How to Maintain Your Outfit in Monsoon?

Outfit in Monsoon

Monsoon season is here and the rains and cold weather tend to make people inactive, unlike in the summer. However, it brings them pleasant vibes, a special euphoria and a beautiful aura. The basic rule for the season is understanding how to choose your outfit. Just because it’s in the cold weather doesn’t mean you will change your stylish outfit! You can also maintain good-looking wear to look on point throughout the year despite the weather.

It’s now time to update your wardrobe for this rainy season. The puddles, muddy streets and torrential downpours can make choosing the proper dressing challenging and confusing. This is the reason this article is compiled for you.

Below are tips on how to maintain your outfit during the monsoon;

Choose your attire carefully

Most people tend to choose trousers, long dresses and jeans to cover up even the legs to avoid the cold. But the truth is, these long clothes should be avoided during the rainy season. This is because they can easily soak with water and get dirty due to the rainwater splashes. You should therefore choose short skirts, knee-length dresses and shorts. Wear a bright coloured jumpsuit or romper to add a fun quotient to your style. Complete the look by adding a womens raincoat on top of your outfit.

Select the right Fabric

During the monsoon, it is always good to expect to get drenched in sudden downpours when you step out to go about your day-to-day businesses. It is for this reason that selecting a suitable fabric is essential. It is recommended that you avoid clothes made of silk or denim, for they do not dry up quickly. It is advisable to wear clothes made of polyester or cotton because they dry up quicker. Additionally, they are comfortable.

Be Mindful of Your Footwear

One wrong move in selecting your monsoon footwear can bring you more harm than good, as commuting itself can be quite difficult. You’re advised not to wear velvet, suede or leather shoes as they might get damaged when they come into contact with water. Instead, you should choose rubber footwear like flip-flops, jelly shoes, plastic footwear and crocs, which are all non-slippery and stylish.

Choose Monsoon-perfect socks

Ideally, closed shoes should be avoided during the monsoon. However, it might be impossible, especially for those working for they might be required to wear official and closed shoes. If this is the case, ensure that you choose waterproof socks capable of keeping your feet dry. They will also prevent you from getting a bacterial infection. Waterproof socks are usually thicker than normal socks; thus, they have anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties.

Go for Flashy Colour Outfits

Monsoon blues are authentic. That is why adding bright shades to your outfit is important to beat the grey and dull weather. Colours such as fuchsia pink, neon green, canary yellow and orange are ideal for this dull monsoon weather. You can go for solid dark colours if you don’t prefer bright colours. Then add a neon-coloured pair of socks to have a funkier look.

Add a bright-coloured Umbrella

In recent days, umbrellas are not only used to protect you against the rain but also make your outfit look playful and vibrant. For instance, having a bright coloured umbrella in the sea of black and dark coloured ones will actually catch the attention of many people. This will automatically add on the gorgeous outfit or womens raincoat you’ve stepped out in. 

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