Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs and Inspo

simple skeleton hand tattoo

Are you searching for some out-of-the-box and cool simple skeleton hand tattoo ideas? Then keep reading on since we have jotted down some of the best skeleton hand tattoos.

Well, to put it in the right way, tattoos are not for the ones who want to get blended into the crowd. Hence, if you want to get a skeleton tattoo on your hand, you need to be brave and care less about what everyone thinks of you.

Apart from the fact that these tattoos are extremely edgy, they are certainly one of the coolest tattoos you can get. Hence, read on to know some of the best simple skeleton hand tattoo ideas you can choose to get a tattoo done.

However, let us first have a look at:

  • what these tattoos mean
  • what it indicates

Therefore, read on to know more.

What are skeleton tattoos?

Skeleton tattoos are one of those tattoos which can leave a long-lasting and powerful impact. It is undoubtedly extremely fascinating and charming enough to steal the attention of literally everyone.

Truth be told, you cannot avoid noticing a simple skeleton hand tattoo. The full credit for this goes to the crazy visibility capacity that it tends to hold. These tattoos can also be scary and horrific to some people. However, it might be humorous, fun, and rather fascinating to others.

Well, you can certainly not find it horrific or scary since these tattoos represent death. The basic thought behind a skeleton tattoo is to remember how fragile and short-lived human mortality is.

And thus how we all should stop thinking and worrying about the future and start to live in the present moment. On the contrary, there is also another meaning that skeleton hand tattoos signify. It represents renewal and fearlessness.

If we go far enough in the past, we would know how these tattoos signified remembering the dead and the deceased in the Aztecs and the Latin cultures.

You read that correctly. In these cultures, skeleton tattoos inked on people honored a dead ancestor. It was essentially done to give a tribute to their journey afterlife.

However, with time, these tattoos shifted from being a social symbol to a more causal symbol. The one thing that people notice the most about these tattoos is the drawings on every hand.

These drawings range from some being a masterpiece to some being horrific and weird. Either way, this tattoo is an amazing choice for people who cannot have enough of them and do not shy away from embracing the same.

Hence, let us look at some simple skeleton hand tattoos you can get done.

Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo ideas

Realistic Skeleton hand tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you are looking forward to getting yourself a skeleton tattoo that is extremely detailed and looks real, this type of tattoo is your go-to. However, before getting this done, make sure you are ready for how it will look.

Now, you must be wondering what made us say that, right? This is certainly because a realistic skeleton tattoo is highly likely to look extremely creepy. It is designed in a way that it looks like the tattoo is a real skeleton hand.

That being said, it is also important to mention that getting this tattoo can be extremely painful. It certainly is because of all the details put in to make the tattoo look real. Hence, before you head on to get a realistic tattoo, make sure that you are mentally prepared to endure all the pain.

The last thing to know about a realistic skeleton hand tattoo is that these tattoos are more expensive than any other skeleton tattoo. Again, the reason is the amount of detail, effort, and time put into it.

Outline Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Image Credit: Ask Ideas

An Outline Skeleton hand tattoo is more on the simpler tattoos that you can pot for. These tattoos have the outline of a skeleton drawn on your hands. Needless to say, in comparison getting this skeleton tattoo is less painful and also less expensive. One can say that this kind of tattoo is a cooler take on the traditional simple skeleton hand tattoo.

It is a bold move to get a skeleton hand tattoo done. As mentioned before, these tattoos hold a lot of significance. It is a constant reminder of how fragile mortality is.

For many people, these tattoos might come across as dark and creepy. But, in reality, these tattoos are often made as a tribute to the ancestors. It is made to let everyone know to live in the moment and let there be no regrets whatsoever.

Traditional Skeleton Tattoo

simple skeleton hand tattoo
Image Credit: Ask Ideas

Suppose you are looking forward to getting yourself a skeleton tattoo that would be eye-catching and the center of attraction. In that case, a traditional skeleton tattoo is at your rescue.

A traditional skeleton tattoo emerged back in the 1930s. The selected bright hues used in the tattoos and the bold black lines surrounding them made it the center of attraction.

Back in those times, the sailors wore more of these tattoos, making them gain immense popularity. The best part of this simple skeleton hand tattoo is that they come in various themes you can choose from. A few of them are nautical, skulls, hearts, and zoomorphic, among others.

These kinds of hand tattoos are more on the exciting lines. Apart from having an outline or a skull drawn, these go beyond to include some imagery, dates, and more. Hence, if you want a funky skeleton tattoo, you must go for this.

Minimalist Skeleton Hand Tattoo

simple skeleton hand tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest

Many of us do not wish to go over the top regarding getting inked. Rather, we look forward to a simple and minimal tattoo that leaves a mark effortlessly. For all those people, the best kind of skeleton hand tattoo that they should opt for is Minimalist Skeleton Hand Tattoo.

A Minimalist Skeleton Hand Tattoo is a simple skeleton hand tattoo that makes its way to leaving a greater impact. Unlike the other kinds of skeleton hand tattoos, they do not include a lot of depth or shading.

These tattoos could be considered more basic with just an outline. That is the very reason why this kind of simple skeleton hand tattoo is considered to be extremely easygoing and effortless.

A Minimalist Skeleton Hand Tattoo can represent many things. For instance, it can effortlessly represent strength, fearlessness, death, and protection. In most cases, these tattoos are made to honor a loved one or loved ones who are no longer there with us and have passed away.

Skeleton Bone Hand Tattoo

Image Credit: Saved Tattoo

What truly blows our mind every time we think of it is how remarkably beautiful and detailed the human skeleton is. Just the human hand consists of some articulate detail you cannot help but be in awe of. Hence, what could be a better skeleton hand tattoo option that you can do when it comes to replicating the skeleton of your hand. Thus, for the same reason, many people opt for getting that skeleton of their hand replicated in the form of a tattoo.

The replica of the bones of a human hand on your hand sure looks interesting to some people. However, some people might also consider it extremely creepy and uncalled for. Hence, before you get this tattoo, be ready for all kinds of opinions and perspectives of others.

The Skeleton Bone Hand Tattoo is undoubtedly one of the sassiest tattoos you can get when it comes to getting hand tattoos. It is eye-catching and represents fearlessness, courage, and protection.

Flower Tattoo

What we are aware of by now is that skeleton tattoos represent death and fearlessness. These tattoos are also most often made to tribute to the dead ancestors.

However, did you know that just adding another element can give an entirely different meaning to the same skeleton tattoo? Yes, you heard that right. One of such elements that you can add to your skull skeleton tattoo is a flower.

Getting a Flower and Skull Hand Tattoo has a meaning of its own. A flower and skull hand tattoo refers to a constant struggle between sin and desire. To put it in simpler terms, it shows a dilemma between bad and good.

Hence, getting this tattoo would be one of the best decisions for anyone who had their share of struggles to be on the right path.

Skeleton and Rose Tattoo

Image Credit: Next Luxury

Many people usually do not like inking with something related to death. Hence they add some other element to give it a different angle or meaning. For the same reason, many people choose to get themselves a skeleton and rose tattoo.

In case you were unaware, a skeleton and rose tattoo is one of the unique designs you can get inked with. Well, the reason is very simple. The elements that contribute to making this tattoo are opposite of each other.

As we are already aware, skeleton tattoos represent death and fearlessness. Moreover, people make this usually in the memory of a loved one. However, when it comes to a rose, it represents new and fresh beginnings and passion.

Hence, it is very likely for you to wonder what must be the reason for anyone to put these two strikingly contrasting elements together in one single tattoo. Well, every person has their kind of explanation for the same.

The explanation differs from one person to another. However, there is also a literal meaning to it. This tattoo generally indicates some love that has now, indeed, the death of intense love.

Final Thoughts

We all can figure that inking with a simple skeleton hand tattoo is definitely for the extroverts. It is not for someone who does not want to be the center of attraction. It is one of those tattoos that every single person would notice. Not just this, it is also likely for them to hold an opinion for the same.

Therefore, you should be at peace with the compliments you would likely receive after tattooing. Along with that, this tattoo, unlike many others, has an inner meaning attached to it. As we all would agree, the meaning is rather too intense. Hence, before inking the tattoo, ensure you understand and are okay with its meaning.

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