Sperm Cramps Symptoms, Causes, and Cure

Sperm Cramps Symptoms, Causes, and Cure

When it comes to men’s wellbeing, certain topics are often left untouched. For instance, a lot of men experience sperm cramps symptoms, but they are not aware of the condition or what causes them pain.

To some, it is a taboo topic and they might not want to unearth the reasons behind. If you have stumbled upon this blog, you might want to know the causes and treatment to improve your health condition. Let us explore more about this less-discussed part about men’s health.

What are sperm cramps?

Before discussing the sperm cramps symptoms or remedies, let us first try to define them medically.

So, what type of cramps are known as sperm cramps?

Every human body has unique responses to sexual stimulation and orgasm.

While most people experience pleasurable sensations, some may feel pain in their testicles.

If your testicles or lower abdomen ache after your release, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s a term for it.

Doctors call this condition POPS (post-orgasmic pain syndrome), and it can happen to any male, at any age.

So, sperm cramps are a painful and uncomfortable sensation that men feel following orgasm.

Another medical term for it is epididymal hypertension, and it is defined as testicular pain occurring after having an orgasm.

Sperm cramps symptoms

A man dealing with sperm cramps may experience some or all of these symptoms:

  • A cramp-like sharp pain in the perineum, lower abdomen, and testicles
  • Discomfort or aching in the lower abdomen
  • Recurring testicular or abdominal pain
  • Pain during sexual activity

Some people also notice a temporary discomfort in the anus, rectum, and lower back. Weakness and nausea are two other rare sperm cramps symptoms. Note that the symptoms and signs aren’t the same for everybody.

Also, all have different levels of pain endurance. So, what appears as bearable pain for you might be too intense for another individual.

Again, most people get the symptoms after having an orgasm, but some might experience pain during ejaculation.

Are you intrigued to find out more about semen cramps? Then, please scroll down to read the causes behind them.

Sperm cramps causes

More research needs to be done to understand the exact cause of semen cramps. However, according to researchers, the following factors can be responsible:


Cramping sensations are familiar if someone suffers from a urinary tract infection. Epididymitis is an infection of the epididymis, and it can also lead to pain. It is a type of bacterial infection and can be transmitted sexually.

Muscle tension

Excessive contraction of muscles while having passionate coitus can later cause discomfort or cramping in men. This type of discomfort generally goes away after some time.

Testicular issues

If your testicles hurt at the time of ejaculation, perhaps you have a testicular condition. Testicular twisting or testicular torsion is one such condition that can happen while exercising or getting intimate. Varicocele means swelling of veins in a person’s scrotum, which is painful.

Post-orgasmic illness syndrome

POIS or post-orgasmic illness syndrome is characterized by pain, muscle aches, uneasiness, and fatigue after ejaculation.

Prostate issues

If your prostate glands get inflamed, the condition is called prostatitis. Some of its primary symptoms are pain in the pelvis, genital area, and lower back.


Urinary tract infections are caused by harmful bacteria. If you have a UTI, there will be pain and swelling in the urinary system. The pain will increase when you try to pee, and you will have a constant urge to urinate. Pain in the lower stomach is another symptom, and thus, UTIs can be accountable for sperm cramps.

Hormonal factors

Did you know that a hormone named prostaglandin is present in your system? This hormone is found in semen, and it, too, can play a role in triggering semen cramps. Prostaglandin is not a male hormone, and it can lead to mild cramps in females due to womb contractions.

Other factors

Did you know that your sperm cramps can be linked to your mental health? Studies have revealed that psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and stress increase a person’s risk of experiencing cramps.

Vigorous and prolonged sexual activity, hormonal imbalances, and long-term abstinence may also contribute to semen cramps.

Lack of nutrition and dehydration are two more causes of sperm cramps. Proper diet and supplementation can help you have a balanced lifestyle devoid of such health conditions.

Debunking myths about sperm cramps

When it comes to matters like sperm cramps, there is a lot of misinformation and ill advice that people end up giving each other. These misconceptions stem from a lack of awareness on topics like reproductive health and male fertility.

One of the most absurd myths is that sperm cramps occur if you masturbate or ejaculate too much. As per research, you may have sperm cramps even if you don’t ejaculate frequently.

Impact of sperm cramps on your relationship

Sperm cramps should be a warning sign that it is time to book an appointment with your doctor. Unease will decrease your physical pleasure when you get intimate with your sexual partner. You might have performance anxiety that will affect the relationship between you and your paramour.

So, if you have been dealing with pain for quite some time, don’t let it affect your dating life any further. Instead, open up about your situation so your partner knows what you are going through. After that, go for a check-up to rule out the chances of deeper health problems.

Why shouldn’t you ignore semen cramps?

It is important to remember that semen cramps can make you feel uncomfortable, but it isn’t a severe ailment. Still, there are several reasons why you should not take it lightly. If you have sperm cramps each time you have an orgasm, your stress levels will increase. When you are stressed, it can become more challenging for you to have an erection.

Moreover, your cramps might be due to an underlying issue like prostatitis, POIS, or varicocele. If the condition doesn’t get diagnosed because of your negligence, how will the pain subside? It can get worse, leading to fever and more swelling. So, if you care about yourself, don’t let these cramps lead to infertility.

Should you visit a doctor?

Have you been speculating about issues like sperm cramps? Then it is time to take a scientific approach and opt for a sperm test. It’s the best way to get a comprehensive and accurate assessment of sperm count. Even if you think you are fertile, every man and woman should stay informed about their reproductive health.

Based on what is causing your cramps, a doctor will suggest the necessary treatment for management. They may prescribe antibiotics for managing infections. However, it would help if you did not opt for self-medication, as it can have adverse effects on your health.

How to stop sperm cramps?

Managing sperm cramps will be easy if you maintain a good lifestyle. Here are some tips that might work for you:

Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity boosts blood circulation, decreases muscle tension, and minimizes stress. Activities like pilates and yoga are highly recommended if sperm cramps are affecting your life. These exercises will improve how the muscles surrounding the pelvis react to tension.

Manage stress

Practicing relaxation techniques can stop muscle contractions as well as semen cramps. There are several options like breathing exercises, meditation, etc. You should also limit the intake of alcohol and quit smoking.

Eat well

A nutrient-rich diet is essential for the smooth functioning of every body part. So, follow a balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients. Keeping your body hydrated is equally important to reduce muscle tension and cramps.

Some foods that affect male fertility negatively are processed meats, soy products, and trans fats. You should avoid these and include many veggies, fruits, walnuts, and fish.

Wear supportive underwear

Switching to supportive underwear will also decrease your sperm cramp symptoms by offering support to your testicles.

Final thoughts

Be it sperm cramps or some other kind of discomfort – you should never neglect your health. Understanding the reason behind it and managing the pain is vital to living a quality life.

From seeking medical assistance to making lifestyle alterations, there are many ways of bettering men’s health. So, do self-checks and see a healthcare professional when you notice problems. Then, it will be easy to ensure that your reproductive system functions optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes sperm cramps in males?

Sperm cramps in men indicate that there is some issue in any part of the reproductive system. It could be an infection in the prostate gland or testicles. Scroll up to the section titled ‘Sperm cramps causes’ to fathom the causes in detail.

2. Can sperm cause stomach cramps?

According to health experts, sperm is an irritant to a woman’s uterus. So, if sperm enters the uterus, uterine contractions can be the female body’s natural reaction. Contractions in the uterus can cause pain in the stomach.

3. How long do sperm cramps last?

Sperm crams can be mild or intense, and there is no fixed period for them to last. Some people say the pain goes away after a few minutes. If there is an underlying reason, the discomfort can last for several hours, thus impacting daily chores.

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