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Ladies we have a genuine reason, why we have compiled this list of exclusively beautiful Maggam work blouse designs. Sarees are our occasional wear and we look to them only when we are in celebration mood. So when it’s time to carry these 6 yards Saree, then practically it becomes quite hard to carry this ethnic look. And heavily embellished Saree’s add more weight to this problem. But now we have a lighter solution to them. You can try light weight silk, chiffon or georgette plain, bold color sarees and pair them with these heavily embellished Maggam work blouse designs.

These blouses look equally fab on skinny as well as plus size ladies. They enhance the curves of plus size and give a fuller look to skinny girls. Below is the list of 30 stunning Maggam work blouse designs. Also have a lok at these beautiful Maggam work saree designs

30 Beautiful Maggam work blouse designs:

1: Floral Maggam work beautifully flowing down the length of the red color blouse. You can easily pair this blouse with yellow, white, brown, green, blue and black and grey color saree.

 Floral Maggam work

2. Maggam work with fine use of stones for a heavy bridal blouse in fuchsia color. This blouse will perfectly match with grey, yellow, brown, lime green and mint green color saree.

 Maggam work with fine use of stones

3. Magnificent golden beads stitched with Maggam work on long corset style peach color blouse. You can do great experiments with blue, purple, violet, black and white color drapes with this peach colored corset style blouse.

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Magnificent golden beads

4. Maggam work blouse with beautiful stone work on sheer nude beige color fabric. With this nude beige color blouse, pick blue, brown, emerald green, red, white and black color saree which will perfectly match with this maggam work designer blouse.

Maggam work blouse

5. Maggam work in black blouse with intricate golden thread used to create beautiful floral patterns. This stylish black color blouse can work with any saree. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that if it has golden embroidery then your saree must also have some golden thread work on it. Or if it has silver embroidery then your saree must have some silver details.

Maggam work in black blouse

6. Designer blouse in turquoise color with Maggam patch work. Fuchsia, cherry red, yellow, brown, cream and dark blue color saree can look fabulous with this blouse

Designer blouse

7. Maggam work in mint green color blouse and design with fine Sitara work. Orange, yellow, brown, cream, pink, red or black you can pick any of these color saree with this mint green blouse.

Maggam work in mint green color blouse

8. Maggam work blouse designs for heavy bridal silk saree. You can pair this blouse either with a red or golden color saree and this ornate blouse is surely going to turn every head.

blouse designs for heavy bridal silk saree

9. This blouse in dark green color is a modern take in traditional designs. If you want to shine like a celestial beauty you can try this beautiful bead work.

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blouse in dark green color

10. When you are not just looking for a blouse, but you want to wear some ancient stories. Then you can try beautiful Maggam work blouse designs like this. Like this one which depicts the beautiful flora and fauna of our land.

beautiful Maggam work


11. Dual tone pink stone embellished Maggam work bridal blouse design. This blouse will perfectly match with grey, yellow, brown, lime green and mint green color saree.

Dual tone pink stone

12. Beautiful Maggam work using golden threads with full embroidery on it perfect for plain Indian handloom saree.  You can pair this blouse either with a red or golden color saree and this ornate blouse is surely going to bag many compliments for you.

Beautiful Maggam work latest

13. Heavy Maggam bridal blouse with colorful gemstones and fine use of Sitara using Maggam embroidery work. This multicolored blouse can be paired with almost every color saree.

Heavy Maggam bridal blouse

14. You can also try this single motif style which is embroidered throughout the blouse. This ivory colored blouse with mighty golden elephants looks so ethereal. You can experiment with some traditional motifs like peacock or go for some modern designs like a bicycle.


elephant designs

15. This beautiful blouse in vibrant green and pink is truly an inspirational design. Intricate Maggam work all through its neckline adds to the fashion quotient of this blouse.


This beautiful blouse

16. Multicolored densely embellished stones with Maggam work on bridal blouse. This multicolor blouse will match almost with any color like green, blue red and pink

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Maggam work on bridal blouse

17. This classy blouse in royal blue color is perfect one for the wedding functions. The designers have shown their endless creativity in depicting the wedding day events.

 classy blouse

18. Fierce red with golden Maggam work can surely become your favourite pick. As this chic blouse can be easily paired with many beautiful colors. The golden petal embroidery redefines the beauty.

Fierce red with golden Maggam work


19. Bridal Maggam work blouse designs with ornamental embroidery. This blouse will perfectly match with grey, yellow, brown, lime green and mint green color saree.


Bridal Maggam work blouse designs 

20. Royal golden sequin blouse with contrasting red stones highlighting its beautiful window pane embroidery. This ornate blouse is perfect for red saree.

Royal golden sequin blouse

21. Elegant rose flower design: This blouse will look good on yellow color saree or with the same red color saree.


Elegant rose flower design

22. Beautiful copper brown embroidery on back of orange raw silk blouse. Perfect for beige, indigo blue and off white color saree.

Beautiful copper brown embroidery

23.Heavy Bridal Maggam work blouse designs with Zardosi embroidery. This blouse is perfect for red and golden color saree.

Heavy Bridal Maggam work blouse design

24. Heavily embellished red bridal blouse with red stones. This blouse is perfect for red and golden color saree.

Heavily bridal blouse

25. Gorgeous Maggam work silk blouse with deep neck ornate embroidery at back and ornate embroidery in half sleeve cap. This candy pink blouse is a perfect match for grey, golden, mint green color saree.

Gorgeous Maggam work silk blouse