Is ChapStick Edible and Safe When Consumed With Food?

Is ChapStick Edible and Safe When Consumed With Food?

We all wish to have nourished and healthy-looking lips and ChapStick lip products have been looking after our lips for decades. Their classic lip butter, lip oils, and lip balms promise to give your lips the perfect pout. But each time you apply some lip product, a small portion of it enters your body with your food. So, it’s natural to wonder is ChapStick edible or harmful when consumed.

What is Chapstick?

Chapstick is a leading brand that manufactures lip balms that can treat chapped lips. Its lip balms glide on the skin like silk and they stay as is for long hours.

Since the 1900s, ChapStick has been in the market and has become a household name. Such is its worldwide popularity that many people use the term ChapStick to describe lip balms in general.

What makes ChapStick popular?

Throughout history, the fairer people have always relied on lip products to become attractive and noticeable. Consider the protagonist of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for that matter, her face would look too white without bright lip colors.

Pretty lips instantly grab people’s attention and take away paleness from face.

As balms, scrubs, and lipsticks enhance the beauty of lips, women around the globe look for high-quality lip products. This is where ChapStick comes into the picture.

Be it dry lips or itchy lips – ChapStick has solutions to all your lip problems. From protecting your beautiful lips to moisturizing them – ChapStick do it all. But is ChapStick edible or can using it daily make you sick?

Scroll down to understand why Chapstick is not edible.

What is in ChapStick?

Whichever product you use on your lips and skin, going through the list of ingredients is mandatory. How else will you be certain that it will benefit you in the long run? So, let’s find out what is ChapStick made of.

ChapStick is a tried and tested brand that millions of people trust. The patent formula of its lip balms is designed to smoothen your lips without making them greasy or sticky.

The most active ingredient present in any ChapStick lip balm is white petrolatum. The Classic Original ChapStick balm has Lanolin, Oleyl Alcohol, Red 6 Lake, White Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Yellow 5 Lake, Camphor, Light Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Oleyl Alcohol, Fragrance, and Carnauba Wax. So, it is goes beyond saying that ChapStick products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. It is just the lip protector you need for your delicate lips.

Is ChapStick Edible and Safe When Consumed With Food?

Is ChapStick Vaseline?

Chapped lips don’t just make you look unappealing. They can be extremely painful and might even bleed at times. With ChapStick, chapped lips will be a thing of the past. But can you replace ChapStick with Vaseline?

Vaseline only contains petroleum jelly that locks in moisture and has fragrance. But ChapStick is a specially designed product for your lips that contains moisture-infusing ingredients. So, while it targets only your lips, you can use Vaseline anywhere like elbows and knees. Hence, it is understandable that using Chapstick for lip maintenance will give better results.

ChapStick: Best Products

While ChapStick earned fame because of its lip balms, over time it has introduced a range of lip-rejuvenating products. Now you will find impressive options like lip scrubs, lip oils, lip butter, and lip serums in exciting flavors.

Lip Balms

As the skin on our lips is thinner than facial skin, we can’t use the same product for our face and lips. A good lip balm will heal your lips quicker than a face cream. It will also save you from the embarrassment of meeting your lover with chapped, neglected lips.

If you like to stick to classics, bring home ChapStick lip balms. Their SPF and medicated lip balms are for sensitive skin. If you want your lips to have a charming natural tint, the tinted lip balm is a fantastic product. Lip balms are available in various flavors so that all can pick their favorite.

Lip Serums

Are you suffering from dry lips that have lost their natural moisture? Lip serums designed by ChapStick are there to give intensive moisture to your lips. Using the serum daily will rehydrate your dry lips and keep your pout soft and supple.

Beauty junkies love these serums as they contain Vitamin C and E. So, when you apply the overnight serum, you will wake up with extra shiny and supple lips.

Lip Scrubs

Looking for something that will make your dry lips soft and tender? Then you have to try ChapStick lip scrubs. While most lip scrubs are harsh on the lips, you can use ChapStick lip scrubs daily. They deeply condition chapped lips and you will notice positive results after the first use.

What’s the secret formula behind ChapStick’s amazing lip scrubs? Formulated with maracuja, coconut oils, and sugar crystals, Chapstick exfoliate lips in a gentle manner. So, it will get rid of the dead skin cells on your lips without making them itchy.

How are ChapStick products made?

The brand’s dedication to lip care is noticeable in its exquisite products but it still doesn’t make ChapStick edible.

How did ChapStick emerge as America’s bestselling lip care company? Let’s find out how they make their products.

  • The company makes its lip balms in a huge blender
  • The first significant step is mixing all the ingredients well
  • After that, they add flavor and color to the rich and warm mixture
  • The last step in the manufacturing process is pouring the hot mixture into small containers

That’s how you get the cute tube you can easily tuck into a side pocket or a purse. The small size of ChapStick makes it convenient for all to carry it everywhere.

How does ChapStick work?

When you order a ChapStick product, what type of rejuvenation can you expect?

As cold wind dries out the lips, chapping is a recurring problem for men and women. ChapStick lip balms can stop chapping and keep lips soft even after exposure to cold weather.

As it restores the suppleness of your lips, they will look happy and healthy.

Can you eat ChapStick?

ChapStick products and lip products designed by other well-known brands are for external use only. So, you are not supposed to eat them. But what will happen if your kid ends up swallowing a small portion of your ChapStick lip scrub?

Lip products from renowned brands don’t contain toxic ingredients. So, having a small amount of lip cosmetics should not be a matter of concern.

Most people do not experience any symptoms after consuming a small portion of ChapStick. Some mild side effects of consuming some other lip balm can be stomach pain, throat irritation, diarrhea, and nausea. However, ChapStick prioritizes the health of its customers and its products are a testament to the fact.

Their lip butter is available in interesting flavors such as green tea and mint, sweet papaya, pear and cucumber, etc. The hydrating lip butter is entirely paraben-free and has 100% natural ingredients.

Other ingredients used in making their luscious lip butter are shea butter, avocado, and mango. So, enriched with the goodness of nature, ChapStick will offer your lips the deep conditioning they deserve.

The fruit-flavored lip butters are safe to use even for kids. For adults, the taste of mango or avocado will make your lips more kissable. You won’t have to wipe off the product before kissing as it isn’t toxic like lipsticks.

How much ChapStick do you eat?

Although you don’t realize it, Chapstick enters your body each time you use it. That’s because lipsticks or lip balms don’t evaporate. The fact that your ChapStick balm wears off after a few hours could mean one of two things:

  • A layer of the product got erased as you changed clothes or wiped your face with a tissue
  • A small amount of your lip balm enters your system each time you eat something

On average, a woman eats 4-9 pounds of lip products in her lifetime. This number varies from one makeup user to another depending on how frequently one applies them.

So, is ChapStick edible, or can it cause harm to your body? We have tried our best to provide an in-depth answer to this question.

In short, lip products are not meant for consumption but for external use. However, ingesting some of it while you enjoy your food won’t harm you.

How much ChapStick can you ingest?

We have explained that lip balm is not as toxic as lipstick. So, licking it occasionally will not ruin your health. But if someone ingests a large quantity of ChapStick, treat it as a medical emergency.

Experimenting with home remedies after swallowing a big-sized lip balm won’t be wise. So, instead of waiting for symptoms to appear, rush the person to the nearest Poison Control Center.

Are ChapStick and Lip Balm the same?

When it comes to pampering her lips, every woman has a range of products like creams, balm, and scrubs. However, it is amusing to note that a lot of people use the words ChapStick and lip balm interchangeably. You should know that the two aren’t the same.

Although both Chapstick and lip balms are products used to nourish and heal your lips, they are different. ChapStick is a renowned brand known for its unique-flavored lip balms.

Lip balm, on the other hand, is a broad term encompassing products from many brands. It can contain diverse ingredients like essential oils, emollients, beeswax, shea butter, and so on. So, ChapStick is a specific brand, and lip balm is a general term.

Another striking dissimilarity is that ChapStick is waxier and harder than lip balm which is more emollient. As far as the ingredients are concerned, same ingredients can be present in both products but in varying formulations and proportions. However, ChapStick typically has more wax than lip balms manufactured by reputed brands.

Why should you use ChapStick?

Other than ‘Is ChapStick edible?’, ‘Is ChapStick better than lip balm?’ is another question people commonly ask their beauticians. Intrigued to know which one will provide more nourishment to your lips?

By now you have understood that there are underlying differences in terms of ingredients and texture. A ChapStick is an ideal option for you if you want a protective barrier. So, it is a must-have product in your purse in the winter months when lips often become chapped.

Lip balms are lightweight, form a thin layer, and keep your lips soft. A lip balm will be effective if you need something to nourish your lips before applying matte lipstick. On the contrary, ChapStick won’t be a good base for your lipstick as it’s greasier. So, you should pick a product keeping in mind your specific requirements.

Final thoughts

So, ChapStick is a phenomenal cosmetic brand that help enhance the look and health of your lips. It can shield your lips against UV rays and inclement cold weather, thus providing moisturization and hydration.

There is no such thing as edible ChapStick as these products are meant for external use. While ingesting 10 milligrams of it per day won’t affect your health, swallowing ChapStick accidentally might cause mild irritation.

Will this thought cross your mind the next time you glam up your lips with a tinted lip balm?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much ChapStick we eat?

If you like to use ChapStick regularly, you must have wondered how much of it goes into your tummy. Studies have revealed that a person who applies ChapStick twice a day ingests around 20 milligrams of the product. This means you ingest less than a pound of ChapStick per year.

2. Is beeswax ChapStick edible?

Beeswax is a common ingredient in skincare products as it is completely safe for external use. Although ideal for topical use, you won’t face any issues if you have a habit of licking your ChapStick. However, ingesting large amounts of it might cause digestive problems.

3. What is ChapStick made out of?

Several kinds of ingredients are present in ChapStick products, white petrolatum being the most dominant one. Light mineral oil, alcohol, Carnouba wax, camphor, White wax, etc. are some other essential ingredients.

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