9 Easy Ways to Promote Your Fashion Brand

Fashion Brand

The covid pandemic has hit the fashion industry hard, resulting in a shift in consumer sentiments, and now people focus more on buying only what they consider necessary.

With in-store shopping restricted heavily, fashion brands now need to work on making their online stores more approachable to the customers. They also need to work on the shopping experience for the customers.

With 46% of retailers already working on plans to use VR and AR solutions, the numbers are expected to grow by 2022. As per reports by Brian Manusama, the Senior Director and Analyst at Gartner, around 25% of companies have plans to use AI technology in the next 12 months.

Considering that people are not willing to spend money on fashion as it is not necessary, fashion brands are employing different ways of promoting their business and gaining success all over again. Here are nine ways you can use it for promoting your fashion brand this 2022.

  1. Make an Attractive Business Website

Promoting your fashion brand will be easier and more efficient if you base it around a web store. A central brand website will help you build your brand image like never before. Remember, it is your website where your prospects will discover your brand personality and build a relationship with you.

Having an attractive website is a powerful way of getting your products seen by more people. Additionally, you can add an informative product video to your site to show your latest product in varied colors and sizes.

A good example of an attractive website made for brand promotion is that of MOIESS, the Polish swimwear brand with a site that speaks of elegance and simplicity. The brand also keeps updating its home page regularly to show off new collections and arrivals to make the buyers’ lives easy.

  1. Use the Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are trending at the moment. And they play an essential role in the eCommerce world. Using these platforms is the best way of getting your fashion brand seen by a large number of people.

It helps because when more people see you, your following grows, and when your followers get to watch interesting content, they build trust in your brand. 

And when there’s trust, the followers visit your brand website, and if they like what they see on your site, they buy that product. As simple as that!

  1. Offer Personality to Your Brand

Remember, you do not have much time to capture the users’ attention landing on your site. So, you must do everything to ensure that the users remember your fashion brand even if they are on your website for just 10 seconds.

You can make your brand memorable by using witty and exclusive writing in product descriptions. Customised packaging is also one of the best ways of making a brand memorable, especially for first-time buyers. With custom packaging, your customers are likely to share images of their new purchase on social media. And you can further use this content on your website as social proof that will work wonders for your brand.

  1. Blogging Helps

By providing an informative and educational blog, you can build trust among your prospects. Use your blog to discuss things in your industry and how they are affecting you.

The overall objective of your blog should be educating and informing the readers to the point where they trust your brand enough to buy from you. Take the example of Inverse Culture– the Sydney-based streetwear brand here.

The brand uses its blogs entirely to entertain its followers. Blogging to explain its products to customers has helped the brand build an emotional rapport and in helping readers with the technical side of things.

  1. Use Look-Books and Style Your Fashion Brand

Concise, clear, and simple product images have their place in promoting a fashion brand. But look-books will sell your products in a better way. They are an old feature used by brands for selling a look and inspiring shoppers.

You can use look-books for showing off your apparel line in an organic and natural environment. They invoke an emotional response from the buyers by placing products at the center stage.

Well-designed look-books excite the viewers and also have the ability to usher them towards check-out.

  1. Try Email Campaigns

eCommerce and email marketing go hand in hand. Emails are the direct path into the face of individuals who have shown interest in your products and services. Email marketing will give you the scope of creating personalized customer experiences focused on your customers’ requirements.

Emails foster relations with subscribers, thus driving conversions and sales.

  1. Consider Your Statistics and Data

Numbers can indeed be quite scary, but they play an important role in developing any business, and your fashion brand is no exception. Proper statistics and data provide insights into what’s working and what’s not working for your fashion business.

Following your data and promoting your business accordingly means you will no longer have to depend on instincts for making decisions regarding your business. And yes, statistics and data may provide you with business insights you might not have considered to date.

Data available from Facebook’s Audiences and Google Analytics can help you understand what your viewers are interested in apart from the products they are looking for. So, you can easily create your marketing message resonating with the viewers, which will instantly convert them.

  1. Employ Good PR

Good PR can produce more website traffic, email subscribers, leads, and sales. But remember, proper media coverage starts by determining where your prospective buyers spend their time on the internet, what magazines and blogs they read, who influences their decision-making procedure, and which social media platforms they frequent.

Once you are aware of your core customers and the things that make your fashion brand newsworthy, it is time for you to draft a PR pitch resonating with a specific blog or magazine readership.

  1. You Will Not Get Results Overnight

Keep your enthusiasm and energy intact for a long time because you might not find positive results from your fashion brand marketing efforts anytime soon. Do not aim too high, as this will bring you nothing but frustration and disappointment.

Start small and remain focused on your promotional efforts instead of seeking success very soon.


A perfectly prepared fashion marketing plan is critical for the success of your brand. Work on having an exciting site, engaging social profiles, and an attractive logo for keeping the customers informed. Stick to these points religiously, and you will have the word about your fashion brand out in no time.


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