Top 12 Different Types of Noses to Refer Before Your Nose Job

Top 12 Different Types of Noses to Refer Before Your Nose Job

Ever wondered what all types of noses would look like under one chart? Well, someone might be Pinocchio while someone else might be Mr. Bean. But those are cartoons right? What about humans and how do we differentiate amount types of nose?

Well, if you want to have a nose job done, you will need references and ideas. These ideas can help you create the perfect of how you want your nose to look.

We live in a world of 8 billion people with 8 billion noses, so it is obvious that every nose is different. But you need to look through reference noses  to select one shape that fits you. If you envy the nose of your favorite celebrity and want to get your nose job done, it is possible with the help of rhinoplasty.

No one is perfect; even some of the greatest celebs go under the knife to get that attractive look appearance. Much like other cosmetic procedures like face-lifting and plastic surgeries, nose jobs sharper your appearance.

Apart from making you look beautiful and attractive, your nose also plays an important role in your respiratory system. It is an air filter of your body. Most importantly, everything you smell is because of your nose.

If your sense of smell stopped working, you would lose one of the important powers of your body. Imagine what would life be without a nose? So, having the best surgeon onboard is necessary for surgery.

Types of noses

The types of noses chart will give you a complete idea to differentiate and pick an option that works best for your facial features:

1. Aquiline or Roman nose

Do you know why this type of nose is known as the Roman nose? Well, this type is mostly seen in Roman artworks. It is also the most desired type among men.

Here the nasal bridge is very prominent and enhances the tip of your nose. Some famous faces, like Ryan Gosling, own a perfect Roman nose. Having a Roman nose could be impressive. If you have one, find yourself lucky because only 9% of the world’s population has it.

ryan gosling

2. Greek-shaped or straight nose

These are among the most famous types of noses because of their distinguishing characteristics. Greek noses have a perfect straight bridge or nasal dorsum and narrow nostrils. These types are the most preferred ones because of their pleasing appearance. Some famous faces like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney have straight bridges with proportionate tips.

Don’t they look adorable? However, it also depends on face type.

A big Greek nose may not look appropriate if you have a round face. If you are born with a Greek nose, you may feel it is too big and weird, but some people even want to get a nose job done!

If you think it isn’t your type or looks too big on your face, just find a great surgeon, and your job will be done. Depending on your facial features, your doctor may be able to give you an ideal nose. But you must be clear about your expectations with your doctor.

jennifer aniston

3. Snub or Button nose

Snub noses are round in shape and have an upturned nose characteristic. With this type, you will be able to see the nostrils clearly from the front view. If you are of Asian or European ancestry, you may have a button nose. If you have a button nose, there can be instances where you feel you want a long nose and decide to get a nose job done.

A snub nose is very cute if it suits your face. This is one of the types of noses females die for! Some gorgeous celebrities own button noses, and they are flawless, like Elizabeth Taylor and Emma Stone.

Would you still want to get a nose job done? As discussed, every nose has a personality. Hence, you are undoubtedly delicate and cute if you got a button nose.

You are hospitable, warm and believe in spreading happiness all around. With work, you believe in having a plan before doing things. But on the downside, you may have to go through a lot of trouble with money.

You aren’t a saver as you believe in ‘you only live once’ too religiously. Is it a good thing? Well, that’s your call.

4. Nubian or African nose

This type, as the name suggests, is very common among Africans. The main characteristic is low and long bridges with a broader base, and the tip is always pointed downwards, with wide fins.

Do you know there are even specialized surgeons for African rhinoplasty? This is mainly because, in Nubian noses, the cartilage and bone should be correctly manipulated to make it look strong and hard. Some of the most famous faces like Barack Obama, Rihanna and Beyonce are among the Nubian noses.

The interesting part is a Nubian nose also says a lot about you as a person. As per studies, if you have a Nubian nose, you are a person with excellent leadership skills and optimistic person. You don’t want much from life, but life has great plans. Also, you lighten up the room with your warmth and kindness. If you have a Nubian nose, consider yourself lucky.


5. Hawk nose

These types may confuse you with the Roman nose, but the Hawk nose’s bridge is much narrower with a pointed tip.

Are you wondering why it is called a hawk nose? Well, if you have seen a hawk, try picturing its beak. The hawk nose is as curvy as the beak, hence the name.

This isn’t a desirable shape, but if it suits your face, then nothing like it. Like Adrien Brody and Barbra Streisand, aren’t they gorgeous? So, don’t get worked up if you have a hawk nose.

If you have a hawk nose, you are fearless and carefree. You don’t mind talking your heart out and love to take risks. Having a hawk nose also shows that you love to be in the spotlight, but your friends may mistake you for being selfish. The good part is you have great fortune with you!

6. East Asian nose

As the name suggests, it is common among people from East Asian countries. Their noses are flat and low, without any prominent tips. It also lacks definition and the noses are usually round and wide.

Like people from Korea, Japan and China have similar nose, but you can differentiate one from another. They do not have a specific shape or form, and every individual may have a different kind because of the diversity within the East Asian population.

You know Jackie Chan, and Ken Watanabe, both of them are East Asian, but their nose has different shapes and size. Having an East Asian nose also states you are a curious human and have a good grip in intuitions. Listening to your intuition could bring great success to your life! If you are an East Asian, say hello to the psychic world.

types of noses east asian

7. Wide nose

Having this type could be due to many reasons and not just by birth. For example, injury, if you damage your cartilage or nasal bones in an accident, there are chances your nose to become wide. Likewise, if you have a heredity where people have wide noses, you may have it because of your genetics.

With age, your skin tends to loosen up, and along with your face, your nose also changes. As your face becomes small, your nose makes you look bigger to your face. There are numerous types of nose jobs like rhinoplasty, anaplasty, and tip rhinoplasty to fix this. You can get the surgery done as per your concerned area.

8. Long nose

Like a wide nose, having a long nose may also be due to another reason other than birth. Ageing, genetics and sometimes growth is the issue with a long nose. There are chances that during your development age, your nose grew unevenly and which is why you have a long nose.

There are various areas you can get your nose job done. Like if you want to make the bridge short or lift the nasal tip or even reduce the length, all can be done with the help of a nose job. But do you know among all the types of noses, having a long nose means?

It means you are a perfectionist and love to excel in every field. You are very challenging and confident, but you love your time more than anything else.

9. Bulbous nose

Among so many types of noses, this one has no definition since the tip is round and big. It makes you look like you have a very big nose. Your nostrils may seem to look very large and disproportionate to your face, which is why you may consider getting a nose job done.

While deciding on surgery, you must discuss with your doctor what you actually want. But did you know you may get rhinophyma because of untreated rosacea, resulting in a bulbous nose?

If you have this skin condition, you may consider rhinoplasty to reshape your nose. But to your surprise, Bill Clinton is among the bulbous noses. But with a bulbous nose, it shows you live your life like there’s no tomorrow.

Your leadership skill is always at its peak, and you are the one-man army type of a person. You may have a lot of money, but you like to spend each penny where it’s worth.

10. Upturned or celestial nose

This one is small in size and has the tip projected upwards. Many people desire the upturned nose because of its significant tip. In this type, the nose’s dorsum has a small dent near the center of the nose.

If you have an upturned nose, consider yourself lucky because people get a nose job for getting an upturned nose. Some famous celebrities with upturned noses are Zac Efron, Emma Stone, Kate Middleton, Lea Michele and Rachael McAdams.

Having a celestial nose depicts that you are a very generous person, and with age, you gain a lot of knowledge and experience. You also love holidays with family, and you’re a very emotional person. Because of these qualities, you add to the charm and attractiveness of your face, which has a beautiful nose.

11. Fleshy nose

You read about so many types of noses, but this one is considered to be the most desired type among men. What does a flesh nose look like?

A fleshy nose has thin cartilage with a meaty nose. The nostrils are pretty big with a low bridge. Some famous faces like Albert Einstein and Mark Ruffalo are among the fleshy noses. Having a fleshy nose also states that you love to earn money and spend it on things you love.

12. Crooked nose

Having a crooked nose is mostly due to an injury or if you had a major sinus trauma. But sometimes, it is also due to genetics. A crooked nose usually has visible bumps and may hinder breathing if it is too much crooked.

With the help of rhinoplasty, you may get this fixed. But having a crooked nose states you will have a lot of challenges in life which need to be fought. Though there will be problems, you’ll face them with great integrity. Some of the most famous celebrities with crooked noses are Owen Wilson and Clive Owen.

Final Thoughts

As you have come to the end of this article, I hope now you know what type your nose is. There are so many different types of noses in the world that make each person distinct. Which one is your favorite? If you want to consider getting a nose job done, as told earlier, get the best surgeon for it. Be sure of what you want your nose to look like and aim right for it.

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