Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey From Flab to Fab

Luke Combs Weight Loss

One of the most accomplished country stars, Luke Combs, has millions of fans. While we all love him for his brilliant music, there are other ways in which he has started inspiring people recently. Yes, we are talking about Luke Combs weight loss miracle!

How did Luke suddenly become so attractive, and what weight loss program does he follow? Did he pay for weight reduction surgery, or did he rely on fad diets? Curious to unfold the secret of the drastic change in Luke’s looks and physique?

Who is Luke Combs?

Before we tell you more about Luke Combs weight loss regime, let us have a look at his early life and career. The 32-year-old American is widely recognized and revered for his contributions to the field of music. His love for music has existed ever since he received encouragement from his parents. When a schoolkid, he always used to perform in the church choir and school musicals.

While pursuing higher education at Appalachian State University, Luke dropped out and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. He devoted all his time to music, and in 2014, he released his first EP, The Way She Rides. He grabbed several prestigious awards like CMT Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. He was nominated for the Grammy Awards four times (2019, 2020, 2023, and 2024).

As far as his family life is concerned, Luke Combs wife is Nicole Hocking, and they have two sons. However, Luke’s obesity always bothered him and created fitness troubles. Because he was fat, he felt conscious whenever he was on stage. So, the realization dawned upon him that it was high time he stopped being overweight.

Luke Combs weight loss strategies

Earlier, Luke’s fame was solely because of his magical voice and his memorable country songs. Now, he has also emerged as an inspiration icon for people who are desperate to lose some kilos. Here’s what helped Luke Combs open a new chapter of his life:


Luke is the father of two adorable baby boys named Tex and Beau. Following their birth in June 2022 and August 2023, Luke started taking his health more seriously. That Luke Combs kids served as his inspiration to embark on a weight loss venture was mentioned by him in an interview.

Like all parents, Luke wants to live long to see his kids grow up, marry, and achieve success. He dreamt of going on hikes and indulging in adventurous activities with them. He got scared that his obesity might impact his overall health and lead to health complications in the future. So, he told himself that he needed to stay fit and healthy for the sake of his sons. Then Luke proved to the world that with willpower, anything is possible.

Overcoming challenges

A massive physical transformation is not a simple task, especially for people who have always been fat. While Luke admits that he is a foodie, his weight gain is not just an outcome of overeating. If you see Luke Combs young photographs, you will notice his chubby cheeks.

So, the major reason why he was overweight is his genetics. In his college years, he was obese and dealt with issues like blood pressure, POOC, and anxiety. He shared on a podcast that his weight has felt like a burden to him for decades. Hence, he required immense inner strength to overcome one of his biggest enemies – obesity finally.

Healthy diet

The birth of Luke’s second son was like the ultimate wake-up call for him. He got the motivation he needed to resist foods that worsened his condition. First, he tried switching to a vegan diet but failed after a month. However, he began to eat nutrient-rich foods and stopped consuming red meat, fried food, etc. Soon, he noticed visible changes, and he was elated.

Support of his wife

Luke’s spouse, Nicole, has been with him through thick and thin. So, when he expressed his desire to bid farewell to the extra kilos, his wife extended a helping hand. They exercised together and helped each other stay away from junk food. Combs believes that losing so much weight wouldn’t have been possible without her assistance.


Exercising is the key to losing weight holistically. So, no matter how busy he is, Luke does not skip his morning walk. He also works out at the gym, and his workout routine consists of stair climbing, cardio exercises, and weightlifting.

Did Luke Combs take weight loss gummies?

Some sources claim that weight loss gummies are the secret behind Luke’s incredible transformation. Weight loss gummies are dietary supplements that can suppress appetite and boost metabolism. If you have come across such articles on social media platforms, know that they aren’t based on concrete evidence.

Luke Combs never promoted any such product but stressed the importance of discipline and determination. He has lost weight gradually by sticking to a healthy diet, staying away from unhealthy foods, and exercising daily. So, he did not opt for surgery or take any extreme steps to become a slimmer version of himself.

Final thoughts

Luke Combs, the gifted singer, has come a long way and has made his place in the music industry. Besides his professional achievements, Luke has also achieved personal milestones like embracing fatherhood and losing a lot of weight.

So, the celeb’s lifestyle changes are as praiseworthy as his performing competencies. Luke Combs weight loss story should empower everyone struggling to fit into their skinny jeans again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some popular songs by Luke Combs?

Luke Combs composes and sings country music, and his songs have a worldwide fanbase. When It Rains It Pours, Beautiful Crazy, One Number Away, and She Got the Best of Me are some of his best songs.

2. How tall is Luke Combs?

Luke Combs height is 5’9’’ which is considered a good height for a man.

3. Which country singer lost weight?

Luke Combs is a famed country singer who witnessed significant weight loss over the past few months.

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