:

Getting vaccine

Get yourself vaccinated, and you will be free from the risk of getting HPV. What’s better than this, right? This vaccine works for both men and women aged between 9-45. Get vaccinated now!

Quitting smoking

If you don’t want genital warts, you should stop smoking now. Research has shown smokers have a higher chance of getting warts than people who don’t. Quitting smoking will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve overall wellbeing.

dark circles under eyes causes

Stop douching

Did you know the vagina is self-cleaning and doesn’t require your help? Using products filled with chemicals harms the vagina as it kills all the beneficial bacteria in the vagina. It increases the chance of contracting an infection. However, you may wash your vulva with plain warm water, and that’s it.

Using dental dams and condoms

Using condoms can save you from any kind of infection and not only HPV. You can spice up your oral sex game by using dental dams. Using these makes you free from all sorts of complications. Also, do not opt for diaphragm and birth control; these have no role in preventing HPVs.

Oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene will help you prevent infection. In case of an infection, you will be able to figure it out in the initial stage. This will help you treat it immediately before causing serious issues.

Monthly visit to the dentist

You must always have a monthly routine to check your dental health. Prevention is better than cure. Instead of solving a big issue, it is always better to work on smaller ones and get rid of them. Monthly checks will ensure you do not have any underlying situation.

Treating white bumps on lips at home

Sometimes, white bumps on lips can be treated at home using simple home remedies. Find the below list and try it yourself. The remedies below are the most effective home remedies to get rid of white bumps:

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a popular weight loss drink. It is a great salad addition and for meat marination, but did you know it could help you with white bumps on lips?

It has antibacterial elements enabling you to manage the sebum production on your skin.

Just take 1 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp water, mix them well, and apply it on the bumps. Rinse it with some lukewarm water after 3 minutes. Do this two times a week and see the results.

apple cider vinegar for white bumps on lips

Cold presses coconut oil

You must have heard coconut oil is excellent for your hair and you may also use it as a cooking oil. But do you know it is also an excellent moisturizer.

When your skin is dehydrated, it tends to release excess sebum, resulting in white bumps. Try applying cold-pressed coconut oil along with your favorite essential oil to the white bumps every day.

Lavender oil is the best combination for this; try it yourself and see the results.


This could be difficult if you don’t like garlic. However, if you love garlic, you must try this trick to eliminate the bumps.

Take two cloves of garlic and crush them. Now with a glass of water, add 2tsp of lemon juice. Mix it all and drink it empty stomach.

The results will surprise you. This smelly garlic has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties, which will help in preventing bacterial growth.

5 facts about HPV

  1. Some HPV white spots on lips may go on their own. But if the bumps take forever, you must go to the dermatologist and get them checked.
  2. There is no way to eliminate getting HPV. However, preventive measures can make the risk go down by 80%. Safe sex and oral hygiene go hand in hand.
  3. Vaccines are only there for specific strains of HPV, which are cancerous.
  4. HPV happens to anyone sexually active. We all had HPVs at least once, and we weren’t aware!
  5. Lastly, HPV can last outside the body, unlike other viruses. Hence hygiene plays a significant role here.

Causes of HPV White Spots on Lips

Final Thoughts

As you have concluded this article, I hope it clears all your doubts about HPV and white spots. To prevent any infection, you must follow basic hygiene. For example, brushing your teeth twice daily and investing in good mouthwash can save you from tooth decay.

Do not worry about the spots on your lips; they will go on their own. However, if it takes forever to go, you have your dermatologist’s number; call and book an appointment.

There are cosmetic processes that you can go through if over-the-counter medicines don’t work for you!

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