How to Makeup for Beginners: Step by Step Guide

How to Makeup for Beginners: Step by Step Guide

Makeup is like a magic wand that gives every woman an extra power. It is something that definitely boosts your confidence. It also makes you feel good about yourself. But not many of us know everything about the proper application of makeup. So, it’s always the first day for everything, no matter what your age is. With all the time we have at home now because of the ongoing pandemic, you can really upgrade your skill in the meanwhile. If how to makeup for beginners is your common search online, then your reading the right space!

This blog covers how to makeup for beginners. Here you’ll learn how to do makeup at home, just like a professional. So why wait? Scroll down to know more.

How to makeup for beginners

Learn how to apply makeup step by step like a professional to bring out the flawless look on your face! Here are the following steps to learn how to makeup for beginners:

Step 1: Moisturizing

Moisturizing your face is actually the most crucial and important part of doing makeup. If you learn this skill well enough, you can be sure to win half of the makeup battle.

You must apply bit by bit, first on your forehead, then your nose and upward strokes of your cheeks. You’ll also have to apply it well on your chin and corners of your lips. Neck application is also equally important.

You need to moisturize your face evenly and uniformly. The motions of your fingers should be upwards and circular. After about a few minutes when you find the moisturizer to dry out, only then you can move to the next makeup step.

One piece of the puzzle you need to find is, choosing the right moisturizer. You must be aware of your skin type well, and only then you can add the right product to your makeup for beginners kit. Moisturizers vary from being water base to cream base.

Here is the list of moisturizing products that vary from being light to heavy:

Face Mists

Face mists are water-based. They do boost your skin with vitamins and contain beautiful fragrances. It helps you get a moisturizing look throughout the day. But you must know that they aren’t the ones that bring back your skin moisture. However, a spritz now and then will help your skin not to dry up.


You will notice serums to be light as well. It may not be as watery as face mists but it’s quite light too. You must know that there is a wide array of serum products used to treat certain skin issues. However, there are some that can moisturize your skin to curb the chances of wrinkles. It has contents that give your dull looking skin some shine.


Every one of you must have heard about lotions. These are beneficial for all types of skin. But you must be sure of buying the one which says ‘non-comedogenic’. This type of specification helps your pores not to get clogged up.


Does your skin feel dry? Then cream-based moisturizers should suit you perfectly. It feels quite thick and heavy. You’ll be able to hydrate your skin well when you use creams. But there is a minor thing you must keep in mind. If you’re thinking of your makeup base then you need to use a day cream and not your night cream. The night cream is only to give you a little more moisture, so that your skin gets supple and soft overnight.


If you’re thinking about a little more moisturization, then select oils. You will find a few oils good for normal, dry and sensitive skin. But if you are quite prone to acne, or have excessive oily skin, don’t use oil moisturizers. Rather you must opt for the other moisturizing options above.

Step 2: Primer

As we come to the next step for how to makeup for beginners, you’ll have to buy a good primer for yourself.

Once your skin is moisturized well only then you need to apply primer. Applying a primer is irrespective of whether or not you are going to apply a heavy layer of foundation or a light coat of it. Primer is important and gives a base to your liquid foundation. Moreover, it also helps your makeup to last for a long time.

Wondering what exactly a primer is? You can assume a primer to be your foundation base. It helps to fill up your pores and face lines. Primers comes basically in the form of creams and smooth gels. By putting this base on, you’re creating a beautiful canvas to paint your makeup on.

You can use a sponge or brush to apply a primer. But if you don’t have any handy, your fingers can do the magic for you. Remember you just need a tiny bit of this. Begin with the center of your face and merge it slowly into your cheeks. Then move towards your forehead and finally your chin.

But you must know that your eyelids are creasy and oily already. So, if you want to apply it on your eyelid area before applying eye shadow, buy a dedicated primer just for this purpose. Numerous US-based products are dedicated just as an eyelid primer. However, if you decide not to use a primer at all for your eye area, it may look patchy and uneven.

Step 3: Liquid Foundation

When you buy a liquid foundation for your makeup, it’s importation you select the one that matches your skin tone. Your makeup end result will depend a lot on the correct foundation you use. If you’re thinking how can you choose the right one? Well, when you’re buying the product, try out the samples available at makeup counters. Take a tiny bit and apply it on your jawline area. If it blends into your skin well, without you having to do anything. You’ve got the right one! It might take a while to get the correct one, but it’s worth the effort.

Just as you’ve got the right product, select the tool you’re going to apply the foundation with. Many of you may like to use your hands, but be sure to wash them before and after application. We would suggest you get a beauty blender or application brush to apply this.

You must apply it just like your primer application. But remember, you’ll have to blend it a little more into your skin. You may also try a damp sponge to get an even texture and create a smooth layer. However, you may find a few brushes dedicated to apply foundation only.

How to Makeup for Beginners

Step 4: Concealer

Concealing your foundation makes the fourth step of how to makeup for beginners. Concealers are important to highlight your face and give your face a lovely outline. It also hides your pimples, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.

You will find concealers to be of two types- stick or compact and liquid. If you’re thinking about which one to buy in case of liquid or compact? You need to do a trial and error in this case, to know which one will suit you best. As the liquid ones cover larger portions of your face and the stick is used in the small corners and niches.

Now comes what shade of concealer to buy? It’s advisable and wise you buy two shades of concealers. One that suits your skin tone, so that you can hide your skin marks and another that is lighter than your skin tone. The light concealer is used to specify certain areas, so that you get a defined look. The shades will help to give your skin some contrasts that will go well for the final makeup look.

You need to specifically apply concealer under your eyes to cover your dark circles. Even apply it in spots on your skin blemishes. Now to highlight your face, you need to apply a horizontal line on your forehead, beside your nose, under the eyes, and the curves of your chin. Then you’ll have to blend it well into your skin using a brush and setting powder. However, you can search for how to apply makeup videos on YouTube to get a vivid idea about the application of concealer.

Step 5: Foundation Powder

If you’re going through the steps of how to makeup for beginners, then applying foundation powder is the toughest. You would definitely not want to look like a cake, which can be if you apply it wrong. So, you need to be quite careful while you apply foundation powder.

Get yourself a nice fluffy brush to apply powder. Then take a light coat of the powder and apply it gently all over your face. You must try and press the bristles well into skin and make arching long strokes. Be sure the powder merges into your skin really well.

Step 6: Bronzer

If you’re really fond of that sun-kissed look, then you cannot miss out on using a bronzer. But remember to dedicate a single brush just for your bronzer. As a matter of fact, bronzer brushes do have more bristles that are quite tightly fitted in.

Again, choosing the right bronzer comes in question for your makeup application. You must choose the bronzer one or two tones darker than what your skin tone is. Only then, your skin will get that outline and highlight, you were looking for.

Are you thinking you have to apply bronzer all over your face? Then you’re wrong! You have to use the bronzer as a ‘3’ number on your face. It has to start off from your forehead, cheeks and chin. You need to do it on both sides of your cheeks. Also, don’t forget to blend well into your neck area too.

Step 7: Blush On

Even if how to makeup for beginners is your search key, you’re well aware of a blush. Blush over the cheeks has been very popular for decades now. A similar bronzer brush for blush will do just good for you.

Choose the right color of blush for your skin and apply it well. To do this too, you need to make upward strokes. Application should be done on your cheekbones towards your ears, and you’ll get the desired apple look.

Step 8: Highlighter

If you’re thinking why would you need a highlighter? It’s actually no end to a little more prominent look to your makeup. It’ll give you a much bolder look, that will compliment your entire makeup.

You’ll find highlighters to be of different types- from powders to creams to liquids. You have the liberty to choose anyone you like or may combine two or three of them. But remember no matter how many you buy; the process will be just the same.

When your face canvas is absolutely ready, detect the places you want to highlight. Some of the places you can highlight are the nose lines, top of the cheekbones, center of the chin and forehead, the cupid’s bow, and the forehead center.

But you must keep in mind that if you use a liquid highlighter, you need to use a beauty blender or highlighter powder to brighten the areas. This will finally give your face the outline you were wishing all this while.

Step 9: Eyeshadow

As your bases and highlights are ready, it’s time to give your makeup that interesting look. Eye makeup gives your eyes a definition. You can choose the eye shadow depending on how you want you’re look to be.

If you want a neutral look, then light hue eyeshadows should be your choice. But if you’re going out for a party and want a bold look, then dark ones will look great.  Eyeshadows come with a special type of brush and you must use only that.

You need to apply the light eyeshadow all across your eyelid. Start off from the lash area and stop where your eyelid crease starts. If you wish to apply the darker shade too, then apply it above the eye lash area. You need to move towards your eyelid and stop before brow bone. Remember not to apply in the corners inside your eyelids. If you still want a darker look, reapply in the same process.

Step 10: Eyeliner

Eyeliners give your eyes a definite look, but it can be a tad difficult. If you don’t do it well, you’ll end up having horrifying eyes.

So, eye pencils are the best as makeup for beginners. It’s quite easy to use and you’ll be able to wipe it off easily, without messing up your face makeup. You can just make two dots and join lines to get a perfect eyeliner. Once you’re familiar and you apply makeup like a professional, you can use liquid and gel eyeliners.

Step 11: Mascara

Mascara can top any makeup for beginners kit list. If you don’t have time to apply eyeliner, just a few strokes of mascara will leave you with a beautiful look. It makes your eyes look so bright and bold.

Mascaras come in different colors. But the most popular ones are black and brown. Once you’ve used the mascara, don’t forget to use an eyelash curler. It’ll enhance the look even more.

How to Makeup for Beginners

Step 12: Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Women were literally born with the talent to apply lipstick. Even if you’re a beginner to apply makeup, you definitely know how to put on your lipstick.

So, here we’ll give you some makeup tips for beginners. If you look at your lips and feel they are cracked or chapped. Use a scrub to peel off the dead skin. You can even use your homemade face scrub if you don’t have anything else handy. Then moisturize your lips well and you’re ready to apply any gloss or lipstick of your choice.

Step 13: Setting Spray

As we come to the last step on how to apply makeup, setting spray is the final touch. Who doesn’t want their effort of applying makeup not to last long? So, to ensure that you have to add a setting spray to your shopping cart.

You need to buy a quality one to allow your hard work to remain all day long. These sprays are specially designed to keep your makeup intact. It helps you to keep your makeup flawless.

You’ll have to apply the setting spray just like your hairspray. Spray it in a crisscross pattern and allow it to dry. Do not rub or touch your just after you have sprayed the setting spray.

Last Thoughts

If you’ve gone through the blog in details, then you’ve definitely given up on searching, makeup for beginners. Use all the makeup tips we’ve given you here, to give yourself a glamorous look!

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