The Wedding In Chennai: Preparation And The Best Places For A Photoshoot


Chennai is a large city in southern India, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. This is the center of the state of Tamil Nadu. This city, among others, is considered the main gateway to South India, is also known for its rich local culture and colorful landscapes, and is a popular destination for a wedding. Chennai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. 

A wedding is a very important event in the life of two people who decide to start a family, and if you want to make it also solemn, with all the traditional features, then you should approach planning seriously and in advance. There are a lot of options to get a beautiful wedding in Chennai. It is a coastal city that has a long beach full of various luxury hotels where you can have a beautiful beach wedding. And even though you can’t swim here, the beaches of Chennai attract young couples all over the country for a dream wedding come true.

Choosing the venue

When it’s time to plan a wedding, the first thing that families think about is booking a venue for the wedding. There are hundreds of marriage halls in Chennai and there are some special sites, such as, that are reliable sources for pricing information, capacity and terms and conditions to help you choose a marriage hall that fits your location preference, facilities and price. Decide on the number of guests, budget for renting and price per plate, location and date to narrow down your list of possible wedding venues.

You can find good resorts on the ECR coastline. Many of these luxury hotels have private beaches to make a wonderful photo shoot. The cost of the resort matters when it comes to the ambiance. The beautiful beach makes for a very scenic backdrop for some romantic photos of the to-be-wed couple.

Choosing the wedding photographer

Every couple is very excited about their pre-wedding shoot, as it makes them feel like the lead actors on a movie set. Beautifully dressed bride and groom are surrounded by cameras and have a lot of fun. Plus it is a very special time before marriage, as you get to spend a cozy time with your fiancé.

Wedding and prewedding photos are not just pictures, but our memories of the most important days in the formation of a family. That is why it is important to responsibly approach the choice of a wedding photographer so as not to feel discomfort and embarrassment during the shoot.

The first thing to start planning a wedding photo shoot is to decide on the number of hours of shooting on the prewedding session and wedding day and what moments you need to capture.

The second step in choosing a photographer will be to determine the style of wedding photography. Then you need to study the portfolio of wedding photographers who work in this style and choose the one who you liked the most as a professional. Meet with the photographer you liked, discuss all details and find a common ground.

The most convenient way to find a photographer is to use special sites. On such websites, you can see all the necessary information – price, terms of cooperation, portfolio — this way you can easily find a wedding photographer in Chennai.

What about places for a prewedding photoshoot? Chennai has got so many marvelous places including scenic beaches, suitable for outdoor shoots. Among the most beautiful and popular are the Dakshinchitra museum, all the ECR coastline, and Mahabalipuram. It depends upon the view of the photographer, and even metro stations and some MRTS stations are also good for some casual snaps. Look through portfolios of photographers you like, and there will definitely be places that will inspire you for your own photoshoot. 

Booking other vendors and artists

The task of wedding vendors is to bring your ideas to life. Therefore, it is important to take the time to find those with whom the wedding day will go smoothly and according to plan. You may like dozens of wedding specialists, but meeting with everyone in a row you risk getting confused and very tired. We recommend narrowing down the to 2-3 representatives in each category (hosts, artists, florists, decorators, musicians, etc.). In the end, if someone from the list does not please you, you can always continue the search.

And don’t forget about mehndi and makeup artists. Mehndi is one of the elements of the complete decoration of the bride, and it symbolizes a successful and happy marriage. The process takes several hours, so girls and women gather for the ceremony and entertain the bride with songs and dances. Along with the bride, other women also cover their hands with mehndi, as this is a symbol of the celebration. And everyone needs to get their mehndi done by a professional!

Preparation for a wedding can be overwhelming, so it is good to have some help, and if you cannot afford professional planners, you can use special wedding preparation sites to ease your task.

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