5 Trendy Fashion Items Every Woman Should Have

In the world of fashion, it seems that the trends are constantly on the move. One style will be popular one month, and the next month another style has taken its place. For the fashionable woman, this can be difficult, especially if you’re a woman who is working from a limited budget. While it is very romantic to think we can go shopping and simply buy whatever’s in style that month, the realistic truth is, we have to limit ourselves to certain foundational items that will always be in style.

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If you’re a “normal” woman like the rest of us, you have probably already thought about this conundrum and therefore, every time you go shopping, you have a specific item in mind for your closet. We asked our experts about the five trendy fashionable items every woman should always have in their closet, these are the items that are hitting the runways at breakneck speeds and look like they’ll be around for a while.

#1 – Hair Fashion

woman wearing gray dress shirt standing near white wall

When a woman of style thinks in terms of fashion, more often than not, fashion for the hair sometimes slips their mind. However, fashion designers admit that the hairstyle is just as important as the clothes women wear. Whatever outfit you have, if you want it to look great, you need to be thinking about the “do” you want to do with your hair. 

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When it comes to this idea, hair accessories are always going to be a staple in the fashion  industry. No matter the era or year, accessories for your hair will always help to compliment whatever outfit you’re wearing. Currently, large clips are making a statement. When you look for particular hair clips that are colored (and you purchase several), you can wear these with your outfit and a cute up-do that works well together. Any type of hair accessory can go a long way into distributing a custom style that stands out and brings positive attention to the rest of your clothes. No matter what the hairstyle, a beautiful hair accessory can always be the key to a great outfit. Never forget about your crowning glory as the hair can make or break your outfit. Get creative here and express your personality in style through your hair.

#2 – A Dedicated Fashion Style

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Women who transform themselves to wow others on the street and in their family are typically women who have discovered their own sense of fashion and style. This is important to share because it allows you a personal branding opportunity per se, and when people see that type of fashion on someone else, it makes them think of you. There are literally hundreds of fashion styles to choose from. Some of which are Chave culture style, gothic lolita style, hip hop style, casual chic style, retro fashion, and a hundred more you can learn about. Clearly, there are several hundred different styles you can bring to the table here, but the key is to admonish the style that brings your personality and flair to the forefront. Establishing your style is the single most important aspect when choosing a certain fashion statement. Christian boutiques that offer modest dresses for women is beginning to staple itself in the modest fashion industry. These are a great option for women to enjoy in their fashion. While you may not think about modest fashion as an up and coming trend, British Vogue agrees that the modest clothing options that you’re starting to see in the stores today are turning into one of the largest trends in this country to date.

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The major part of understanding which fashion style is right for you is to determine your color choices, patterns, what works well with your body style, and which type of fashion helps you express your personality the best. As we discussed, your style is the first thing you need to think about when creating a look that is personal and impacts not just you, but the people around you. You want to be comfortable, you want to look great, you want to feel great, and more importantly, you want to be confident in what you’re wearing. Too many women today are wearing styles simply because they’re the next new thing, however, they aren’t determining what is right for them. While it might be the up and coming trend of the month, because it doesn’t fit their personality, body type, etc., they are lost in the flurry of the new thing and that can become a problem.

You never want to get lost in someone else’s style and it is very important that the fashion does not engulf who you are. The key here is to find a style that fits your needs realistically. You love those three inch heels, but is that a realistic shoe to wear for eight hours at work? Probably not, and these are the ideas you need to be thinking about when it comes to bridging a trend with your own fashion sense. The whole point of fashion is to be who you are. Forget about the rest of it, find your passion, decide which one is best for you and wear it proudly.

#3 – The Tote Bag

person holding woman graphic leather handbag

The major options you have when it comes to style is also featured in the head-to-toe look. From the hair accessories and style (which we have already discussed) to the shoes you wear and everything in between. The tote bag is one fashion trend women are loving and it is beginning to prove that it has the potential to be a foundational fashion item you should have in your arsenal of style. 

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Tote bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are distributed by many fashion designers like Michael Kors and others. The tote bag is not only fashionable in the sense that it will make your outfit always look complete, but it is practical for a working mother as well. Fashion designers believe this is one of the main reasons the tote bag is currently trending today because of the versatility that comes along with it. The tote bag is great for a mom of two, and a woman who puts her career first. Currently, fashion bag designers are starting to design bags that have more ability and ease of use which makes them plausible for these women. Have several colors of these totes in your closet and you will always have an item that will go well with your closet. Granted, a night out on the town doesn’t warrant a large tote bag. Perhaps the clutch is your first choice here, but in the everyday means of life, the tote bag wins the day because of the versatility and variety of options that come with it.

#4 – The Jean

women's distressed blue denim jeans and pair of white Converse Allstar high-tops

As far as the eye can see, the ladies denim jeans will alway be a product we can lean on. For hundreds of years the denim jean has been around to save our wardrobe every day. While you may not be a cowboy riding the dusty trail, the jeans still works because of the everyday use it brings to your life.

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Don’t you just love a good jean? From classic, torn, and faded to, denim washed, and everything in between. There are hundreds of choices women have when it comes to building an outfit around their jeans. What our experts love most about women’s jeans is how you can diversify with a high heel and jacket for the dressy look, or your favorite sneaker and tee for a more casual look. The best part about all of this is, you don’t even have to change your jeans to make this happen. It is always a good idea to make sure you collect several different jeans in stock in your closet so you will have several options for your fashion statements. Having a great pair of jeans is something every woman should have in their closet because they are here to stay.

#5 – A Confident Mind

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Granted, the women of this world spend millions of dollars every year on fashionable items they think will make them look and feel great. While this is a great aspect of changing one’s mindset, these are just articles of clothing. Fashion designers all across the globe agree that until the woman understands she is beautiful already, until she agrees that even without all of these big label items that she is a confident, classy woman, the clothes are just that – clothes. 

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The number one most important thing you can ever have in your fashion wardrobe is the mindset to be who you are and to be confident in that person. That’s how you can rock a ripped pair of jeans with a tee, you look awesome because you feel awesome. That type of mindset is the most powerful characteristic of any wardrobe so make sure you keep those thought processes going to make for a confident look at all times.

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