7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Out of thousand brides, there are some (let’s say one or two percent) who prefer not to hire makeup artists for their wedding functions. Either they prefer to do it all themselves or go natural. We at Shaadidukaan, appreciate and respect your choices but would urge you to reconsider this decision at least once after reading our blog.

Today we’ll share with you some very important reasons as to why you should log onto Shaadidukaan.com and select your dream makeup artist from the list of various artists available in your city.

  • They are professionals and you are not. It may sound bad or rude but it is the truth and on the wedding day, you deserve nothing but the best. You may do regular makeup all by yourself but wedding calls for special requirements which can be fulfilled by professional makeup artists only.
  • Do you like bad wedding pictures? Silly question right! There isn’t a single bride (on the face of earth) who will want wedding pictures which are unappealing. So ensure that you hire a professional makeup artist to get those perfect clicks.
  • You will need multiple makeup looks for different wedding functions. Let’s say subtle make up for sangeet, bold makeup for wedding or very light makeup for mehndi. A professional artist will help you achieve all those desirable looks which will make you look worth a million bucks.
  • For some brides, limited wedding budget becomes a hindrance in their desire to hire best makeup artist for the big day. But consider this, where you’ve already spent lots money on booking venue, purchasing lehenga, a few thousands is not a big deal. On Shaadidukaan portal you will find makeup artists which suits to all types of wedding i.e. from extravagant to simple.
  • Like a professional painter has canvas, paints and paint brushes; likewise a professional makeup artist has professional equipments. Using these equipments they work magic on your face and paint a masterpiece for you to own the wedding day.
  • These days makeup artist offer various packages which not only include bride’s makeup but also her mother and sister’s as well. Imagine, on the day of your wedding, all three of you getting ready and spending time together, which is a memorable experience in itself.
  • Someone has rightly said “wedding is an investment in lifetime of beautiful memories”. It may sound cheesy and emotional but hey, weddings are all about emotions (remember Karan Johar and his larger than life movies). So we simply urge you to take only those decisions which take you a step closer to wedding you’ve always imagined.

If after going through the above points, you’ve now decided to hire a makeup artist for your wedding. Then we are here to help you in selecting the best makeup artist in the whole city.

Firstly, log onto Shaadidukaan.com and on the home page select the city i.e. “Bangalore”. After this under Category, select “Beauty and Grooming” and then “Makeup Artist”. Click on “Find Vendors” button and a list of best makeup artist in Lucknow. You can choose the artist depending upon the budget, experience and customer feedback.

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