Unprofessional Hairstyles for Interviews and Meetings

Maintaining a proper dress code is one of the many important things to note in professional life. It is, hands down, the first thing that your boss would notice in you when you walk up to them, thus making or breaking your image. This is not just limited to what one wears but also how the person keeps their hairstyle. No matter how outdated the thought is, it would help avoid unprofessional hairstyles in a professional world.

Too colorful or over the edge hairstyles can catch the attention of people around you in a room or are not neat can be deemed as unprofessional. In case you work in a creative world, then things might be different for you. But if you don’t, then you definitely would want to have a corporate avatar.

Let us look at some of the hairstyles that you must avoid when in a professional world.

Unprofessional Hairstyles

In case you were not aware, a mere hairstyle can make or break your image in your office. Some hairstyles are a big no in the professional world and must be avoided at all costs.

In the article, we have mentioned some not-so-professional hairstyles for both men and women.

Unprofessional Hairstyles for Women

Messy Bun

Okay, girls, we know how much you love to make a messy bun and walk-in at your office casually, but truth to be told, a messy bun is not professional. We always have women acing a messy bun when sitting casually in the college or a weekend meetup with friends. Hence, it is easy to consider it a casual kind.

Making a messy bun to the office, especially in a meeting, can make you come across as extremely chaotic. It might make your colleagues and boss feel extremely unbothered about what is going on around you. Hence, to keep your reputation intact and that of your company’s, let us avoid wearing a messy bun to the office.

Unprofessional hairstyles


What are pigtails? It is partitioning your hair from the middle and tying top knots on both sides with a crunchie.

Nostalgic since we all have done this as kids to school and at home, right? A few people do not understand that this hairstyle looks good only when you are a kid, at home, or in a casual space. Making your hair into pigtails and walking in at your office is a huge no from every one, no matter how cute you look.

A person needs to have a clear understanding of what works in a professional space. Making your hair into a pigtail to your workplace might make your boss and colleague confuse you as an extremely immature person and practically a not-so-serious person. Hence, it is better not to do this hairstyle to the office, ever.

Unprofessional hairstyles

French Braided Pigtails

Now that we know that pigtails are a complete no for an office setup, you must be wondering what about french braided pigtails. The question is rational considering that french braided pigtails are a lot cleaner than the usual pigtails, right? But even with all the pros, french braided pigtails fall under the unprofessional hairstyles for work.

However cute or neat, French braided pigtails are a pigtail. This is an extremely cute hairstyle to pull of during a morning run or while sweating it out in the gym or on a picnic with your girl gang but strike it off from your office hairstyle list, please. Be ready to get judged as an extremely unprofessional person.

Unprofessional hairstyles

Space buns

The two cute buns on the head look extremely adorable, and nobody can deny that. However, what one must have to understand is that space buns are not professional at all. The cute Mexican hairstyle that rocked the 20th century is fab for a Sunday brunch or a date with your loved one. But for a professional setup, it is plain awkward.

Imagine someone walking into the office wearing a perfect professional outfit, from a neat tugged-in shirt to trousers and perfect heels and a space bun. Looks like something is off, isn’t it? Hence, it is better to keep away from making space buns on office days.

Bold Undercuts

The undercut with extremely short bangs and vibrant color is a huge no for a professional space. You are sure to look extremely edgy and bold and might even be the center of attraction, but the sad part is the professional setup does not want you to be any of these.

An office and corporate space require a person to look neat, professional, and smart. The dignity and diligence must come out from the way you dress.

A bold and edgy undercut is super amazing if you are in the creative field. There, you might even be appreciated. But in an office that follows a proper dress code, you would want to avoid this look.

Shaved Designed Hair

Shaved hairstyle takes the hotness quotient a lot higher, and no, we do not think there is anyone who can deny that. But thinking of a professional setup and you walking in there with a head full of shaved design, well, that might be a problem.

Every profession follows its ethics and code of conduct. While it might be amazing for a musician or a singer to pull off a shaved-designed head, it would be not for a CEO of a company.

It is so unprofessional a hairstyle that you might even be terminated from your job role. Hence, walk in the next day at your job only if you have a plan B on how you would earn your bread and butter if sacked.

Unprofessional hairstyles


Dreadlocks top the list of all the unprofessional hairstyles you should not even think of when under payroll. As mentioned before, except for some jobs that require you to go over the top and be creative, all professional fields need their employees to dress the part. Many companies too come with a dress code that shall lead to them terminating you if you do not follow.

Whether mentioned or not, dreadlocks are a huge no in a professional setup. They are voluminous, messy, and a is extremely tricky and difficult to tame. Even if tied up as a ponytail, this hairstyle still seems to remain a similar mess. This hairstyle is frowned up by many corporate jobs, especially in the white-collar sector.

It is believed to be extremely unprofessional and leave a negative impression on the person. Hence, if you have an interview coming up soon, you might want to go to the salon and get a haircut done and get the dreadlocks removed.


Vibrant hair colors

This hipster looks with crazy and weird dress sense and vibrant, unnatural hair colors looked good only when you were in college, trust us on that. These hair colors and styles do not work in a professional space with motivated and serious people. Do not even think of coloring your hair in crazy shades such as vibrant pink.

Make it a point not to have even a strand of colored hair (especially such crazy, vibrant hues) when you are a part of a company. Even if you have a tiny strand, ensure it is tucked under all the other hair and not visible to anyone.

If just a professional setup isn’t enough reason for you to stop yourself from coloring your hair, then also consider the fact that coloring the hair also damages it like no other thing. Maybe now would stop, wouldn’t you?

Vibrant hair colors

Unprofessional hairstyles mens

Long Hair

Acing long hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, acing it properly, especially when part of a professional team, is even more difficult. In case if you have long hair, please ensure it is not messy and catches unrequired attention.

This hairstyle is cool, bold, and challenges all the gender norms in all the appropriate ways. However, one little mistake in managing it and you might find yourself out of the office. Therefore, ensure that the hair is tied neatly in a bun behind, and not a single strand of hair should fall on the face. Messy long untied hair is one of the most unprofessional hairstyles there is.

If you have long hair with good length, it is even easier to tie it up neatly and give yourself a smart and edgy look and feel.

Long Hair


Men with long hair often go for a top knot. It is a smart way of keeping the hair out of the eyes and looking smart and trendy enough. Although this look has managed to grab the attention of many throughout the recent past, top knots might not be the best choice to ace when it comes to a professional setup.

Top knots enjoy a lot of attention it runaways, fashion editorials, and events. But when it comes to corporate spaces, this look might be looked down upon and not considered as one of the unprofessional hairstyles. Hence, if you have long hair, then the best way to manage it and look professional enough is to tie it into a neat bun.

Top knots


Mohawk is a huge hit amongst musicians, rockstars, and other artists. It is undoubtedly cool, bold, and rebellious and brings out the inner pop star in the person and how. But, carrying a mohawk look on a professional space and attending a serious meeting? Well, we do not think that picture we just painted in our head looked very nice.

To say honestly, Mohawk is one of the most unprofessional hairstyles in men that one can think of. This hairstyle is so vibrant, dramatic, and voluminous that it is bound to make you the center of the attraction. And trust us, that is exactly what you would want to avoid in a professional setup.

Hence, if you have an interview ahead and want to know the unprofessional hairstyles for discussions that you must avoid, then Mohawk tops the chart. You definitely would like to rush to the salon to get it chopped.


Man Braids

Another really important hairstyle that falls under the list of unprofessional hairstyles that you must avoid is Man Braids. There is a long list of ways a person can ace a Man Braid; no wonder some men look hot in this hairstyle. From dreadlocks to cornrows to box braids, the list goes on and on.

But is a Man Braid the best choice to ace when it comes to a corporate world? We don’t think so. Man Braids are one of the messiest hairstyles, no matter how neatly you tie them. It is a little dramatic and would put you in the spotlight in a negative way. Hence, you might want to go for a more subtle way to keep your hair in a professional setup. Maybe tie your hair in a man bun or the like.

Unprofessional hairstyles

Final thoughts

Every individual company has its code of conduct. While many companies specify the dos and donts when it comes to how they want their employees to dress, others assume you to know. Hence, there are a set of professional hairstyles for work and a separate list of unprofessional hairstyles at work that you must know about. The whole deal is to look serious and interested in your job.

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