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21st Century women are pretty much actively traveling for different purposes. Some of us are doing it for work and the rest of us are exploring. To travel around the world, boarding on different transportation systems is necessary. Here are some trendy, affordable, fashionable yet comfortable suggestions for travel outfits for women. 

Travel outfits for women that make your day easy

Now there are 3 main ways of transportation, through land, air, and water. The following list will give you a summary of the travel outfits for women in different transportation, that also in different weathers. 

Airplanes(Short direct flight)

Nowadays usually all kinds of journeys start with a flight. The attire for flight should always be based on its duration and destination. You can do a lot of fashion experimentation, if the flight is about 8 hours. It is recommended to carry a jacket with any attire as flights are usually a little chilly. Now fashion also depends on the weather. Hence, flight attires are also season based.

  • Summer- To beat the heat right outside your doorstep in summer a sleeveless tank top always comes on top. You can also replace that with a strapped cotton top or something flowy. Along with that a nice long loose trouser or boyfriend jeans will complete the look. Pair it with Keto or Sneakers and if you are more into upscale feminine fashion then go for Platform heels. It helps in case you need to run from one Terminal to another.
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  • Monsoon- If you have to travel during the rainy season for any duration, carrying this raincoat poncho is the ultimate game changer. It keeps you outfits dry inside and protects you from the rain. Along with this, for monsoon all over the world crocs are the best fit. 
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For Winter and Business travel purposes

  • Winter – For winter season a leg warmer is very important. A tactical pants will work well along with it a woollen top and a trench coat will suit perfectly. If the wind is not that chilly then instead of wool you can switch it with a flannel top as well. For shoes, covered palm shoes or boots are recommended. 
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  • Business travel- In case you have to hop into a business meeting right after your arrival then nothing beats a spaghetti top with a formal trouser and blazer for a comfortable flight. Make it more formal you can add in a shirt instead of a spaghetti top. Pair it with semi-covered box heels to keep the walks in the airport comfortable and look classy and formal.
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Pro tip: A jacket in a plane always comes handy.

Airplanes(Long flight)

For a flight longer than 8 hours or with a layover which makes it longer, a very comfortable is absolutely required.  

  • Summer:  Flights are always going to be a little chilly and a denim jacket can perfectly overcome that. But your ride to the airport can get messy in summer so it is always better to keep the arms free. That is when a sense of travel outfits for women is needed. A sleeveless tank top is always the best for that purpose and since it’s summer a loose cotton sleeveless will be more comfortable as it will not make the body sweaty. A long loose pajama or slitted palazzo will be perfect for the cab or bus ride to the airport. Pair it with sunglasses and a comfy keto shoe or Crocs.
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  • Winter- For winter it is always suggested to wear hoodies for long flights. A Flannel pajamas to make it look cuter. Pair it with The most comfortable shoe you own just make sure it’s covered. Carry a long heavy fur coat if you belong or going to a place where it snows in winter. 
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For Fall and Business travel purposes

  • Fall- Usually for international trips fall season can be noticed. When the weather is not too cold nor too hot. Hence, it is the perfect time to explore travel outfits for woman. For any transportation, wear longer pant because it is more travel friendly and covers your skin from directly touching the seats. But it is the perfect time to flaunt that torn jeans with the semi see-through tight spaghetti top and toeless heels. Through in a oversized colourful jacket over it . In this season you can also wear that breezy long dress with a cotton shirt and scarf thrown over it, paired with high heels. Fall in some countries is so famous there are multiple blogs about fall travel outfits for women. 
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  • Business- Usually a business meeting is never held after a long flight but in case your flight got delayed and you might not have time to change you can always wear semi formal flight attires that can be comfortable to nap in or lead a meeting. Wear a comfortable T-shirt with a free neck space, Pair it in with your loosest trouser and Formal flats. A nice watch to match up the attire and carry along a blazer to match with the trousers for the meeting. 
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Trains(Short ride)

If you’re planning on visiting a new place in your country and plan on travelling in train then this is just the right place for you. Every decision taken about an attire is always based on the duration of the look and the weather. So if your train duration is less than 20 hours there is a chart for your travel outfits.

  • Summer-  A summer train ride can be hectic. If you get into a AC compartment it gets easier but in any case it is always safer to go for an oversized T-shirt and loose denim pants. Loafers will be perfect for a summer train ride. Always carry a sunglass and a fanny pack when travelling in trains. 
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  • Monsoon- For monsoon train rides can be dangerous yet extremely beautiful. Go for fashionable crocs instead of any other shoes for monsoon train rides. A loose three-quarter pant is more convenient with a slightly tight cotton top and if required then a shirt or light jacket on top of it.
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  • Winter- For winters oversized sweaters with tight jeans is the best outfit to wear for a short train ride. Pair it with a perfect sports shoe or high boots.
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  • Business- For train rides to business meetings a perfect loose neck tight T-shirt with pencil trousers are perfect in summer and for winter a jacket over the same would be perfect. Although it is not a good idea to wear high heels for a train journey, a little platform heel to enhance the height looks perfect for the ride. 
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Trains(Long ride) 

Long journeys in trains tend to get a little problematic. A comfortable outfit is a must if you are travelling overnight.

  • Summer- A cotton full length wide legged pants is your best friend here. However, wear it with a tucked in T-shirt to avoid any kind of malfunction while you sleep. If required throw a shirt over. 
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  • Winter- This is the season for cardigans and wool. You can go for simple hoodie jackets along with woollen pants to complete your look.
  • Monsoon- For long train rides, monsoon outfits are almost the same as summer. We just recommend to carry proper shoe, raincoat and umbrella along with you.
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A journey through the sea is perfect for travelling women to flaunt their fashion sense. Bring out all the dresses you have and all those shorts you wanted to pull off. 

  • Summer- For a nice cruise ride in summer you should go with a simple cotton strap beach dress. Paired with a hat, sunglasses and jute slippers to sunbathe. Or you can bring out that faded cotton hot pant or the denim shorts with yellow lace top to roam around the cruise in boots. 
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  • Winter- For winters wool in the sea is always recommended. So, fully covered tight jeans with a coat or cardigan can also work wonders. 

Apart from that, avoid Sea rides during the rainy season.

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As we have covered the major leagues of travel outfits for women we have come to an end. Fashion is not restricted to one particular body type. It’s not enough to just move away by following through the fashion statements of current celebrities. Everyone is capable of looking good; just the right amount of effort and enthusiasm needs to be put in.  These travel outfits for women are recommended keeping every body type in mind. Remember looking good doesn’t need to be hard. 

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